Monday, August 30, 2010

manly mens day 2

The second day of the Man trip was Carlsbad Caverns. Scott has been trying to take the boys here for the past 3 years. I have found an excuse as to why this trip could not be possible pretty much every time. Traveling 14 hours to see a cave sounded not fun. So I am happy it finally worked out for them to go)without me), now Scott can check it off his list. When I ask Scott about the caves he musters up his most sincere face and says, It was an inspiration, beautiful...I want to make a movie there.
I asked all the boys what they though of the caves......
Max- "it was great. But it would have been better if i could repel(you had to be 12). I saw a bat, that was pretty cool." I liked the hall of the giants. It was like these giant rocks every where.
Rocky- liked all the crystal in them caves.
Ollie- I liked the witches finger( A large stalagmite) and the bat. I didn't like all the walking though.
Scott- I liked fairy land, the endless pit, the crystal pools. I think he's trying to make me jealous.... not working Mr. Schultz.

This was at the cafeteria inside the caves. Max said they had gross food and all he could have was water. To call Max picky is an under statement.
Does anyone else think of Fraggle Rock after looking at this picture? I keep expecting to see the doozers.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The manly mens trip(day1)

Scott , the boys, cousin Rocky and Uncle Ben went on a man trip. Their plans were play video games, eat junk food, listen to Weird AL songs and find Trouble. They scoffed at tooth brushes, laughed at any personnel hygiene whatsoever. They were off for manly adventures.

After driving for 14 hours they reached their first destination.......... the super 8 hotel(ooooh manly).
Their next adventure (cuz driving 14 hours with Stinky is a real adventure)............. Carlsbad Caverns.
ps. that pizza was for breakfast! So manly.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the long awaited tooth

The day has finally come. My little boy is a man. Well in his own eyes he's a man. He finally lost a tooth. I think he was the last one in his class to lose a tooth. And yes that really bummed him out, cuz he mentioned it daily. I love how all the kids are gather around him like he won the lottery.
When Davy heard that Ollie lost a tooth she got a little jealous. So being the competitive gal she is, she pushed out her second tooth in about 2 days. This is actually her tooth. It is bigger then any of Ollie's teeth. I measured.
This was taken Thursday, note the little bud peeking out. All day it was bleeding and she was bummed.
On Friday she was more bummed and there was even more blood. We were trying to get her in to see a dentist to get it pulled. We didn't want her choking on her tooth. But it came out by itself. After toothy came out Davy got this lovely looking growth on her gums, it's called a liver clot. I swear this picture does not do it justice. It was huge and bulged out of her mouth (imagine a small grape). We were going to have to remove this as well, but then the dentist decided we should wait it out. 3 days later and it looks like a raisin. It's so gross. Poor thing.

You want hear something even sadder? Yesterday morning Davy would NOT stop crying. Scott came out of the room and said, "well I know why she's crying." On his finger he had a red ant. It was underneath her neck biting her. It bit her about 10 times. I was so mad!! I killed that ant very slowly. You mess with my family ant, you mess with me. And after I'm done with you I'm gonna find your family too. I 'm gonna step on each and every one of them. You messed with the wrong lady.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


5 months, can you believe it?!! Remember how last month Davy hadn't really progressed much. Well this month she is like an Olympic athlete training for the gold. Homegirl is doing all sorts of tricks. The funny thing is they all happened within the last week. Almost like she knew I was blogging about her milestones soon and she wanted to showoff.
This may seem simple but she is finally bringing both of her hands to the center. Sometimes she will even grip a small rattle or toy too.
She has finally laughed for me! I once again heard it over the phone when Heather and Ryan were watching her and I was bummed. So I was determined to get some giggles for myself. I did my best stand up routine for her and low behold she loved it and laughed. It's definitely a soft dainty giggle and she doesn't give it away cheaply. She makes you work for it.
Davy is also getting a lot better about holding her head up. She can do it for way longer before she flops it down. But man oh man when she is done she drops hard, she knocked her little toothy today and it started to bleed(yikes).
I saved the best for last....she is rolling over!!!! I can't believe it. As soon as you lie her down whoosh, she's on her tummy. It's her best trick ever. No more baby lounging on the couch cuz this girl is mobile.
She is still a little weak in her core muscles but we signed her up for Pilate's, so I am expecting big things for month six.
Do you love her 80,s glam ruffle shirt? I think I went a little overboard on this one. Whateves, she could totally be in a Prince video.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's Potty time

This was my cheap attempt to bribe Harper to go potty in the potty chair. It is currently getting dusty and growing cobwebs. This kid won't crack. Monday I put him in big boy underwear and told him, "Don't go pee-pee on Nemo." Well..... I guess he didn't pee on him. I regret not mentioning to not poop on Nemo either. So no potty prize for Harper.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


