Saturday, January 31, 2009

LOOK WHO"S......


                                         At the ripe old age of 15 months! Harper finally  has gotten the walking thing down. He is definitely my latest walker. But  I was cool with it. It means he was a baby for that much longer, right? So if you happen to see he him cruise by you, give him a high five.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Kindred spirits

My friend Julia has been working as a Nanny lately for a family with 2 girls Ollie and Harper's age. She basically travels with the family all over the U.S. Julia has been saying that Magnolia( the 4 year old) reminds her of  Ollie. This week they were in LA, so we had a play date. They were staying in a cool hotel with a heated pool on the roof. Ollie was really excited to go swimming. Right when we got there Mags went straight up to Ollie and they started playing like old pals. You would think that with them being so much a like that they would fight the whole time. But they loved each other. I kept over hearing there conversations and they sounded so adult. Like when they were watching Y.G.G...
Ollie- My dad made  this show
Mags- I know I watch it every day
Ollie-oh I didn't know that!
Or when Ollie got a stomachache and was laying on the couch 
 Mags went up and said Let me take your shoes of for you. She looked so concerned for him. Julia was right They were two peas in a pod. Down to there favorite color.....PINK!(yes I am secure with my son Loving pink) It was almost a perfect day. I say almost cuz I got a $40 parking ticket. Blasted LA. Why can't you park there, so stupid.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I've been busy

On Tuesday night my S.I.L Katie labored out a beautiful baby girl! I was the lucky one who got to take her eldest, Ruby! It has been nice to not be the only girl in the house. She is THE BEST child. She goes to bed no problem and is such a sweetheart. Plus she knows my name and says it constantly. So she had me at Rufy. I now realize there defiantly is a difference between boys and girls. Boys are loud and girls are sensitive. Today we all went to the park to get some energy out. But the trip got cut short cuz Harper cut his lip and Ruby got sad. On the way home while everyone was crying, Ollie stopped and said Mom, maybe we should say a prayer. Ollie the voice of reason. Someone was listening cuz everyone was all smiles when we got home. It was so fun to have a daughter on loan. Thanks Katie, we'll take her any time!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A POX on my house

The Schultz family has been battling major sicknesses. But I am happy to report we are all officially healthy. It started off with a cold, then moved to the stomach flu, which morphed into another cold. The final resting spot? Double ear infection in little brotter(as Ollie now calls him). This was the first time I've dealt with an ear infection, yikes. I would now like to formally apologize to all the mothers of the world who have had to deal with these. I am so sorry. Really. Sorry that i didn't help you in your time of need. It's so good to finally have my son back. He is no longer a crying mess. These pictures were pre-ear infections, so he was not crying  just lethargic. You know the kind of sick you enjoy cuz they are all cuddly. Hows your house? Have you been cursed with any sickness?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter wonderland part deux

Will the fun ever end? Apparently not. After eating lunch the boys really wanted to go sledding. So we walked around to find the appropriate hill and .....smack I totally ate it! I thought i broke my hand. There were tears and everything. Luckily my sister Cathy is a walking pharmacy, so she could hook a sista up.  No worries though I just got tendinitis. So i just watched the boys sled from the car. They only had 45 minutes of daylight left and had the time of their little lives. It was definitely the highlight for them. So maybe I would take the snow for 2 days.

winter wonderland

Day 3 of our road trip we went to Yosemite. We all went ice skating. It was so amazing to be skating outside next to this huge mountain. Ice skating was a little harder then I remembered. I was trying to help my boys but really I was the one that needed help. Ollie tried but got too cold so he kicked it in the side lines with some hot chocolate. Max was all over the place. Then right at the end he got the hang of it. Harper made me think how glad I am that I don't live in the snow. He hated it. He was so grouchy. He wanted to crawl around but the ground was all icy. How do you Moms do it in the colder regions? Do you never leave your homes? Cuz It seems like it would not be fun to have a baby in the snow. Snow is a fun thing for the day anything beyond that no thank you

Sunday, January 18, 2009

New years trip day2

The whole Witten family packed up and went to San Francisco! There were a ton of us. It was SO much fun. I think San Francisco is one of my favorite cities. Actually I love any city where a car isn't necessary. We started off the day with a little shopping. Actually Husband did more shopping then me. He walked into urban outfitters and spent a small fortune. But the man never buys clothes so I guess it was time for a wardrobe update. After our shopping session we packed into a trolley car and road to the wharf. I have to admit I get bored of going there but my family loves clam chowder(yuck) And apparently they have the best. So i got some bread and a cupcake, random combo I know but I think those are my 2 favorite foods. On our way back my Mom took a digger. It looked like she broke her arm. I was pretty worried. So my dad and her went back. We stayed and went out for some seriously yummy Thai food. My niece, Christine knew of this small Thai restaurant that did not disappoint. So if any of yous go up to the Bay area give me a call and I'll tell you where to go. The best part of the day? NO KIDS!!! My AWESOME nephew Kyle stayed behind and babysat my little monsters for me. I don't think I thanked you enough Ky. San Francisco + no kids = good times.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Years with the Wittens

