Monday, October 5, 2009

The birth of Lily Odessa

Last week I had the amazing experience of witnessing the birth of my newest niece. A while back I was telling Amber how I would love to shoot a birth one day. How it would be cool to be a fly on the wall and capture the moment. Little did i know she was pregnant and she told me that I can come to hers. 9 months later I get a text at 12am saying she was going to the hospital. I instantly regretted the Unisom I just took. Luckily I was so excited it didn't even effect me. I went to the hospital at 3am and Amber had just gotten her EPI. So she was starting to feel comfortable, so we chatted it up. Then Nancy(Mom) showed up and got the party started with funny stories and what not. By 5 am Amber started getting really uncomfortable. This baby was at the gates and ready to come out. All that was needed was a Doctor, who was about 20 minutes away. This is where I started getting emotional. Watching Matt comfort Amber, and Amber trying to focus on anything but the pain she was in. I don't know if it was emotional cuz I have been there before or I am about to be there. 5:30am the Dr strolls in, takes off his flip flops and delivers Lily in 3 pushes, turns and walks out the door like it ain't no thing. Aside from my children's birth, this was he most spiritual thing I've every witnessed. I was proud of myself that I could continue taking pictures. I was crying more then the baby was. It sounds so cliche to say what a miracle child birth is, but that is the only way to describe it. A miracle that Amber and Matt created this beautiful little girl and she came into this world perfectly. I am so thankful to have experienced this. So thank you Amber and Matt for letting me capture this moment for you, I'll never forget it. If you want to see more pictures check here and here.

I call this shot "a plea with God". All you moms know what I'm talking about.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

arizona part 2

Scott took the boys to a trout farm for their first fishing experience. I think he was more excited then they were. The cool thing about going to the trout farm is you pretty much gonna catch something, and they both did. I love these pictures cuz it shows how different Max and Ollie are.

Note that Ollie has a napkin around his fish. He was grossed out by the germs and properly sanitized after handling said fish.
Max was more hands on with his fish. problem. But notice this sad look on Max's face. That's because he was so sad that the fish was in pain. He saw the hook in his mouth and the fish still flopping around and he just needed Dad to put it out of it's misery. Which ended up making matters worse cuz brilliant Scott thought if he whacked the fish on a rock it would die quick. Well it did but it also splattered blood everywhere. Max teared up even more and Ollie said AWESOME!!!!
They thought it was hilarious to make the fish kiss.