Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another secret

A couple of months ago I got a call from my Father in law, it went something like this.....

FIL- I am not asking you, I'm TELLING you that we are putting on a benefit dinner for Davy. You can come or not come, but we are still doing it.

Me- (how do you answer that question) I will be in attendance, I promise.

And that was that. I told you that my in laws can throw a party like no one's business. So they are, for my little girl.
My first reaction to the benefit was that I was a little embarrassed. But then I realized that I was only thinking of myself. This is not about me, this is about my sweet Davy. It's about getting her the care she needs. I would love to tell you that we are A-OK financially or we have the best insurance in the world or the state is covering everything. But the answer would be nope nopitty nope.

SO thank you friends and family for putting on this shindig. Thank you for all your time and donations.
Oh and thanks to the lovely Brooke White and The neighbors for sharing your Talents with us. That is way to kind.

My only problem now is that there are some cool really things in the auction that I want to buy!! Bummer for me, but not for you.

for more info go here teamdavy.org

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Has it really been a year?

A year ago today, we left these doors for good. The NICU is rough folks. Especially when your baby is on an extended stay. We had some dark times there. But being on the outside now, I've become so thankful for our time in there. It seemed like every day we learned something new. Sometimes it was bad and sometimes it was the best news ever. But all of it was necessary. We needed the 67 days to figure Davy out.

Yikes, look how yellow she was! I didn't realize it at the time, but girlfriend had jaundice bad.
Thanks to our awesome family we could have Our NICU date nights.
I hated all the tubes,wires, IVs and beeping things. Who can forget the large tube that sucked the large amounts of bile from her tummy. I know I will never forget when I spilled all that bile all over myself. There is nothing like the smell of bile.

This was her first surgery. She did not do so well after this. This was a very scary week. But through this we learned a valuable piece of information. We learned that Davy did not make the stress hormone(cortisol). This was lifesaving information. So I am actually thankful for this dark time.
Look how swollen she was! I remember her head swelling over her ears.

This was one of my best days. This was when My little girl came back. This was when I got to hold her again. So what if there were wires and IVs. They didn't seem so bad anymore.

Leaving for CHOC. We are still paying for that ambulance ride.

The one thing that I miss about the NICU was not having to deal with all the insurance crap. You need to see a specialist? Bam! The specialist is there. You need a test? How's tomorrow?No waiting for requests and authorizations. No hours spent in pleading phone calls on your child's behalf.

If your reading this and you have a baby in the NICU, let me tell you something................
I know life is tough right now, you will get through this, I promise. Get a journal and write everything down. Write about what nurses you had, what meds were given, your feelings, just write about everything, OK? I am so thankful I did. You really do forget a lot. Especially when your sleep deprived, emotional and still healing from child birth.

And people, if you have a loved one in the NICU, please go visit them. It gets pretty lonely in there. Maybe bring them a snack and a people magazine too.

Monday, May 23, 2011

I've been keeping a secret from you

On may 7Th, I spoke at a benefit for CHOC hospital. There are these amazing women in Orange County, who help raise money for CHOC. They're called the Glass slipper Guild. I believe one of the lovely ladies read my blog and contacted me about speaking at the event. Seriously....how do you say no to something like that? Well, you don't. Even if you get severe anxiety about public speaking, you just have to man up and do it
I didn't tell you guys about the benefit out of fear. I was so scared and nervous about it, that I couldn't even talk about it. I couldn't even write words on paper. I wasn't sleeping, I got sick to my stomach and three days before the event, my eyeball started twitching. I was completely falling apart. The day before was spent talking to myself. I KNOW I looked like a crazy person.
I was pretty emotional cuz I realized that our year anniversary at CHOC was the very next day. Talk about timing.
By speaking, I realized how important this hospital is to me. We do everything through CHOC. This event raised money to help build the new tower to the hospital. Is it sad that I get giddy when I think about it? It will be such a life changer for us and a lot of other families.

I was determined to NOT wear the ole purple dress that I wear to everything. This time I borrowed a dress from my sil, Heather. It was a cute vintage number.

This is my look of relief cuz I just got finished speaking. This was a definite learning experience. I was very happy to help raise money for the place that has saved my daughters life.
But I don't know if I could do public speaking again. Just thinking about it makes my eye twitch.

I have a link here, that is a video of the event. You see me in the middle and that's my voice at the end.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's official

Can you believe this!!!!! Davy is crawling!!! She is loving her new found freedom. I am still in total shock. We(Scott, me and her therapists) are so proud. Every mile stone with her has been a major celebration. Scott and I get choked up over every little thing she does.
But c'mon this one is a doozey. I feel like I should throw her a party or something.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pretty cool

Just found out that This guy was nominated for another Emmy. Can I get a HOLLA!!! It is for outstanding PreSchool Children's Series" as well as, "Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design". This is Yo Gabba's first time being nominated for best series, so we are pretty excited.

Win or lose Scott, I will always, ALWAYS........introduce you as my Emmy nominated husband, Scott Schultz.

Monday, May 9, 2011

heart update

We just had Davy's cardio appointment. We have been going every couple of months for an EKG and echo cardiogram. This appointment we were going to be scheduling her surgery to repair her ticker. Everything looks pretty much the same. Nothing is getting bigger and nothing is getting smaller.
But we have decided Davy will not be having a heart surgery this year!! Dr. R felt like Davy had a lot of stuff she is dealing with, (like her swallowing issues) and he didn't want to put more on her plate. Which is fine by me. He said we will meet up next year and figure out what route we will take then. Hey wait, that means we will have less doctor appointments too!!!
So wow, good news huh?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The great nap debate

Oh man, what to do!!!! Harper is entering that in between nap phase!! You know what I'm talking about, right? The, if you give them a nap they stay up til midnight but if you don't nap them, they act bipolar and sometimes fall asleep on the kitchen floor at 5 pm phase. It's pretty brutal. From 2 o'clock til bedtime, I am dealing with a crazy person. I am looking for advice /opinions/ pity on this. How did you get through this? Are you going through it now?
I am so going to miss naps. I lived for nap time.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Let the wild rumpus begin!!!

So how you Easter? Is all the candy gone from your house yet? Ours is long gone. I am all about letting them pounding it ASAP and then I toss the remnants.
This was a different Easter for us, there were no cousins visiting. So it was just the three boys for the egg hunt. They were a little sad at first but then they realized it upped their chances of finding the money egg.
Please note the above pictures. I was trying to get a post egg hunt shot of the boys and Harper kept pilfering eggs from Max. He got a good 2 or 3 before max even noticed.

Me and the little lady. I really consider this Davy's first Easter. Last year she was still in the NICU, so no Easter dress for her. Although, I didn't even buy her a special dress this year either. She has way to many dresses that are never even seen, so I resisted any Easter dress urges. Don't think I wasn't tempted. I had to shield my eyes every time I was walked into Target.

Harper had to get in on the action. I love how Davy is not even phased by his crazy antics.

Even though it's a week late, I hope you all had a great Easter.