Monday, October 20, 2008

GEM-A-RAMA part4 1/2

An interview with Ollie..................
Me- What did you do at Gem-a-Rama?
Ollie-I watched Indiana Jones 4 (in the hotel), 101 Dalmatians 4 times, and we didn't watch WALLE in there.
Me- Didn't you go look for crystals?
Ollie-I did.
Me- Well tell me about it.
Ollie-I got hurt in the last part.
Me- how?
Ollie- I been walking in too much juice.


Georgia said...

I think there can NEVER be too much talk on


Christy said...

the best part about this is his shirt...What is that? A sherriff? Forest Ranger? Cop from Terminator movies?

cJb said...

Ollie, why are you soooooo cool?


cJb said...