Monday, October 6, 2008

Schultz Adventures

Saturday we had a mighty adventure! We put on our rain boots, got some buckets and went in the stream(cesspool) at arovista park. The mission? Find treasures!!!! First off I dressed my boys way to cute to go stomping around in the stream o' filth. But After a couple of be carefuls, i decided to just let go. After all i probably should have been more concerned with toxic waste entering their bodies. Today we had a special mission. We were on a hunt for crystals, gold and tadpoles. We found....... a golfball, baseball and crawdad! Max found the crawdaddy. He was pretty excited/scared. He named Scout. He is currently living in a Tupperware container in our backyard. He actually was pretty stressed about the guy. See above post.


Nathan said...

WOW! You win for the the coolest parents award!!!

Yes the steam is pretty gross but if a crawdad can live in bad could it be?

Beth said...

I left the last message not Nathan...I guess I should check to make sure I am sign in under my name!

Ryan And His 3 Girls: said...

My sister Jessica had a pet crawdad. It was so ugly and the weird thing was, Danny and I would walk by her room and she would be talking to it like a dog or a friend!! We still make fun of her!