Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My little cockroach

I think Ollie might have insomnia. Bed time goes some thing like this....
We do the night time routine teeth, prayers, story etc. Scott and I then come back to the living room to hear....
Ollie- I 'm thirsty i NEED chocolate milk
US- go to bed Ollie
Ollie- Can I go to the bathroom
Us- Yes Ollie
Ollie- I'm sick. My tummy hurts. I need medicine
Us- go to bed
Ollie- But I'm scared, followed by fake tears
then silence......................................
1 hour later while we're talking we hear feet scurry like a cockroach across the hall
Us- Seriously Ollie go to bed.
even later then that when we are going to bed he will still be quietly playing in his bed.
What can you do? How do you force a child to sleep? This would be Nanette's worst nightmare.
Any advice.


Whit Ing said...

Spank the crap out of him. Works with Jack.

amber buhrley said...

Ok, so I just got updated on your blog posts. See what I would be missing out on if you didn't have a blog! And...you are a terrific blogger! Way to go. You put me to shame! I always have good intentions but can never follow through. I am so sad about your toe. I guess I would have sympathized more at the retreat if I would have seen that picture. Then also whitney's comment above cracks me up! I am so with her! Your patience is truly amazing! When ever I get so frustrated at eliza for not going to bed she asks me "mom, why are you so grumpy!"