Monday, November 21, 2011

Shabby apple give away

* this giveaway is now closed. Max(my son) chose your number Melissa!! I will email ya!

Whuuut?! That's right ladies and (cross dressing) gentlemen. I am giving away the beautiful Francine skirt from Shabby apple(!! Just in time for you to wear for some Holiday parties!! I am sure most of you already know about Shabby Apple. If not, you need to take a look cuz your missing out. They have really cute dresses, skirts, bathing suits and much more.

What you need to do to enter is...
FIRST- "like" Shabby Apple on facebook
SECOND- leave a comment telling me your Holiday plans, along with your email
Then I will choose randomly this Wednesday night!
So goodluck!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

The haircut

I have always been proud of the fact that my boys have never cut their own hair. I kinda just thought that me being a hairstylist had something to do with it. Like from the get go they just knew that MOMMY cuts their hair, not them.
A couple of Sundays ago, we were at a family dinner at my sister's house and Harper walked into the room and announced,"Mom, I didn't cut my hair."

Hmmmm. I'm liking this "not" telling on yourself bit, Harper. I kinda hope you keep it going.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Madeline

This is a very special birthday blog dedicated to my new friend, Madeline. A couple weeks back I received the CUTEST email from Madeline's boyfriend, Grant. First off Grant, you had me at at your email's subject which was, " about your blog- I love it!" I guess I am sucker for flattery :)
I was always under the impression that the only dudes that read my blog were my Dad and Jordan K. So I am happy to say I have 3 male readers, so thanks Grant!!!
Anyways Grant just had the loveliest things to say about you Madeline. I loved reading all bout you.
Here are some super cool things about Madeline.....
-she runs a community knitting circle. Wow, that is really cool.
- she has her own radio show........whuuuut, even cooler!
- she has a double major and works two jobs! Where do you find the time?
- but most important......... she is a fan of my little ole blog!
Thank you Madeline for reading. I really do appreciate it.
I hope you had the best 21st birthday ever!!! Please let me know how your day went.

and now I leave you with a birthday song from my November child, Harper.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Christmas miracle came early

Today was one of those days. Davy seemed kinda sad during her first therapy (vital stem). Normally that either means a loooong day or a really short day cuz she won't do anything. Well I am happy to say that she pepped up for PT. She normally never lasts the whole session. But today she was a chatterbox and totally participating! She never came to me crying wanting a hug like she usually does. In fact this was one of the better sessions we've had, take a look.

C'mon!!!! Are you kidding me?!!! This was the best day ever!!! I have had a personal goal for Davy, that she would be walking by the end of this year and now I KNOW she will be hitting that goal. Davy has giving me a gift. I know we all celebrate our baby's milestones, but I weep and then do karate kicks whenever Davy does the littlest things.
People, we really do take for granted so many things in life.
I love it when Davy reminds me how the everyday things can be a miracle.

P.S. Whitney, I think Davy was getting good walking vibes from Violet.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Harper is four

Harper why? Why do keep growing older? It makes me so sad to think of my lil buddy being so old. Why it just seems like yesterday you were climbing out of your crib and breaking out of the house.
So we Partied yesterday, Schultz style. He got to jump through his door full of streamers(decorated by Ollie). For his special breakfast he chose doughnuts, isn't he so lucky.
Then the one present he was wishing for was............Hungry hippos! Wow thanks for making your Birthday cheap and easy on us Harper!!
We also through in a trip to Chuck E Cheese with his brothers and Dad. All in all it was a low key day and he was completely happy.

As soon as my camera gets back from the shop I plan on taking a nice "4 year old" picture of him. But for now i leave you with Iphone pictures.

Oh yes i nearly forgot the giveaway. I asked my boys to pick a number between 1-46 and they chose. 7!!!!

So the lovely Ora gets to go to Gabba live!! Thank you so much to everyone for the comments. I love it when people talk to me via comments. I wish I could get you all in cuz it really is a magical experience.
So Ora email me and we will set it up!!! Also i expect a detailed report with pictures.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

flashbacks & giveaways

Two long years ago, we took the boys to New York for a Gabba filled week. It's sad that I never blogged about it, but I was going through what I now call my "dark times O' pregnancy". But even in my dark cloud we still had a blast. We did every tourist thing we could do with two hyper boys.

We saw a show, OK not Broadway, a Yo Gabba show.

We walked around Times square.

We went ice skating at Rockefeller center. This was Max's favorite part. Ollie....not so much.

WE crashed in a swanky hotel over looking central park.

Went to FAO Schwartz and bought nothing.

Saw Miss Liberty.
Rode the subways, even though Ollie preferred a Taxi.
Ok, so now the fun part! In celebration of our awesome trip, I am giving away a trip!! OK not really, but I am giving away 4 tickets to The Yo Gabba Live show in UTAH!!
So if you live there or will travel there, you can enter to win.
I would love for you to tell me who your child's(or yours) favorite Gabba song is. I will pick the winner on Sunday.