Monday, September 10, 2012

I saw this video via Design Mom and i wanted to share it, just in case you don't follow her. It's a bunch of parents of special needs kiddos sharing messages to themselves basically. It's what they would of said to themselves on the day they found out there child's diagnosis. I loved it and agreed with all of the messages. I especially liked the one that said, God will give you more then you can handle, it's ok to be mad about it. That's just nice to hear, ya know? I mean you can't spend the rest of your life mad, but your allowed some time to be ticked off. Anyways i hope you watch it. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

some time in June

In early June we went to the Emmy's again and it did not disappoint. Actually it did, that dang Sesame street won everything. While the actual show was suuuuuper boring, It was pretty fun to get dressed up and see some Gabba friends. 

Another day in June, Davy had deflux surgery on her bladder, so she won't get those awful UTI's anymore. It was a one day deal, she was grouchy for about 2 days and then back to her usual self. I really wanted this surgery to happen cuz she's been on a daily antibiotic, has had to get those awful tests done(VCUG) and she's been hospitalized 3 times for UTI's. So now we can say good riddance to all of those.  Yeah!!!
Davy had to wear her TuTu for surgery day. She had the nurses in the palm of her hand.

This is the before and after picture of her Ureter. Isn't it pretty? Only a special needs Mom be proud of this shot.

Anyways, all is going well here Grandpads house. We still are on the house hunt. I am getting pretty discouraged. There seems to be no houses for sale. Hopefully we will find something soon cuz I miss my Juicer and it's packed away in storage.