Monday, October 6, 2008

Scout the crawdaddy

We took a picture of scout and the boys. 
picture 1. Notice Max is not in the picture. And Harper really wants to grab Scout.
picture2-After alot of "C'mon Max get in the picture." He stepped one step closer. Harper is still trying to get the crawdad.
picture3-Max is now getting a little more interested/brave. He notices Harper trying to get Scout.
picture4- Max Sees Harper grabbing at scout, Max freaks and tries to stop him/save his life.
Picture5- Max yells Noooooooooooo, Harper stop! Stop him, Dad!
No crawdads were hurt during these pictures.


Kelly Fam said...

that's funny. It looks like it was a very fun family kid lovin' activity. I hope scout makes it living in your backyard. If not, I hear crawdad's are good eating. (that would probably traumatize your boys. Maybe you just better bury it when he dies :)

kkendig said...

you are the best mom on earth to let your kids go into the slime.

Beth said...

Cute pictures...I felt like I was there!

heather said...

hahaha! the picture sequence was very entertaining. what a great big brother max is!

and your pictures are getting better & better- if you get sick of doing hair (& for some weird reason you're not a bajillionaire by next year) this could be your fall-back.

Ryan And His 3 Girls: said...

Just so you know, crawdads are crazy! At least the one my sister had was! It was in a pretty deep container (at least we thought it was for a crawdad), but it ALWAYS got out! In fact one time we found it on top of the toilet!! Say what?
So keep a good eye!

Jones Family said...

I love the play by play in the pictures. So funny. I love Ollie though, he's my fav... maybe because he's Hannah's "best friend."
Just think of it as an immune system building activity. Just as good as immunizing your kids.