Monday, February 28, 2011

11 months!!!

This is crazy, 11 months?!! I can't believe that my lil bird is almost one. This has been a really great month, furreal Yo.
Davy has gained back her weight and then some. She is 17 pounds and 6 oz.
She is eating purees like a champ, but her bottle skills are still lacking . So we have also been working with sippies, cups and straws.
Davy officially hates physical therapy. She screams pretty much the whole time. Luckily she still likes Ot. We still go 3 times a week and then I work with Davy on my own.
I really feel like she has progressed so much because of her therapy.
I have been trying to get Davy to play pat a cake and she straight refuses. Instead she
just grabs onto my hands, so I will do it for her. Hmm..... I think I'm going to have to keep a sharp eye on her, she just might be playing me.
This month Davy has been sick free!! There has been a lot of stuff going around, so we haven't been taking her anywhere, aside from her daily walks and appointments. I am SO
thankful that she has been healthy.
Yes, she did throw up on her sweater before I even took o n e picture.
While the above picture was not my favorite shot of Davy, it was the only shot that showed of her lovely ensemble.
Sweater-Old navy, Shirt- Babies r us, Skirt- anthropolgie($14.99 after Xmas sale!!) , tights- Gap and flower clip crocheted by Grandma Vegas.
Davy has been making the funniest faces lately, especially when she is trying to do something that's hard for her. Like..... sitting up on her own , or her latest trick which is(your not gonna believe it when I tell you ) she is pushing up on ALL FOURS!!! Well her back legs are usually in a frog position, but sometimes when she makes her funny faces, she can muster the strength to go up on her knees. Don't worry I have proof down below.

C'mon Davy, You can do it!!!
Just a couple more faces.....and

she did it!!!

I think she is pretty proud of herself or she's just pooped.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ahoy there!

I can think of a million reasons why I love having a little girl. Reason number 5 would be..... Sailor dresses. I have long been envious at church when my friends daughters would show up in a little nautical number. If I could squeeze into this dress, I would. Actually the thought of that just made me giggle. I don't know if this would be as cute on a 35 year old.
What are some of your reasons? Or if you are an all boy mom(don't want to forget about you) what would be the first thing you would

P.S. In case your wondering........
Dress...$6, Dillards (online.) You know I got another in blue for later
Clip.....$5, Jellabee Jr. My favorite place for hair clips.
Shoes.......Old navy, last year for $2!!
Tights....99 cent store

Eek, I just realized I am in sweats in this picture. well the secrets out, I'm a slob.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

pretty sneaky, scott

That Scott, he is always full of surprises. I thought we weren't going to be doing anything for Lovers day, but after the kids were in bed, Scotty had me go into our garage, where this was waiting for me. A cupcake feast! You see the way to my heart is with baked goods and my man knows it. It was amazing how much fun hanging out(by candlelight) in our garage was.
All we needed was some Thompson Twins playing and it would have been a scene out of sixteen candles.
P.S. Yes all 5 cupcakes are gone. And I wonder why I can't lose the baby weight.

I lovely love this

Whilst blog hopping one night, I stumbled onto this! Isn't it so cute. If you are a Gabba fan, then you know that this lovely quote is from the song the Roots performed(and Mossi wrote) on the family episode. I immediately contacted the artist, the talented Merrilee, asking if she would be willing to sale one to me. Scott and I LOVE finding homemade Gabba things. This was one of the cutest things that I have found so far. Long story short, she found my blog and read up on Davy's story. She is having a fundraiser this week for my little Davy Jean! If you purchase one of these lovely prints, part of that money will go to help my lovely family with past, present and future medical bills. I can't tell you how choked up this has gotten me. I had to walk away from my computer and and shed a few.
I have learned so much being Davy's mom. Love has a new meaning for me. I have never felt so many other people's love for me and my family. So, Thank you Mer, this was so very lovely of you.
If you want to read her WAY to kind blog post, look here. And if you would like to purchase one of these bad boys for your home, look on her fantastic etsy shop here.
Thank you.......Goodnight!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

This year for Valentines Day we went the Non candy route. I know, SO not me. But my boys are the kind of kids that would pick out the random trinkets from the pinata over the candy(weirdos.) So we came up with these. My goal was not so much to make them Martha Stewart amazing as it was to make them cheap. I used snack sized Ziploc bags, and plain old computer paper. I spent a total of $8....not bad.
Ollie picked the slinky. I gave him a few options of messages and he pick this one. Max picked out the ball. He made up his own message, pretty clever, huh.

As for Scott and I, we will be keeping it low key this year. And by low key, I mean we are doing nothing. Which is also not like me...I love all holidays, real or made up.
Did you get or do anything cool For Lovers Day? Let me live vicariously through you.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What the hey hey?!!

Did anyone notice that a certain 6 year old changed my profile? I guess I no longer contribute to this blog. Evil genius. If you have gotten any weird comments from an Oliver, it could have been me. Or who knows, maybe it was him. If I wasn't so lazy/sick, Id' change it back. I have that stupid cold that's going around. It's not the kind that has you down and out, just not feeling up to par.
I had all sorts of ideas for posts this week, since it is tubie week. I guess it also happens to be congenital heart defect awareness week. Wow, Davy is a popular girl. Even though Davy has some problems with her ticker, I know things could be MUCH worse in this category. We were in the cardiac suite of the NICU at CHOC. It was not a happy place. There were a lot of broken hearts(parents included) in that room. So in a way I feel blessed..........her heart can be fixed.

BTW- OT went awful today. Maybe Davy is getting sick too.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I heart a Tubie

Did you know that this week is feeding tube awareness week? Well it is.There is a whole web site dedicated to tubies. I have seen plenty of tubies at the Choc clinics, but have yet to see a tubie in the wild. I would love to spot one. I have to admit, I have gotten some stares while feeding Davy in public places. I am in no way offended by it. I get's different. I am sure people are wondering what the heck I'm doing. I will say and I am sure most special needs moms would agree with me, ask me about it. I'll even let you watch up close.
So back to the website...they really want to get a tubie kid featured on Sesame street. So there is a petition you can sign(if you don't mind.)

Davy has been having major success in the solid food department. But the poor girl can not get the bottle down quite yet. This picture shows it perfectly. She sticks it to the side and chomps, liquid pours out the other side and then she drops the bottle. Brittany (OT) thinks we should maybe try a sippy cup. So that is happening this Thursday. Wish us luck. Oh and if you have a tubie in your life give them a squeeze.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

R I P Finny

Last Fall, Oliver came back from Grandmas with a goldfish. He named him, Finny Speedy Schultz. My first thought was, this will not end well. I give Finny one week tops. I even tried to prepare Ollie for the inevitable, by saying how sensitive goldfish are and they don't live long. But he was not hearing it, for he was a fish whisperer. He always remembered to feed him, but never too much, He took him on walks and told Finny all his secrets. He honestly loved this fish.
Well, that loved carried Finny for 5 glorious months. Last week, Ollie woke up and screamed FINNY!!! And I knew...I knew that Finny had gone to the other side.
So we gave Finny a proper funeral in our bathroom. Ollie gave his eulogy, Max said the prayer and Harper was the funeral director. It was pretty cute. Ollie said some kind words, he said, Finny...I thought we were would grow up together. I took care of you the best I could. He took a couple of pictures on his DSI and then we said farewell.