Monday, July 30, 2012

Oliver got baptized

Oliver Ben got baptized On Saturday June 2. This is a very big deal in the Mormon religion. Oliver has been looking forward to it ever since Max was dunked. I mean he has talked about it A LOT. You usually get baptized right when you turn 8, but Ollie waited a couple of months cuz we knew the whole family would be down and Ollie could celebrate with his cousins. What we didn't know was that we'd be moving the next week. Oh well, that stressful chapter is over and this post is about my beautiful boy.

At first Ollie didn't think he could wait until June. I asked him, why?(cuz i really wanted him to wait)
He told , Mom, you know that special feeling you get at a baptism? Well, I want that too.
He knows just the right thing to say sometimes. The only reason why he ended up waiting was for his cousins.  He really wanted them to be there.

 I believe from here on out, I will never get a good picture of my family. It's litereally impossible.
                                Bow tie courtesy of Colt and Abi. He felt very grown up in it.

                                                     Oliver's best cousins, Rocky and Eliza.

 This was during my hurt back and Scott had the flu. He was throwing up all weekend. I think we pulled it off pretty well. Special thanks to Harry and Nancy catering it for us, it was nice to not have to worry about food.

Oliver, I couldn't be prouder of the choice you have made to be baptized. You are a very good example to me.  I love being your Mom. I hope you never forget the way you felt on this day.