There's a new Sheriff in town...Sheriff Stinky. Max and Ollie have gone to Yosemite with Aunt Beth and Grandma, so Harper gets to run the show here. He has been loving all the attention he's getting...especially from Daddy. In fact he hasn't even notice Max and Ollie are gone. Tonight Daddy took him on a date to see Toy Story, so of course he had to wear his Woody PJ's.
In these pictures he kept yelling, there's a snake in my boot. It's times like these that the twos don't seem so terrible.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Wow...I'm old. Today was my birthday. I woke up to breakfast in bed(a little earlier then I had hoped), German pancakes, butter syrup and a smoothie made by Ollie. Max made me a cartoon on his DSi and Ollie gave me a massage, that lasted about 2 minutes but hey it's the thought right? Scott gave me the best gift of all...the gift of freedom. He gave me some cash and said, beat it. So I drove straight to sprinkles and got a vanilla and then walked around fashion island. It was awesome. I also didn't do one feed, one med or anything to do with handling Davy. Ahhhh so nice. He is such a good guy huh? Then I come home and have a bazillion(40) messages from facebook homeys. I felt the love today furreal yo.
35....35...... a year ago today I was sick really sick with my pregnancy. It's weird to think about all that has happened this last year. Am I allowed to say that my 34th year of life sucked. I mean there were some definite bright spots, like miss Davy Jean. But all in all it was my hardest year ever. Even harder then my 16th year, when my brother told me that everyone at school thinks I'm a lesbian and wants me to go the parties as the token lesbo. I think 35 is going to be the year I lose my mind, I'll be crazy aunt Ruthy. Everyone will speak in hushed tones around the crazed old hag. I'm going to wear funky moo moos and bandannas. I'm gonna start drinking ginger ale.
Whoa, I've got to stop typing. Scott gave a sleeping pill and I'm pretty wonky. I really should not be held responsible for this post. abort abort!!

Monday, August 9, 2010


I forgot my camera today. Thank heavens for my Iphone

Meet Davy's new friend, Mickey. We got rid of her rubber jump rope, and I say good riddance. This is how our day went down.....
Last night Davy had to stop eating at 1am.
Left for the hospital at 6:15am
Did all the boring paperwork to admit her.
Then we discussed with the nurse about her heart and adrenal issues. We also informed her how Davy is a "hard stick" when it comes to IVs. I don't think she believed me though. 3 sticks and 2 nurses later her IV was in. She only cried after the first jab, then she just layed still while giving her nurse the stink eye. What a pro. The poor thing had to be starving by now, but she was still pretty calm. I was so impressed with how strong she was. It was like she was trying to calm me down.
We wheeled her into the operating room and held her hand as they put her under. She looked so small on her gurney. I know she will have many more surgeries, but I never think I'll get used to seeing my Davygirl lay so lifeless. It just makes you sad.
Then we had to leave and go to the waiting room(not an easy thing to do), but luckily we didn't have to wait long.
Davy's surgery took about.......20 minutes. They even checked her esophagus to make sure her reflux isn't destroying it. The Doctor said it looked beautiful. She even gave us a picture, cuz who doesn't want a picture of your baby's esophagus.
She woke up and was pretty bummed out, that didn't last too long though. She was smiling within 10 minutes.
The anesthesiologist told us that he was able to intubate her, but because the surgery was so fast that it was OK. But for future surgeries they will need to know this ahead of time. So I guess it was good thing we had the 20 minute practice surgery before her cleft surgeries.
Finally at 12pm we were able to feed her. I am so amazed she wasn't screaming with hunger, cuz Scott and I were starving. We took her home and we all three crashed for a couple of hours. She's been a little cranky, but way better then I would expect from a baby who just had surgery. 2 surgeries down, a bunch more to go.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Surgery #2

Davy goes in for her second surgery tomorrow. She is having her G-tube replaced. A lot of times this procedure can be done in the Doctors office, but because hers was placed in surgically......... it comes out surgically(booooo). It will be replaced with a mic key button, so no more 14 inch tube hanging out, waiting to be pulled. It should be a pretty easy surgery(30 minutes). I think she is a little nervous though.

Monday, August 2, 2010

and the award goes to.....

Saturday night Scott and I attended the TCA awards. I know, weird that I am at an award show, right? But man oh man, it was so much fun! First off- I had an excuse to get all gussied up, then- had an amazing dinner with good friends and to top it off I got to people watch in a room full of celebrities. Oh yeah and my husband was honored with an award for best kids show, so I guess I would call this a good night.

I found out that we were going to the show like a week ago, so I didn't really have the time to find a new cute dress. Not to mention the lack of money and a postpartum body that is extra lumpy. I ended up wearing the same dress I always wear to award shows(ok the other 2 we've gone to). I have to admit I was a little bummed at first but when I got there the cocreators wife was wearing the same dress she wore to the emmys(love you Shanna)! I gave her high fives and then felt much better in my polyester Lakers purple thrift store dress.

I'm the type of person that loves to spot a celeb and then watch from afar. I don't need to chitchat or an autograph, I mean I really have nothing to say to them sooo...... I have a friend take a picture of me with the celeb strategically place behind me. I don't know why this makes me giggle, but it does.

I think I like Tyler's pictures better. He likes to see if he can get celebs to strangle him. I love that the one celeb he went up to was Manny in Modern family. Seriously Modern Family is MY FAVORITE show on right now. If you are not watching it, start now.

But this was the best picture of the night.
I would like to thank Julia and Beth for making my night possible.