Monday, March 31, 2008

So sorry Nancy

This is the classic Schultz trick that Nancy obviously forgot. It's called "Hey lets make a funny face " knowing full well you are going to smile normally. You've been warn 
don't fall for it.


Brian & Christy Pethel said...

Because it's grounds and free reign for us to put it on a t-shirt or pillowcase to be presented on a date of our choosing in front of your most intimate friends. Hey! We've all done it to each other, so it's high time we did it to all of you. :) (But Ruth, was this really the trick, or was mom just in a really bad position in front of the camera? Either way, it's just bad news all around.) Anyone gonna forward it to her? hahahah.

ruth said...

It was a trick. But i did ask permission to post it. I'm not that cruel.

Kim said...

I cant stop laughing because my mom would be so mad. Especially if her daughters looked as pretty as they do here. Good times.