Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Curse you balloon!

This Is my SIL Heather and her husband to be James. They are getting hitched in February, so I asked them if I could take their engagement pictures. I had this grand idea of using a big orange balloon. While I stressed over the wheres and shot list of this balloon, Heather stressed on finding the perfect outfit, thus spending a small fortune at anthropologie. We started off by my house with no Balloon and then headed over to Carbon canyon. The first shots were by the lake and it was too bright so we walked around to the other side where it was shaded. That's when Heather felt it was time for a costume change. So while she was changing I held onto to the balloon. Heather then asked me to help her with her top, No problem. Adjusted her top, turn around and realize, THE BALLOON!!!! It was GONE!! I mean it was not even in the sky, it was gone! Heather started laughing, I started swearing. I was so mad. I got like 10 pictures with that stupid balloon. We couldn't even go get another one cuz by this time it was getting too dark. All my plans....ruined. Luckily Heather and James didn't care. We actually got a balloon the next morning and did a quick shoot and got some really good shots. The funny thing is as we were trying to pick out their invitation picture, we got Scott's opinion and he said " I don't know these just seem to say, look at my prop and cute outfit." Uhhh and your point is?!!! That's exactly what we were going for. In the end we chose a close up with no balloon and no cute skirt from Anthro. Go figure. But stay tuned for a ridiculous amount of pictures of Heather and James on my other blog.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas morning

Like I said before, Christmas was good this year. I have to admit I was not in the mood for it at first. But come Christmas eve I was excited and even had trouble sleeping. We celebrated at the Schultz house with all our Aunts, Uncles and cousins. Max got his beloved DSi, Ollie got an electric scooter and Harper got some Yo Gabba toys and a book. I think this might be Max's last year believing(if you know what I mean.) Some punky kid told him Santa wasn't real and that it was his Parents. That kid better pray I don't find out who he is. I was so mad. I asked Max what he thought about it and he said " I think it's both. I think It's your parents and Santa." Good answer Max.

Just what Ollie needs...another sword. Thanks Santa.

This was Ollie's first ride on his scooter. It was a little more powerful then he thought.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

O Christmas Tree

How was your Christmas? Mine was really good. I like to think that I'm a pretty good gift giver. But every year Scott always out-gifts me. This year his best gift to me was he made my blog into a book. Not like one of those snapfish books. It looks like something you could buy at Borders. He made it on Blurb.com. So after seeing my glorious blog in print, I realized i have only blogged like 3 times since August(I 've been busy, OK). A problem I am trying to remedy. So I am going to be playing MAJOR catch up. Like Ollie's first day of kindergarten catch up. So don't laugh when you see Halloween in February.
This was our Christmas tree this year. We let the boys pretty much do it all by themselves. So it kinda looked like someone threw up ornaments in one spot. I am happy to report that only 3 ornaments died this year, courtesy of Harper. Normally I stress about the ornaments cuz they used to be all matching and pretty. Now half are broken and the other half are school projects from the boys. Gone are the days of my Pottery barn tree. It's funny now that I'm not stressing, Max did a pretty good job for me. He was so bummed on Harper, it made me giggle cuz Max has broke more ornaments then all of us combined.