Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Yahoo it's Halloween. The one day in which it's completely acceptable to take candy from strangers. I love Halloween. It fed my childhood addictions to candy. I know every kid likes candy but not like I did. I would hoard it, organize it and stare at my pretties. I still like candy but my taste are more refined. I'd way rather have Sees or Sprinkles then a snickers bar. But it's hard to pass up the buckets of candy in my kitchen. I am not known for my will power. I hope everyone has a fun/safe night.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloweens past

Growing up I had to be really creative at Halloween time. Lets face it I was the youngest of EIGHT kids, my mom was over it. Never would I get the plastic she-ra outfit with the plastic mask(I'm thankful now).Instead I would rummage thru My sisters closet and see what I would come up with>baby, cheerleader, punk rocker, mime, etc. So now I like to go all out for my boys. Some time its a homemade, sometimes store bought depending on what they want to be. Enjoy my trip down memory lane..........................
Max's 1st Halloween! I was so excited to dress us up/and get free candy again. We were Germans.This year Max was a Monster. I just made a new eye for the costume to jazz it up.
The witch and her toad. Halloween got really fun. Max got into the trick or treating this year.
Now we have Ollie. I made him a little chick costume while Max was a rooster.
Max really wanted be a moustache this year. So we settled for just wearing one. And the first thing that came to mind was copper. So Ollie was our jail bird(totally appropriate).
This year I got a little lazy. We rehashed the monster and Max had to be a bat. Sadly enough I could not find any pictures but the ones below. If anybody has some pictures that they could give me I would greatly appreciate it.
C'mon you gotta love The Mario brothers. They had all the poses down. Once again moustaches. For some reason little boys in moustaches make me giggle.
And now we come upon this year 2008, which I will post tomorrow. Sorry for the long post.

A little treat

Remember how I told you how Scott is really not shy? Well this proves my point. On his second day of work at Quicksilver it was Halloween. The theme was Carnival and this is what he was. I was impressed. I think from there on out he was known as the weird dude who was cotton candy.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The most glorious thing has been happening in my crib. Actually I mean Harper's crib. The kid loves to hang out in there. When he gets bummed on life he loves to chill in his bed. Today I put him down to sleep and an hour later when I checked in on him he was staring at the wall with a smile on his face! Then he slept for 2 hours on top of that!(cha-ching) At nap #2 I heard him wake up and then giggling. When I went in I found this..........Now i don't know if Ollie slipped him the blade or what, but he was SO happy to have it. I hope this phase lasts>

Monday, October 27, 2008

Max a year ago today

      **I saw this picture and I freaked out at how much Max has changed in a year.**
I will be surprised if anyone I know dies today, cuz max blessed everyone we know not to die like 5 times(no joke) in his prayers last night. So fill free to live a little dangerously today, your covered. 

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ollism 13

Ollie woke up this Morning, gave me the biggest hug and told me this..................................
Ollie- Mom guess what?I had a dream that i was trying to kill a bad guy. And then you told him that I had dirty hands with tiny ugly germs.
Me- Did that scare him off?
Ollie- No, my sword did.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

goal oriented

Every morning Harper makes a mental checklist of all things he wants to accomplish for the day. As soon as he wakes up he eats breakfast and then it's business time. Do you want to see his checklist?1. all the books off shelf...............check
2. Pots out and pound the heck out of them...........check
3. Bath toys out and properly displayed..............check

4. computer desk ransacked.....................check(not featured in picture)
How could a mom not be proud. I know he is going places with skills like these. And yes this happens every single day

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My little Burritos

One of my most favorite things in this world is a newborn babe wrapped like a burrito. I LOVE it. Ask anyone. I think it's because I wish someone would wrap me up like that(I'm always cold). I don't know if it was a jealousy thing, but Ollie would always ask me to wrap him up too when Harper was a newbie. This is his blankie. It's more like a twin size quilt that he suddenly formed an attachment to when he was 2. He still loves it. I miss my burrito boys.

Monday, October 20, 2008

GEM-A-RAMA part4 1/2

An interview with Ollie..................
Me- What did you do at Gem-a-Rama?
Ollie-I watched Indiana Jones 4 (in the hotel), 101 Dalmatians 4 times, and we didn't watch WALLE in there.
Me- Didn't you go look for crystals?
Ollie-I did.
Me- Well tell me about it.
Ollie-I got hurt in the last part.
Me- how?
Ollie- I been walking in too much juice.

GEM-A-RAMA part4

sorry i couldnt help my self.

GEM-A-RAMA part3

An interview with Max...................................
Me- What was your favorite part of Gem-a-rama?
Max-What does Rama mean?

Me-I dunno.
Answer my question.

Max- I liked the other mud there. There was real crystals in there.

Me- What are you going to do with the crystals?
Max- I don't know.

Me- Why did you love it so much?
Cuz my Dad missed work. I liked the car that fell down on it's hip.(see above picture)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

GEM-A-RAMA part2

I guess I really didn't give much of an
explanation of what
GEM-A-RAMA is. Once a year the small town of Trona lets the public come and mine for different rocks, crystals etc. Max and Ollie are obsessed with crystals, so Scott thought this would be a fun Father and sons trip. I couldn't have agreed more. My only complaint is that Harpy couldn't go. This definitely will be a yearly event with the Schultz boys.

GEM-A-RAMA part1

Scott and the boys went on a trip to GEM A RAMA! Whats Gem a rama you ask? Well I don't know cuz I haven't been there. So Max and Ollie are my guest blogger today!
 This was Day 1. 
Max- We were looking for crystals in the mud. But they only had clear ones. The mud stuck to everything and it hurt my skin. Actually It was more like sticky clay with sharp things in it. My job was to find the crystals and then I would give them to Ollie.
Ollie- My boots got soooo stuck that when someone pulled me out my boots stayed there. I got to clean all the crystals
Max- I saw a kid lose his shoe in the clay. They found it an hour later and it was full of clay.
Dad- I was stressed that they were so dirty, we had moms car so I stripped the kids to their underwear
Ollie- I thought people were going to laugh at me in my underwear, but no one did.
Max- I thought it was the zone of death.