Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday with Ollie

Scott and Max left for Idaho today to get their teeth fixed by Dr. Matt. So that means Max got to ride on an airplane with Daddy (WOO-HOO). And Ollie got to stay at home with  Mommy (BORING)! So I told Ollie we were going to do whatever he wanted to and I would try not to say no. The key word was try.We started off going to Target, yes Target. We bought 2 new toys,  a pokeman ball and Ash a pokeman trainer dude. We ate rice krispie treats and coke. Then we went swimming at the Demkes. Where he had a Hotdog, coke and cake. Then we went to Beths and went swimming.....again. There he ate tons of various snacks from "the snack drawer". He got to play with Grandma and Grandpa Vegas and their dog Duchess. I believe he also battled Uncle Charles Super Mario style. Now he is currently in bed with his two new toys and some chocolate milk. After the day we had i think he will be needing a trip to Dr. Matt too. 


Brian & Christy Pethel said...

First, we love Uncle Dr. Matt. And that IS the perfect day for Ollie! You kinda enjoyed it too though, huh?

Beth said...

Amazing picture of Ollie! I keep a snack drawer full of treats just for your boys!