Thursday, October 9, 2008

11 months

My goodness 11 months already!! I bet your dieing to find out all the new things Harper can do .....................................................
*He is working on his 6th tooth
*When I spoon feed him, he blows on the food first.(he learned that one from dad)
*You all know about his bath issues(poop)Well this kid is the MOST regular child I have had. I am constantly changing #2's!
*He is slowly becoming a Daddy's boy(dang it) When Scott comes home he dives for him.
*He loves to eat blueberries, peas, mango, pancakes and string cheese.
*Loves taking baths. And thanks to swim lessons he always puts his face in the water to blow bubbles.
* Not even close to walking
* waves Buh-bye
* He loves to be outside on the porch. When he gets grouchy(5:00pm) We go on the porch swing. So if your ever in the "hood" at 5 stop by!


Georgia said...

OK, I am not the greatest at math, but Harper CANNOT be 1 month away from being A YEAR OLD, can he???? OMG.

The pumpkin pictures are great! Such a little ham!

Christy said...

Well of COURSE he's becoming a daddy's boy. Who wouldnt' want to with a dad like Scott! :) heehee. And of COURSE keep the pictures and info comin. I always read em.

Jana Heller said...

i like the second picture of this group the best.