Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Yo it's been like a month since we've talked.
 Can I just say, this has been the CRAZIEST month of my life.
Let me just itemize it out for you.
1. Ollie breaks his hand and has multiple unrelated allergy tests
2. find out Davy needs an emergent surgery on her bladder, which is to happen on June 4th
3. June 5th our house closes escrow, but we rent our house for 2 weeks
4. we bag up our stuff in our house to have it tented for termites.
5. It's our 18 year anniversary, we actually leave Davy for the weekend for the first time and go to a nice hotel in Hollywood.
6. But i throw my back out the day we leave and i can barely walk
7.The day after our splendid weekend, my Bro in law, Harrison, comes off his mission.  So the whole family is in town
8. The next day Davy has surgery
9. We have a Schultz family reunion(a staycation) that starts Friday. So does Scott's 3 day crazy stomach flu 
10. Saturday Oliver gets baptized. Oh yeah, my back is still not better.
11. Nephews baby blessing on Sunday. I also get the flu.
12. Scott leaves for new York. 
13. My sister comes to town to help me to start my move. As till now I have been in denial and haven't done a thing. My other sister , Beth, is having panic attacks for me. Oh yeah and my back is still not healed.
14. We think Max breaks his arm. After a specialist looks at it he says it's a sprain
15. start to pack up my house
16. Harper gets sick
17. Miss Max's award assembly at school, 
18. still packing....have a nervous breakdown
19. Scott returns on the middle of our moving day.

20. Move into the in laws.
21. Spend the last night in our house camped out on the floor. I cry like a baby.
                                       the end

I really want to write about things individually in detail with pictures. But the way my life has been, I don't know if that will happen. I will try.
Please be patient with my blog and me. I will really try to keep it going regularly as soon as life settles down.
I am to happy to say we have been in the Grandpads(what we call our new house) for a couple of weeks and it's been really great. grandpa spoils us rotten and grandma is always there to help with Davy