Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crap, I got Tagged

Colt tagged me!! And I am happy to oblige. The topic is "Quirks".
 I am to tell 6 quirks about me,
Then I tag 6 people and leave them a comment that they have been tagged. So here we go
1. When I'm at a restaurant i squeeze/hold my napkin(paper only) in my hand. The quirky part about it is hours later i am still squeezing it and I don't even realize that it is there. By that point it is shredded to bits.
2. I love to squeeze the skin right above peoples elbows. It is really squishy. This is also something I do and don't realize I'm doing it, I have gotten myself into some embarrassing situations with this one.
3. I shake my legs....ALOT. Especially when I'm at the movies.
4. Ok this one is kinda weird, but I love watching dogs drink water. It's oddly hypnotic. 
5. I hate it when foods are drowned in sauce or salad dressings etc. I prefer to do it myself. It also makes the food get soggy.
6. I love infomercials!! This year i have bought huggable hangers, miracle blades and Kinoki detox foot pads. I can't help it. I'm a sucker.
 I am going to tag Amber, Christy, Georgia, Michelle, Crystal, Aaron and Racheal!!!


Sarah said...

Amazing, slol! I bought the shark steam mop. I had spent hours cleaning and waxing my floor days prior and when I used the mop, it took the wax off. Awesome.

Beth said...

Thanks for not tagging me...I hold my napkin forever too! Do you think it has something to do with our up bringing?

I am going to keep an eye out for Amber, Christy, Georgia, Michelle, Crystal, Aaron and Rachel!

kristyn said...

Let me know how the foot pads work out for you. I've been tempted with that one too. I just imagine that you put them on at night, go to sleep, and then wake up with all your health problems solved (and all the lead and melamine from Chinese imports leached from your body). And then you run a marathon.

heather said...

i was SO weirded out when i saw you holding onto your napkin like that- i do that ALL the time!

we will get home from a dinner & a movie and i will STILL be holding onto my napkin from dinner. it's almost painful to throw it away.

it's worse when i'm in an uncomfortable situation. weird.

cJb said...

Perhaps the napkin holding is due to the spontaneous crying moments at any given time.

Anonymous said...
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Susie Demke said...

I had to laugh about the foot pads. When I saw the infomercial my thought was- Who in their right mind would ever by those?! My friend Ruth, that's who! That's why I like you like I do.
FYI they have them at Walgreens now. In the infomercial isle. There really is one. Ask your local store clerk. They will assist you. I saw them because I like to browse ocassionaly. I bought the "swivle sweeper"-love it. And the green bags- so so.

amber buhrley said...

oh my gosh, I totally want those foot pads for some strange reason. You will have to tell me how they work.

Christy said...

what in the world are those foot pads? how come everyone's talking about them?