Friday, October 3, 2008

Ollism 12

Like mother, like son........
Ollie - MOM come here!!!
i run into the play room. Ollie points at the TV
Ollie- I-need-that-bag. I-neeeeeeed-that-bag!(it's an infomercial for the Buxton bag)
Me- Why do you need that bag?
Ollie- Because mom, it will carry my phone, water and "sunbrella".
 If the bag wasn't so ugly, I might have been tempted.


cJb said...

I think I'm going to have to side with Ollie on this one. That bag, the "Biggest Little Bag" ever, is quite easily the most stunningly functional snazzerific bag I have seen today. If only it could fit a laptop.

Jones Family said...

I love the dramatic disorganization of the lady on the infomercial. I've been waiting patiently for another Ollism. Thank you Ollie. I might have to buy him his own Buxton bag!! haha

Christy said...

hahha. How come I had no idea what you were talking about and Xanthe started reading this post over my shoulder. She goes, "Oh the Buxton bag" and starts giggling. I go, "Do YOU know what the Buxton bag is?" and she goes, "Uh, ya. You can fit EVERYTHING in there." hahaha. Wow I feel out of it but now that I looked at the link I've seen that commercial a thousand times. My kids watch too much TV I'm guessing or they show that commercial too much.

Beth said...

I have never seen that Info commercial before but I think I need one too!

Ryan And His 3 Girls: said...

I actually have that bag and it really does fit everything!! I love it! And I get TONS of compliments!!!