Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

As you can see I had big goals this year for Halloween. Ollie and Harper wanted to be Finn and Jake from Adventure time. Being that it is a newer show, I could not buy their costume. Luckily I only had to make Harper's cuz my very talented friend Abi made Ollie's, thanks lady! And then I had the silly idea of Black Swan for Davy. I have to admit it was partly because I already had a black ballerina outfit, so I thought cheap and easy. But I really did not think that one through as you will see.
Max being more mature, needed a scary/Ironic outfit like a zombie sock monkey.

My cannon is in the shop, so only Iphone pics this halloweeen, kind of a bummer.
So now on to Davy.......what was I thinking?!! I literally had eyeliner, lipstick and a fake bun in my hands to put on my 19 month old baby. Alyssa was all ready to hold her down and I realized what the hay am I doing? This is borderline child abuse. So I bagged the idea and she was just a scrappy black ballerina.

This is what I was going for

And this is what she ended up looking like
What she ended up looking like was a hot mess. This little girl won't even leave a clip in her hair, so why would I think she would wear a crown? Oh well, I loved my lil scrapper anyway.

How was your halloween? I would love to hear what you or your little ones were.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

At 19 months

I was all prepared to blog bout Davy signing a new word. But then she did this.....

Her First WORD!!! So does saying book first mean she is going to be genius, or at least maybe a librarian.
Then again by the time Davy is an adult books will probably not exist. :(

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Season four is done....almost

We are officially done filming! Scott has now moved on to post production. Which means.....his schedule is not so crazy! It's been nice having him around a little more, real nice.
These pictures were taking on the last Character day, so we invited some friends to come down To say hello.
For some reason I CAN NOT get a good picture at Gabba. It's always blurry or someone looks awful. Most of the time we just forget to take pictures. I really regret not taking pictures with the family more.

After pictures, Plex came by to say hello to Davy(thanks Mossi) . She never will sit and watch the show(sad I know) but she was loving the characters in person. She kept trying to love on them , saying ohhhhhh. It was pretty cute.

Meet the lady behind the scenes.....Alyssa. This girl makes our life livable. She is the reason why our family can go places or take Davy to appointments or just breathe.

It's always a little sad when Gabba wraps. We never know if it will be the last time.
So cross your fingers, wish on a star and say a prayer for a season 5.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I'll give it a whirl

OK, so you all know I have trouble sleeping. Well I usually just try and take melatonin and call it a night. But when I am really struggling I do take ambien.
For someone with Chronic Insomnia it can be a life saver.
I have learned something about taking sleeping pills though........
one. take it early so you can fall asleep at reasonable hour(get your pills worth)
two. Probably not a good idea to answer emails after you have taken it.

Whilst medicated I agreed to a blogher review on Mary Kay make up. I know I am not one to do product reviews, but I have to say it was kinda fun. So if you are interested click here and read all about it.

and yes I am ambien free right now.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

sneak peek

Did you happen to watch Jimmy Fallon last night? All I can say is wooooow.
This super group may or may not be on season four of Yo Gabba.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011


That's right, you heard me, Davy is 18 months and two weeks to be exact. She has changed soo much over the past 6 months.
First off, as you can tell from the pictures, Davy is a total chunk now. She has gained 7 pounds over the summer. SEVEN POUNDS!! She has far surpassed her weight goal set by her nutritionist. In June she was in the 10th percentile for her weight and now she is in the 75th!! She weighs 24 1/2 pounds!!! She is also 80th in her height. Talk about a growth spurt.
If she were allowed, I think she would eat all day. She takes after her Momma. Anytime she sees food she comes a crawlin.
She has started to babble. She says gaga, mamamama and bababa. She makes the cutest pterodactyl squawk when she is really happy, like when Daddy comes home.
She is in speech therapy twice a week and can now sign please, more and all done. It is so cute when she signs please, it's usually for food. It kinda breaks your heart cuz any time you eat something she looks at you desperately and signs pleeeeease!

She loves babies. When ever she sees her cousin Harvey, she pats him(sometimes too hard) and says, awwwww. Just last Sunday she gave him a kiss! It was her very first kiss. I have been trying to smooch her ever since but she is just not that into me. She only has eyes for chubby babies.

Davy has recently turned into a baby Hurricane. She leaves a path of destruction where ever she goes. She loves to pull books off of shelves, products out of cupboards and pull anything off the table she can reach. She also loves to throw whatever electronic she can get her hands on, the remote control being her favorite. She loves it when the batteries explode out of it, it's like she won a prize.

Davy is not walking yet but she pulls herself to a stand and will cruise while holding onto furniture. I feel confident that she will be walking by the end of the year. Physical therapy twice a week has been really beneficial for her. We've seen the most progress in this area.
My least favorite Davy quality is that she barely naps. It's mommy torture. She pretty much sleeps like 25 minutes. SO ....kind of a bummer.
And don't be fooled by her cute bow and pigtails cuz she will not leave anything in her hair. I have lost so many cute clips, it's killing me. Please tell me this is a phase.
My favorite thing about Davy is how happy she is. She really is so happy and loving most all of the time. She gives me the best hugs and then pats my back and says, awwww. She will always give you a big smile and a wave, unless you are her ENT trying to look in her ears, then she will rip your face off.

We recently saw Davy's genetics Doctor and she was pretty much shocked by how well Davy is doing. Dr. Z told me that Davy had far surpassed anything she had ever hoped for her.
Wow, it only took Davy 18 months to prove her Doctors wrong. Way to go Davygirl.