Monday, April 7, 2008

An ode to Meljean

I should have saved this post for mothers day, but I happened upon this picture of my momma and it got me thinking of her. First off growing up I didn't realize how fashion forward she was.
This picture looks like she shops at urban outfitters. My mom always shopped at thrift stores(still does) long before it was cool. Here are some cool things i can remember about mom.
1. She loved to do crafts with us. Now she loves to do them with the Grandkids
2. She is a dare devil who would hike up a volcano or swim with large sting rays
3 .She always chose the homeopathic route when we were sick( some how garlic cured everything)
4. i now can never eat store bought Jam. Only homemade for me.
5. She has a strong faith in the lord. I have seen her fast for 3 days ( no joke when she was relief soceity president.)
6. She is VERY unjudgemental. She likes to help the underdog
7. I grew up Looking at and appreciating art.
8. Because of her I always bargain shop. I have said the line "Why should I buy that when I can just make it."
9. And like her, I've been caught crocheting in line at the DMV
Thanks Mom for all that you've done and do.


Beth said...

WOW!!! Amazing,you nailed it! Mom needs to see this, it will make her day! :)

Brian & Christy Pethel said...

This is so rad! And I didn't know that much about Meljean. Love it!

cJb said...


you are my blogsinpiration!


Jana Heller said...

for some reason this made me want to cry

Georgia said...

Such a great blog about your mom! Makes me miss my mom. You are a lucky girl Ruth!