Thursday, January 27, 2011


Please note that it's mid January and this outfit was completely appropriate for the weather we've been having. Welcome to Southern California!

Word up, Davy is Ten months ! This photo shoot was a complete disaster. I started clicking away and then realized I didn't even check my camera settings, so the first half of my pics were blown out. Ahhh nuts! Then Harper kept getting all up in my bidness. And Miss Davy was not to happy. I was gonna scrap the whole thing and then thought, nah, this is Davy. She is sassy and speaks her mind and plus I don't have the time for a redo.
This has been quite the month for Davy Jean.....
* She is weighing in at 15 pounds 13 oz and 28 inches long. She lost a little weight due to her infection, but we are gonna fatten her up in OT. Gotta love snack packs!
* She has been rolling over front to back all the time now. It's no longer a fluke. She means business. She will roll across the whole floor..... very s l o w l y.
* solid foods! She has sampled, pudding, suckers, bananas, yogurt, sweet potatoes and avocado. She has loved everything, minus the avocado. In fact she gagged and I can't say I blame her. I know, I'm weird......who doesn't love avocados? ME!
*One of the reasons for Miss Davy's tears was I was trying to show you her latest trick! We have gotten her to sit up for a good 10 seconds. It's a start, right? But I think I pushed over the edge with this shoot.
* Davy has battled a lot of sicknesses this month.Who could forget her 6 day vacation at CHOC. Not I. Hopefully we will not be repeating this any time soon. We've added amoxicillan to her med routine to avoid future UTIs.
* Out of all my children, Davy has the worst sleeping habits!! She rarely naps(boo). She goes to sleep at 5:30(yeah!), but wakes up at 12am and then again at 5am(boooo), ready to party. I have tried really hard to adjust her schedule to no avail. WHY, why won't she sleep in!!!!! Is 6am to much to ask?!! But 7am would be heavenly.
* She still hates her baths. Anyone got any tips? I'd love to hear em.
* She's still loven her walks. Pretty much every afternoon you can see me driven Miss Davy. It makes her so happy. Which makes in turn makes me happy.
*Davy is becoming a mommas's girl. I have to leave the room during physical therapy now. If she sees me , she cries for me to rescue her. I will take it while I can. I know she will turn on me and become a daddy's girl. They all do.

*please note her W formation in almost every picture. She's raising the roof. What what!!

What a crybaby, sheesh.

The blown out beauties. I tried to salvage them cuz she's not


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Davy's gone Bananas

So I think I will count this as Davy's first time eating. I wanted to counteract the snack packs and dum dums with organic bananas, pureed fresh. Davy has been doing better then expected with her food. It's all about quality and not quantity with her. The one bummer about solids is when she throws it up. Goo, I am predicting a lot of stained clothes in our future.

As you can see Davy happily accepts her bananas.
We feed her using a J. We press the spoon on her tongue and then lift up(like a J.)

She is still a little weirded out. Not quite sure what to do with it. I am sure vanilla pudding was
more tasty.

Wait.....wait. What's this? I think she likes it.

Yep, she likes it!

Now she just needs to stop smiling and swallow it.

There she goes. This is how Davy swallows. Like a little birdie. Mouth open, tongue out. Gulp gulp gulp.
Next up carrots and sweet potatoes.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

first foods

We have started solids! You will never guess what we fed Davy first. Rice cereal......nope. Bananas......nuh-uh. Pudding and lollipops? Ding ding ding, you guessed it. Now before you call child's services on me or think I am completely koo koo, It 's all a part of Brittany's(Davy's OT) master plan to get this girl eating.
It was our third session when Brit pulled out the dumdums and snack packs and I have to say it was a little unexpected. But hasn't everything with Davy been unexpected?
First up, the lollipop. This was because Davy obviously has issues with her mouth(oral aversion) and Brit wanted to awaken her senses,in a positive way and see if her mouth would do the appropriate things.

This was the first taste. Just a couple of taps on the tongue.

Now we put it on both sides of her mouth, then take it out and see if she swallows her saliva. I do believe there was a little smile on Miss Davy's face. So far so good. Now it's pudding time! Brit puts down the lollipop opens the snack pack...wait what's this?

I have NEVER seen Davy move that fast. In fact I have never seen her pick up something this small! She is definitely my daughter. Ask anyone about my love for sugar, it's a problem.

We eventually did move onto the pudding. The reason for the pudding was the texture. Thicker textures are actually easier to swallow. We just dabbed a couple of drops on her tongue and watched her go. It was all really positive. The best part about this is she wants to eat by mouth. So now she just needs to learn how to do it safely. Next up, Bananas!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Guest Post

When a emergency strikes I often wonder, "how would I react?" Remember My post on us taking Davy to the ER. Remember how I said it was"GO" time. Haha, it was so much more chaotic then us just "go"ing. My niece, Heather happened to pull up as we were trying to leave. So I asked her about what our emergency looked like from an outside point of view. So Here's Heather!
I am going to interject here and there. I will in blue, she will be in orange.

