Friday, April 27, 2012

Oliver turned 8

Oliver turned 8(like a month ago). 8 is a pretty big deal in the Mormon culture. It's the year you get baptized and the year you start cub scouts. Ollie has been pretty much dreaming of this day and it's finally here. Oliver is my cuddly one. And I know he uses it to his advantage and I don't care. He loves all movies with animals, real or fake. He tells me all his secrets and wishes, how awesome if that never stopped. He is very funny, sassy and dramatic. He keeps us very entertained.
We gave Ollie the choice of a birthday party or a big present. He chose present....Itouch.(he's spoiled, I know)
For Ollie's birthday breakfast he wanted a pancake sampler plate, made by Dad. Is it me or do dads always make the best pancakes? Scott makes random flavored pancakes and the boys try and guess what they are.
                             This was the night of the great candle blow out debacle.
Oliver right now
*favorite book- A to Z mystery
*favorite movie- Spaceballs
* favorite food- ice cream
* fast food- McDons
*sport- soccer
* favorite color- blue
*likes to- ride his bike and play video games
*Favorite band- Big Time rush
*Favorite subject- math
* he is 50 pounds and 50 inches
* best friend- Brad and Gabe
*when He grows up- he wants to be famous(oh boy)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Old Yeller

Sorry folks, I have been awfully quiet on the ole blog. But I have a very good reason though. We put our home on the in we are selling it. Wow, what a stress ball selling your home is. Trying to keep 900 square feet clean with 4 kids is dang tough. I have learned through this process that I am a total slob and keeping my house spotless 24-7 makes me crabby. Like
really crabby. I have basically shown my house everyday for 2 weeks straight. But last Monday we accepted an offer. So we signed papers and it's a done deal. The only problem now is we have to find another house. We thought we had a house, but it was a short sale and we have been dealing with banks which is like dealing with robots.....long story short they didn't accept our offer. So if we can't find a place by June 8th, we will be moving in with my in laws, god bless em! Believe when I say I am more scared for them then I am for us.
I actually really love my little home, I am really sad to leave it. I am sure I will weep like a babe on June 8. But this family of 6 has outgrown you Old Yeller. Please pray for us. I am finding it very difficult to find the right place for my large family.

P.S Excuse number 2 for not blogging was, I started watching Downton Abby(I know i am WAY late on this one)That did not help matters. I knew when I started it would ruin my life. or should I say my children's life. Dang good show. Do your self the favor and watch immediately!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Girlie room

OH, How I have waited for this day. The day when I got to decorate a girls room.
Ahhhhhhhh, so sweet. I was not messing around when thinking about a how to decorate, straight up rainbows and unicorns. You can't get more over the top girly girl then this. Most everything in here was either upcycled or thrifted. There were a couple of esty purchases sprinkled in there too.
Dresser and mirror are from salvation army. Unicorns and wooden rainbow are from etsy.
I found that deluxe rainbow afghan at a garage sale for $20!!! I had tears in my eyes when I found that gem. The Unicorn head was from Urban Outfitters. The book shelf is an old china hutch that was used on Yo gabba, I couldn't let that beauty go to waste. The curtains were from my boys room and My mom and I sewed the rainbow strips on top of them.
I found this wood carved Unicorn plaque at a garage sale....score!
The Rainbow Unicorn head bookends are from Etsy. I would have killed for these when i was a kid.
I loved this print, I believe in magic. Cuz the Schultz house definitely believes in Magic.
I got this on Etsy too.

Let me know if you see any more Rainbows or Unicorns too add to my collection!
I mean you can never have too many, right?