Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day at the park

Last weekend we had some cousins over to play. We started the day by playing here at the house. Then when everyone was just about to kill each other, I loaded them up and took them to the park! The park is half fun and half a lot of work. Well i guess Harper is just a lot of work period. He is a climber with a death wish. So i have to follow him around everywhere. If you want to see more pictures from this day click here. Stay tuned for more cousin fun!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This is my life

In case you needed a mental picture of what my life is like with 3 boys....................

Fortunately for me the camera didn't record my voice during this lovely moment.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I have found THE funniest website. It's called this is why your fat(.com) It's just a bunch of pictures like this glorious corn dog pizza or baconnaise. If your bored or hungry or feeling fat, I highly suggest you take a look. There is some amazing stuff.
Corn Dog Pizza (via <span class=

Baconnaise (via saramcpherson)

Ollie's three wishes

ONE- I wish Rocky lived close to me. He has Eliza close by now, so if he could just convince Aunt Nanette to move here life would be perfect.

TWO- I wish we had a house with stairs(me too Ollie, me too)

THREE- I wish I was TEN!
Apparently Ollie thinks this is the age in which you are taken seriously. And he would definitely be older then Max. So it's a win win situation.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Dear Husband,

                                                       I am glad I found you.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Incredible shrinking Husband


12 weeks ago Husband embarked on a major life change. He had grown tired of his fat suit.(his words not mine) He was tired of being tired. So he went to lindora(a diet center)and started a hardcore diet. He was eating about 900 calories a day and worked out 5 days a week. 10 weeks later he has lost 40 pounds!! It was not easy, but totally worth it. He is a different person now. He is healthier, happier and he no longer drinks 2 big gulps of coke a day. So this year we are trying to keep up with the healthy life style. I am slowly trying to shedding my own fat suit.(sloooowlyy) I am VERY proud of you Husband.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Playing Hookie!

Hookie- A day in which liberty is taken upon oneself to exclude themselves from school or work responsibilities.
I HIGHLY recommend that you play Hookie every once in a while. Actually I swear by it. Recently I cashed in on a babysitting Trade with Katie(before the birth of Louise) for a day of shopping and movies. I thought my day was gonna be spent alone, but as i was walking out the door i asked Husband of mine if wanted to join? ( OK I kinda begged him to ditch work and hang with his lady) He made a couple of calls and the day was ours!!!! I was completely giddy. IT was so fun to get the day with NO kids and NO responsibilities!! We Went to lunch, saw a Movie, got cold stone and then spent the rest of the day thrift store shopping. Thrift store shopping is basically the only way I can get him to shop with me. Plus it's hard to do with kids. We scored a lot of cool books and a couple of ties. I guess we are still in love.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Brooke Tagged me.

And I don't mind at all! The game Tag is supposed to be fun. right?. This one is pretty easy too.
Here are the rules....
1. go to your Documents/my pictures or I-photo
2. go to your 6th file
3. to your 6th picture
4. blog about it
5. tag 6 peoples

This is an old "film" picture that we scanned with a crappy scanner, so the quality is no good. But the picture speaks volumes still. This is baby Max. It was definitely a good time in my life. Husband was recording the Majestic album in our bedroom. And Max was going through a
hang-upside-down-phase. So right here he is upside down, listening to a lullaby that was written for him, by us. Which if you listen closely to the song you can hear him cooing in the background. This picture really make me happy. We even put it on our Majestic shirts to sale at our many "hub" shows.(remember those?) Good times, good times.
I Tag... Beth, Christy, Jill B, Heather W, Jana and if she does it ... Amber.

Monday, February 2, 2009


For Christmas Husband got me and 8GB SD card for my point and shoot and I can't get the pictures off of it!! It's very frustrating cuz I have some fun pictures that I want to blog about. I have since put my old SD card in, but what do I do?! I think I'm going to take it to Costco and make a disc. Anyways I really have been enjoying the Photo thing. I have taken a lot of pics for Friends, family and myself and don't want to post them all here on my personal blog. So I made another blog. Pictures only no writing. Let's face it I don't have that many things to say. Click here if your interested. I'll still post pictures here just a little more over there.