Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Blessed wednesdays

Wednesdays are now my new favorite days. Is it sad that the 
reason behind this is I don't have my kids for most of it? Be prepared to be jealous. Max and Ollie both are in school, then my WONDERFUL sister Beth picks them up from school and does fun activities with them. Today I believe it is McDonalds and swimming in her spa. So I'm left with Harper(Easy). She keeps them until 6:00!  Today I went to the mall, Borders and Rite aid(for Meds). Then I went home and read The other Boleyn girl on my Hammock. Twas wonderful. I cooked dinner with no interruptions. And when Scott got home I went to my Photography class with my Homeys(Jill and Kristyn).
I love My kidless wednesdays!!


cJb said...

About 1-4 hours for watercolors and about 4-10 hours for murals on walls or larger than desk sized items, sometimes longer, but thats about my "norm". When's the last time you painted? I remember seeing one of yours from Highschool in the garage, you should dig up your talents!

ruth said...

I really should. It's been a while.

jennrocket said...

fun!!! where are you taking your photo class?

Jana Heller said...

that sounds like the most awesome day ever. i want one of those.