Ever since my sweet cousin Davy was born, her mother (myaunt Ruth, aka "The Mom," aka my trusted hairdresser) has been a retired stay-at-home mom. Although she doesn't use it anymore, she lets the remaining family hairdressers use her garage converted hair salon.
So, on Friday a week ago, I was in a great mood. My daughter was in desperate need of a haircut and she was finally going to get it . With her bangs in her eyes and her "bob" past her shoulders, I was almost giddy as we left for Ruth's house. We happily sang the whole 4 1/2 minutes it takes to drive to "Harper's House." Aswe pulled up to the little yellow house, we saw Uncle Scott and Harper outside. "HARPER!!" Wendy squealed as I unbuckled her car-seat . She quickly wiggled out to give him a open armed, running hug. I saw Scott and gave him a chipper, "HIIEEeeee! How's it' goin'?" sounding a bit like Harriet the annoying neighbor from "Small Wonder." But with each step I took toward the house, it slowly became more and more apparent that I was actually walking into a disaster zone.

was my first clue. She walked out onto the porch holding Da
vy. My smile started to drop as I noticed the look on her face. (side note: my aunt Ruth wears her heart on her sleeve. If she's happy, you know it. If she's having a rough day, you know it. If you called her house and woke her up(I literally sound like a dude), you know it. She can't hide it.) It's so true, I am not a good liar of my emotions. At first I thought Ruth's insomnia had got the best of her. Then I noticed Davy. Ruth was holding her over the bushes while she threw up over and over again. Not spit up. Throw up. When she stopped throwing up for a minute, she looked flushed and fatigued and beat. I stopped walking and my mouth dropped. I asked Ruth if everything was okay. "She hasn't stopped barfing since 2am this morning. We're going to the emergency room." Remembering my toddler, I turned toward the street to make sure she wasn't in it. That's when I noticed Scott. He looked completely different than 2 minutes ago when I had pulled up. He had the same expression as Ruth and wasin the process of attaching jumper cables from one of their cars to the other. Seriously, why did we not just take the other car?!!! We were not of sound mind. Wow. The wind was knocked out of me. WHAT can I do to help them? I thought. I managed to get out a "Can take Harper today? Or do you want to borrow my car?... I can take Harper for you." I ended up taking Harper for the day and Davy ended up spending 6 DAYS in the hospital.

I'll never forget those couple minutes when I really got to experience the weight of what it is like for my Aunt Ruth and Uncle Scott, having a child with special needs and feeling so completely helpless. I hope I was able to lift an ounce of weight off their shoulders, even for just a moment. You did, thanks. I'm so happy my little cousin Davy is home, healthy and herself again.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

It was bound to happen

Did you know that I was a Hairstylist? I worked in a couple of Salons for like 12 years then quit and did hair on Gabba. Then after I gave birth to my third, I called it quits completely. Well, almost completely. I made a salon in my garage to cut my friends and family's hair. I have to say, I really prided myself in the fact that my boys never tried to cut their own hair...ever. The key word in that sentence was PRIDE. Never pride yourself in anything, cuz thats when the Lord will humble ya. Of course Harper would be the one, right? While he was hanging out with Grandpa last week, he got a hold of some scissors and decided to texturize his fringe. I can see the look he was going for, Pete wentz/ emo kid. I have to say he didn't do that bad of a job. I mean I've seen a lot worse.
So, should I cut his hair Shorty Mcshort or should I just leave it be?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

She's Home!

So did I totally jinx myself with my New Years resolution or what? What was supposed to be 48 hours turned into a 6 day stay at CHOC. It was kinda scary, because we didn't know she had an infection, we didn't know to up her adrenal meds, which caused her body to shut down. She was so grey and lethargic, she didn't even want to be held. She was a sad sight indeed. Then, Monday morning Davy woke up with a smile, snort and leg kicks, so we knew she was starting to feel better.
I have been so worried about Davy getting the flu or a fever, I never even thought to worry about a UTI! How am I supposed to tell if my baby has a bladder infection? So we will now be adding a urologist to Davy's list of Doctors....yay!
As you can see Davy is back to her sassy self. It's good to be home.

I'm pretty sure we met our deductible week 2 of the new year.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Second ER visit

It has happened. The dreaded flu got a hold of lil Davy(or so i thought.) 2am Friday morning Davy started to throw cuh- razy throw up. Like body convulsing every 30 minutes kind of throw up. She had her last adrenal medication at 12am, so her endocrine Doc had us wait it out til her next dosage which is at 8am. Which she quickly threw up, so it was go time. We drove down to Choc ER. Her Doc called triage so we could get in pronto. She said if we had to wait more then 15 minutes then we needed to give her her emergency shot in the waiting room. Now, I know I give Davy a daily shot, but not like this one. The needle is the size of a small twig, so I really did not want to do it. Luckily we walked right in. They took blood, gave her fluids and miraculously got an IV in 2 tries! I could have kissed that Er nurse and her magic hands.
The Er Doc comes in and tells us it looked like she had a Urinary tract infection(UTI) and that she would need to be in the hospital for 4 to 8 hours. So i said OK, 4 to 8, not bad. No Miss, 48 hours. I actually laughed...oh wow, 48 hours, I did not prepare for that. So we are back in the Hospital and what was supposed to be 48 hours is going to be longer. She has some infections going on and they need to play it safe. She is pretty lethargic and is sleeping a lot. But her vitals are great and she is keeping her food down.
Please say some prayers for our Davy.

Monday, January 3, 2011

twenty eleven......i will survive

This is what it would have looked like if we got all dressed up to celebrate the new year a comin. I think we were actually wearing PJ's. I am pretty sure Scott went to bed at like 10 and I was watching a really cheesy karate(kung pow) movie with my Nephews.
I was thinking all day of some New year resolutions and I came up with..... surviving. I am going to survive 2011. And I will make sure that my kiddies will survive 2011 with me. Now if I could do this with a smile and a little less complaining, then I will consider that a bonus resolution. So far we are three days into the new year and 4 out 6 of us has had the stomach flu. I was on clean up/ laundry duty, booyah. Luckily, Ms. Davy was not throwing up, just a cold for her. That was me being positive and I was in no way complaining about the clean up duty, I was merely stating a fact. I hope you had a splendid new years, what did you do? Do you have any new year resolutions that don't involve you losing weight and being healthier?