Wednesday, April 23, 2008


      Now It's Time to say A Happy Birthday to my BFF Heather!
Heather is my new Best Friend now that James Is Gone. It's been really hard for her, but great for me. I'm totally benefiting from her loneliness. Even though there are no pictures in her room of me I know I'm her best friend. Here are some great things about Heather.
1. She has always been a great Weight Watcher buddy
2. If you haven't seen her dance to dream lover your missing out(Shes really talented)
3. She always orders the larger diet coke cuz she knows I'm going to drink some
4. She let's me read her emails. It's replaced my Twilight addiction
5. I trip out that she is only 21. I never feel like I'm 11 years older than her.
6. I love that she never seems to have enough bathing suits. Seriously how many do you think you have?
7. She really is the Best Aunt, My boys Love her. Max has Rated her number 3 on his list. (She takes him to get Slurpee's)
I feel very lucky to have a Heather. I hate sharing her. So please don't ask her to visit you anymore.


Georgia said...

Happy Birthday Heather! You are a GREAT gal! Anyone who "shares" their diet coke is great in my books. Haa-haa. Have a great day!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Heather! You will be sharing your day with my new sweet little grand daughter Wendy Lu. (Ok who is Max's number 1 & 2?!! I better be there somewhere!)

Brian & Christy Pethel said...

I thought "I" was your BFF. Then again, you can't beat dance to dream lover! Or what was her train engineer dance? Chattanooga something? Or locomotion? Too good to be true! hahaha. And yes, Heather puts us all to shame. And I SERIOUSLY mean that!