Sunday, October 19, 2008

GEM-A-RAMA part1

Scott and the boys went on a trip to GEM A RAMA! Whats Gem a rama you ask? Well I don't know cuz I haven't been there. So Max and Ollie are my guest blogger today!
 This was Day 1. 
Max- We were looking for crystals in the mud. But they only had clear ones. The mud stuck to everything and it hurt my skin. Actually It was more like sticky clay with sharp things in it. My job was to find the crystals and then I would give them to Ollie.
Ollie- My boots got soooo stuck that when someone pulled me out my boots stayed there. I got to clean all the crystals
Max- I saw a kid lose his shoe in the clay. They found it an hour later and it was full of clay.
Dad- I was stressed that they were so dirty, we had moms car so I stripped the kids to their underwear
Ollie- I thought people were going to laugh at me in my underwear, but no one did.
Max- I thought it was the zone of death.


Christy said...

Are the gems put there, or are they naturally found there?

Georgia said...

Zone of death......sounds like everyone had an awesome day.

So what do you do with the gems????

Beth said...

awesome! Your boys will never forget the time their dad took off work to take them to look for crystals