Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goodbye Summer

Hello School!! Last week I was not ready for to school to start. This week?
I-was-ready. The boys were complete looney tunes. I could no longer entertain them, I was done.
So Today I pushed them out the door with a smile, bye bye, go learn something new.

Is it me or has Max looked depressed in all these pictures. I should have taken a picture of my face, I was smiling ear to ear.

Ollie was trying to contain his excitement, he couldn't look like he was actually happy to go to school.

Finally a smile from Max.
All in all the first day was a success.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Season 4 has officialy Started!

We survived the first week of filming Yo Gabba! Filming schedules can be pretty crazy.
Gabba is the type of job that can be really hard and yet really fun. You work long hours but with highly creative, fun people. It's been pretty much the same people all 4 seasons. They have become a second family.
Did you know that they have dress up days on set? Every day there is a different theme
(today 's was wizards) and at lunch they hand out cool prizes, so fun. But...... they have no air conditioning in this large where house, so not fun.
We went to set to visit Scott last Thursday because we were missing his face. It is always fun seeing him in his element.
You want to know my boys favorite parts?
1.Kraft services. Tons of Snacky snacks, It's out of control.
2. Exploring the art department. These guys are always doing something fun.
3. sitting behind the cameras
4. Ollie likes to pretend he's boss and yell "CUT" in the megaphone.

This was Davy's first time on set, she could care less about Gabba, she just wanted Daddy.
And I kinda agree with her.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10 things about me

1. I have the worst hand writing in the world. I write like a left handed little boy. This is an ongoing joke with my in laws cuz they write like angels. So if I ever write you a note don't judge.
2. I am single handedly trying to bring back the scrunchie, i love em. The are so perfect if you have thin, fine hair. The never pull. Plus American apparel sells them, so that means they are cool right? Who's with me on this?!! I am trying to recruit.
3. I much rather take a bath then a shower.
4. I am always cold. I can rock the heater in my car year round. This can be very annoying to anyone who has to ride with me. I also always take a blankie to the movies, it's like Antarctica in theaters.
5. Speaking of cars...I hate to drive. Hate it. if you love me, you will chauffeur me around.
6. I am kinda a slob. My house/car can get messy. My backyard looks like a million kids live here. I am really disorganized. This has not come in handy in dealing with Davy's medical stuff. Whatever, I'm working on it
7. I am pretty punctual. Except if it's a party involving my husbands extended family, cuz they are an hour(no joke) late to everything and there is nothing worse then sitting around and waiting for the party to start.
8. I am lifetime member at weight watchers....eww should I admit this? Oh well I just did.
I did WW to lose my baby weight after ollie and I liked the program. I am currently on it now. Let me know if you have any good recipes.
9. I have suffered with insomnia since I was a youngin. It sucks. I have tried pretty much everything and nothing works.
** My sis in law just reminded me about my shakey legs. Which kinda goes along with my insomnia. I shake my legs a lot. Especially when I am trying to fall asleep. When we are having a girls weekend, no one wants to sleep with me. But Scott likes it. He says It's like being rocked to sleep. I think he is just used to it.
10. I watch The bachelor pad. Judge if you want, this show is entertaining. Anybody else watching? Seriously guard and protect your heart Casey and cross eyed Vienna are wack-a-doo. Why are people not kicking them off?
Instead of a book club, I would love to start a bachelor pad club, where we would sit around and discuss play by play how crazy these people are. Wow, I have hit a new low.
For the record, I do love to read.
There you go, that's a little about me.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

the boy who cried wolf

Do you have an overly dramatic child?
Meet mine, Mr. Oliver Ben Schultz. Total drama queen. Like when he gets a paper cut, he screams as is if he was stabbed and yells he is going to bleed to death. It drives me CRAZY!!
I have zero patience for his antics. We were at a family reunion and he kept complaining about his tooth, then his jaw, then his face. He couldn't smile he said or it would kill him.
And I was completely ignoring him..... at first. But then he kept the act up for 4 days. So I said fine Ollie, we need to take you to a dentist, thinking he would protest. But he called my bluff. So we left early for home to go to the dentist.
And I am officially the worst mom ever. He needs two root canals. One of the teeth is so infected they might just pull it. Uh boy, I have failed him.
So I told my second born about the story of the boy who cried wolf. And then I told him sorry for not believing him. But it really is just so hard to tell when he is really hurt or wanting my attention. I do feel kinda guilty cuz I am sure he sees that the sick and afflicted get the extra attention in our house, like Davy with her numerous doctor appointment and hospital stays.

Please tell me how do you handle your drama queen?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Soooo behind on life

I feel like there are a gajillion things I could tell you about right now. Summer schedule(vacations,rehab,sickness) has me way behind on my bloggy. So I'll start here,
Davy's new favorite toy. Oh and did I mention Davy has finally started to acknowledge toys!!? She will actually roll a ball to me! But right now she is in love with Davy Jr.
Davy Jr was handmade by my very(this is not an exaggeration)talented cousin, Emily. She made
two of these lovely dolls for the team Davy Benefit, one for Davy and one to auction. It was way too kind of her and I can say I love Davy Jr probably more then Davy does. I had a hard time letting Davy even play with her cuz let's face it, Davy has a bit of a throw up problem. But seeing Davy squeal with happiness and strangle her doll with love is totally worth the doll getting slimed.

I have heard a rumor that Emily may be opening an Etsy shop. Not 100% on this but you can go to her blog and beg her to make a dolly for your little girl
(or just for you). Plus you have to see the other dolls she has cute.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm still here

Just been crazy sick.
I have heard the very sad news of baby Ruby Jane.
Jenna thank you for sharing her story with me.
You can read her story here,
It sure puts things in perspective real fast.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My first give away....kinda

Before you get all excited, this is not for everyone. I have been cleaning out some things and I came across Davy's cute hospital gowns my friend, Kelsey, made her.
I remember how excited I was to put my little Davy girl in something other then a blue and pink striped beanie. I would love to pass these on to a fellow NICU mom. It was the little things like this that would give me something to smile about. Cute baby things always make me smile.
SO......If your little one or a friends little one is in the NICU for an extended stay, leave a comment and tell me a little about them. Like I said, this not for everyone.

I'll pick someone next week.......if someone leaves a comment that is.