Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Davy's second Birthday

Davy is two years old!! It's very crazy to even think about the past two years, shoot even the past two months have been crazy. In honor of her birthday, I took her to her very first mall photo shoot. While I love my own photos, I can't resist the cheesy portraits, I just can't. I mean how classic is Davy in a box?! Looove it.

For Davy's Birthday we kept it pretty low profile. We just had cake with nearby relatives and we combined it with Sir Oliver Ben(I will post his later). I made a Butter cake with Chocolate frosting, swimming in sprinkles, it was pretty darn good.
Look, Davy's peace sign sure did come in handy this birthday. Now we are trying to teach her to say two. Although, I wouldn't want her to stop saying"Pace" to passerbys.

Davy Got really happy when we started singing to her, she loves all the attention.
Now carefully note the next 2 pictures. Here we have a family portrait in which we are all smiling. All but one. The one blowing out the candles.
And it wouldn't be a Schultz party with out my boys gettin into it. This is a very ticked off Ollie, yelling at Harper. But even better is the look on my face, total Mom disappointed face. By the way, Harper blew out the candles twice that night. By the third time we restrained him and put the cake directly in front of Oliver, so there could be no mistaking who did the deed.
Are you ready for some Davy updates, There are a ton.

*Davy weighs 32pounds!! What a chunk.

*She has been cleared to eat "mashable" solids. SO we can do all her nutrition by mouth now!! We just do liquids via Gtube. This has been SOOOO awesome. She got to eat her Birthday cake! Don't worry Miss Erin, we gave her small bites. We have to feed her one bite at a time, or she'll go all cookie monster on us. Which she would for sure choke. But she has been doing really well with food. Now we are focusing on liquids during therapy and that has been pretty challenging for her.

* Davy has been doing really well with her signing. She signs, eat, drink, more, please, thank you, all done, help, baby, swing, open and book. It is really cute to watch her communicate. She has even put to words together, More please!

* she even has been verbalizing a little more too. She says MAMA all the time. My sister, beth says Davy says cheese, but I think that just means eats as she's says it all the time while eating. She has said the word baby, Hi, and has said Dada, but only like twice. I am so proud of this, cuz all of my kids have been Daddy boys, but Davygirl is all moms!!

* we all know Davy has been walking but now she is pushing chairs and climbing up on the counters to scavenge for food and water. It's made life a little difficult. She is making it so I have to clean more. Bummer.
* she still holds no interest in toys or TV. But she does love to dunk my IPhone in the toilet. She is such a rascal. She is very hard to discipline. Moms of special needs, any help in this area? What has worked for you?

Davy's birthday always has me filled with a lot of emotions. I am so very proud of how far she's come. She is such a strong and determined little girl. She is constantly surprising me. Even though her little life has been hard and painful, it has been also so happy and she has such a purpose here on earth. I am very honored to be her mom.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Springing forward

I am not a political person. In fact I avoid talking about politics all together.
But I am letting it be known, I will vote for any candidate who gets rid of day light savings.
Why....why is this necessary?
And how did Arizona and Hawaii get out of doing this?

I say we just stay at this time from here on out. Who's with me, let's stop the insanity.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Max is a preteen!!

Last week Max turned 11. I now have a preteen in the house. It was like he woke up with an extra dose of sarcasm just for the occasion.
Even though I know he loves jumping through the streamers, this year he played it real cool and casually walked through them.
He also asked if he could not wear the birthday hat all day because, Hello, embarrassing mom.
This is kinda a difficult age. He is either too old or too young for pretty much everything.
But it is also a fun age. I can see his real personality emerging. He is a very witty boy.
As you can see he was so over posing for pictures. Then I pleaded with him and I got this.
Max right now.
Favorite book- He is loving the secret series by Psuedonymous Bosch. He couldn't just pick one book.
Favorite movie- Harry Potter
Favorite color- yellow
Favorite food- Salmon
Favorite fast food- chipotle
Favorite sport- Soccer
Favorite pastime- Reading and video games
Favorite Band- anything Hip hop
Wants to be a writer when he grows up
Favorite subject- reading a subject? If not, Science, he is currently in Science club
Loves to hang out with his cousins, Xoe, Xanthe, Jacob, Al and Calista.

Monday, March 5, 2012

hey guess what

I was featured on the blog, this little Miggy stayed home. Miggy does a weekly spotlight on Mom's of kids with special needs. I have loved her blog for a while now and am so honored to be on it. Go here to read my spotlight. And if you have the time read all the spotlights. There are some amazing spotlights of some strong Women(and even stronger kids). Thanks again Miggy.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I hate Flu season

If you follow me on instagram, then you already are in the know, but Davy has been in the Hospital this week. She woke up Monday morning with a clear, runny nose and light cough, nothing to crazy. I will say she, was not as happy as she usually is, but again nothing too crazy. Then by 6:30 she started going into adrenal crisis and throwing up. At this point I knew we were ER bound.

I actually feel pretty seasoned at this point. I wasn't panicked or rushing about. Scott and I tried to give her an oral Adrenal medication first, to see if she could hold it down. That lasted 2 hours, so we gave her"the shot" and then went down to CHOC. Technically we went to the Saint Josephs ER, since CHOC doesn't have one yet. And then from there you get admitted to CHOC.

Apparently there are some nasty viruses going around cuz there was no room at the Inn and we were stuck in the ER, for the first 24 hours.

I know what you're thinking..... How awful to be in the ER that long.

WRONG, it was glorious. We had our own room in a very quiet wing of the ER. I actually asked if we could stay cuz I knew we would have to share a room at CHOC.

And believe me, it is just plain awful to have a sick baby and then having to shack up with another family.

(Davy rockin her binkie like a gangsta)
Long story short Davy's white blood cell count was through the roof. So she was fighting some sort of viral infection. As soon as I felt Davy was stable, I asked to leave. I am pretty comfortable with her medical needs. So If it's not critical, I would rather her heal from home.
This was our shortest Hospital stay thus far, but it was also our hardest.
I think because we were just there 2 months ago, it was still too fresh in Davy's mind. So she was very upset. It took like 4 nurses to get anything done on her. They gave up trying to get her blood pressure. By the time they could even get it on her, it was probably through the roof anyways cuz she was so stressed out.
I also think her being mobile was hard on her. She was stuck in a crib attached to heart monitors and an IV, so she couldn't cruise around at all.
By day two she took matters into her own hands and ripped out her IV. I didn't even notice for a while, I just kept finding blood on toys and the wall. I don't know why I didn't think to check there first.

But we are home now and as you can tell, she is just SO happy to be back.
I actually think I am more happy then she is. Hospital stays are rough business.