Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tagged UHgain

This time Jill tagged me and I thought what the hay. This one is called........

The 5

ten years ago I was.......
1. alot less responsible
2. child free (thus explaining #1)
3. Scott and i lived in our condo and Ben was our roommate or was it Ammon?
4. I drove a 61 falcon
5. I slept in almost every day

5 things on my "to do" list.....
1. workout
2. take Max to the eye doctors
3.  clean up
4. get my hair done ( not gonna happen)
5. read "You, the owners manual"

5 snacks I enjoy.........
 Unlike Jill I am a snacker. I love eating.
1. Homemade cookies
2. string cheese
3. sprinkles cupcakes
3. Hummus and freshly toasted pita
4. Mangoes with lime
5. 100 calorie klondike bars

5 places i have lived
1. Cypress, CA
2. Morgan Hill, CA
3.Yorba Linda, CA
4. Fullerton, CA
5. Brea , CA
This is actually ALL the places I have lived

5 jobs I have had........
1. cleaned model homes, this was my first job courtesy of Beth
2. Cinnamon works(bakery)
3. Photography assistant(once again Beth)
4. Receptionists at a hair salon
5. Hairstylist

5 things I would do if I was a multi-millionaire........
1. Move out of my 900 square foot home
2. get a personal trainer
3. Help out my friends and family
4. Have an entourage. You know pay people to be my friend and hang out with me all day
5. Buy things that are not on sale

5 people I tag are.......
1. Beth
2. Heather W.
3. Jana
4. Amber and Christy
5. Cambi


jill said...

What is "You, The Owners Manual" - sounds like something I need.

Jones Family said...

You should come work out with Rachel and me. I'll be your free personal trainer for a cute hair cut!!

I can guarantee you won't be able to get out of bed the next day :)

heather said...

i loved how you thought you were going to clean a MODEL'S home.

Beth said...

Wow 2 of your jobs I was your Boss :)

I am looking forward to when you are a millionaire...#3

Christy said...

I love how you snuck in a 6th one by putting Amber and I together. hahaha!

Christy said...

Oh, and I was just doing my tag response and copied your answers to mine to then replace. You know you snuck an extra SNACK in there. hahaha.