Sunday, July 24, 2011

some times I like to take pictures

In fact I have a whole other blog dedicated to just that. I will say I do not up date it often, I mean really who has the time. I can barely keep this one up.
These pictures are of my niece, Heather and my great nephew(I know I am old), Harvey or Chubba as we lovingly call him. I have always been jealous of chubby babies and this little guy is the cutest/chubbiest baby ever. I have laid claims on him if (heaven forbid)there were ever a tragedy. It was the deal we made in order for me to take these pictures. I'll take your picture, you give me your kids. A deal is a deal Heather.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Lovin

I love summer. I am the girl that is always cold, so I love it when it's nice and hot. Sorry winter your just not my thing. I just love being outside, especially when water is involved.

This is Davy's first time to the pool. As of 2 weeks ago the girl hated baths, she would just scream the whole time. Then all of a sudden she figured out how to splash the water and she fell in love. So her first trip to the pool was a magical moment for her. She loved it, she never stopped splashing....never........ever.

A couple of weeks ago I had all the cousins staying with us for couple of days. We had so much fun. We went to the pool pretty much every day. then I let them all camp out in Grandpas RV in
our drive way. We had walkie talkies to communicate with, it was pretty fun.

I forgot to mention that a certain 3 year old boy is swimming now, thanks to our awesome community swim lessons. I dare say there is none better.

How's your summer been?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm SO so sad

This is the saddest news indeed. Davy got orthopedic inserts for her little footsies to help support her weakling ankles. Apparently she needs a lot more support and we had had to upgrade to ankle braces. Now that is not the news that saddens me. In fact I am very happy about her ankles not folding in half when she tries to stand. I'm sad cuz none of her shoes fit her anymore!! All the size 4 shoes I just bought
(and she had many)....gone, done, obsolete. In fact Even some of her size 5 won't work. Ahhhh...why?!! The shoes I am most sad about are these ones.

The lovely CJane gave these to Davy and she only got to wear them a handful times. I can't even think about it... It makes me to sad.
Maybe I'll bronze them so I can stare at them for the rest of my days.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I failed to mention

So I guess I forgot to tell you that this lil gal has been sitting up all on her own!! No more kick stands, no more slumping over. She is getting so much stronger, it's been crazy to see her progression. Since her core muscles have been getting stronger it has made it so she is not throwing up a gallon. So instead of changing her clothes 3 times a day we do it like once. This also means we are no longer having a surgery to replace her mic-key button with a yeah for Davy!!!
I think Davy is just all around more happy now that she is mobile. She busies herself with finding choking hazards and dangerous objects around the house. She is definitely a mischievous Schultz child. She fits right in our messy little home.

Oh and this is my most favorite dress right now. Isn't cute. It's a vintage number given to me by my bloggy friend, Summer. Thanks Summer.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How does your garden grow?

My garden grows in a raised box. I love our box garden. It really is the best way to garden. And if you ever make one, I highly recommend to raise it. No hurt back, no kids/rodents/dogs messing with your garden.
On earth day we replanted our Garden of Eden. It is always so much fun for the family to pick what they want to plant in their plot O' land. This year we have tomatoes, snap peas, corn, squash, carrots, watermelon. strawberries, lettuce, peanuts(?), cucumbers and pretty much every herb out there.
Instead of a Lemonade stand , Ollie had an herb stand. He was selling some leaves of fresh herbs for a quarter. I think he made $5. We have since been giving away bags to everyone we know.
I have officially become the neighborhood herb supplier. Ha ha funny. But if you live near me, please stop by, I'll hook you up, furreal yo.
Harper was in heaven playing with the soil. probably because he was in his undies. But I guess that is a step up from being nakie, right?
Davy was busying her self with chewing on her harness. Does anyone know of a good way to clean throw up off these things?

The boys have taken great pride in watering our garden, that includes Scott. He always walks back to the garden first thing after work, just for a quick hello. Then he comes inside and greets the Fam.
This was our first sprig of green. Ollie screamed like it was Christmas morning.

I know I know, how funny is it that Harper is eating a caramel apple lollipop whilst gardening. Only the Schultz family can successfully mix junk with organic veggies.

This was taken today. Ain't it purty?
It is now harvest time. Tonight we had a garden salad for two. So yummy.
In case your wondering our peanuts have not done a n y t h i n g. It was worth a shot though.
I think Scott had dreams of fresh peanuts for his trail mix.