This New years was spent with my family At my sister Terri's house. I was kinda of excited to make the 5 hour trip up to her house because I had Scott's laptop. So i thought awesome, I'm going to photo shop my heart out. WRONG, one hour later the battery died. Great. I was totally unprepared to do anything else. So instead I listened to Pokemon movies and took pictures of Scott while he was driving. Can I just say I love LOVE that Scott never lets me drive. It's a win win situation really.I hate driving and he hates it when I drive. Apparently I'm a bad driver. Or is it I'm a really good driver but drive purposely bad so he won't want me to drive? You decide. Anyways the next couple of posts will be about all the fun times we had up in Northern Cali with mi familia.

Better late then never.

I 'm a little a late on this(a week to be exact)but......HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!!!!!
I didnt forget you. I just have had a very sick baby(ear infections). Anyways here are my words of love........
Seriously I could say A LOT about Katie
1. She is very athletic. She is a natural at most sports. And if she is not good, she will study and practice until she is. She can compete with the men and win. Just ask Scott how she defeated him (the tube war champ) in tube wars. He was so bummed. It was pretty awesome.
2. She is SOOOOO helpful. You never even have to ask her because chances are she already did it or is doing it. I'll never forget how she helped me out at the whiting reunion. She wasnt even married to Ben yet and I was there without Scott. She got thrown up on by Max and she didnt even blink. She just started cleaning it up. I thought to myself if Ben doesnt marry her I am.
3. But Thank Heavens Ben did. This is when they told us they were engaged. We all started jumping around the restaurant screaming. I think i even cryed. It's so nice having her in the family. I come from a family that is always on time and I married into one that is always an hour late. I finally have some one that is there waiting with me. When will we ever learn Katie that 6:00pm means 7:00pm?
4. This is when we went to NY. Which was so fun. We stayed up late playing cards in our Hotel. And apparantly Katie got mad at everyone(except Kristyn). Fortunatly I had no idea. I'm pretty clueless. Did I mention that Katie is competetive? She always makes games 10 times more fun. I really love playing cards with her and Ben. I can see us when we are all old still playing cards together.

5. This is Katie helping me out.When I had to work she would take Ollie to his swim lessons. My boys LOVE Katie. She is definitely the fun aunt. She is really good with boys. She loves adventure. We always joke that she'll play sports with my boys and I'll take her girls shopping and do there hair.
6. I never hear Katie complain. She always is positive. That's something I need to work on. She is also very organized and hard working which leads me to...
7. Katie got pregnant a little earlier then she expected with Ruby. And it worked out that her due date was right before her finals in her 2nd to last semester of school. Most people would take the year off. Not her. She held that baby in a week late so she could do her finals projects and tests. She also went back the next semester and graduated. WOW. I am so amazed by this. C'mon who does that?!!! Well Katie does.
8. Is it weird to say that I love Katie's family too. I really think of them as my family. They are so awesome. I am constantly trying to get them to just come to our holiday functions like thanksgiving etc. They are so much fun. I can see why she so awesome when you have parents like hers.
Anyways love ya Katie. I can't wait for baby #2!! And might I suggest the name Ruthy? HAHA
Feel free to comment on how awesome Katie is!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Only in California

WOW! There are so many things I would like to discuss here. Like....................
1. I know it doesn't snow here in the OC, but it's been freakin cold lately!! Swimming? Really?
2. Why the socks and shoes?!!
3. I guess if I was 90 years old i would like to go out with a bang. Bikini everyday, no sunscreen, who cares at this point, right? My friend, who is her neighbor, says she rocks the bikini every-single-day! Boo-ya grandma!
feel free to discuss

Monday, January 5, 2009


We just got back from visiting my family. Ollie and Max had a fun time hangin with their cousins(more on that later). Ollie was in the back of the car talking with his cousin Chad, and I caught him in the middle of their conversation saying....................
Ollie- that's because I know everything! (like i said this was obviously in resonse to something)
Chad- You do?! Ok, can you count to 10!!!?
Ollie-(without skipping a beat)  In what language?
Too bad Chad asked for it in english, cuz I wanted Ollie to bust it out in japanese.