Wednesday, December 28, 2011

If I sent a Christmas card

How was your Christmas? This season was kind of a blur for me. The first two weeks Davy was sick and in the hospital, followed by a bazillion doctor appointments, then I got sick and spread it to the rest of the family(including Davy). So needless to say, I was not in the Christmas spirit......sorry folks that was the honest truth. I just felt tired and overwhelmed.
I usually send out Christmas cards, I really do enjoy them. But I was way to behind to do them this year. In fact, my mother in law asked for a family picture of us for her card and I realized that I didn't even have one. I haven't had one family picture done with Davy!! It made me sad to think that if something happened to her that I would not have a family picture of us all together. I think that would haunt me for the rest of my days.
So.......I had this thought on a Friday and the very next Saturday my sister, Beth took our family pictures. Thank you Beth for pushing me to do this. I am so glad to have these.
Can I tell you how hard it is to get a good family picture with six people. SO HARD! Between my blinky eyes, Max's 10 year old awkward smiles and Harper not sitting still, I didn't think I'd get one.It looks like Harper is farting in this pic.......actually he might be

Max's favorite gift was his spy traker and fablehaven books.
Harper loved is twister game
Davy loved her push tricycle.
Ollie loved his laser pointers.
The below picture is the #harpersbangsineyes classic shot.

My only regrets were not cutting my boys hair, you can't see Harper's pretty blue eyes.

How cute is Davygirl here?!

Once Christmas came, I really did have a great holiday. I got to see all of my In laws, which is always fun. And this Friday, I am seeing all of my family, yeah! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. And please do not be expecting a Christmas card in the mail, this be it.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Are you a Dog lover?

Have you ever heard of diapers for your Dog?!! There are actually diapers for dogs. We are a dog owning/loving family. Charlie Sparkles Schultz is definitely part of the fam. But luckily we are not needing Snuggease cuz my dog is better trained then my children. like for real he is more obedient and never misses the toilet.
Anyways my nephew and friends made this commercial, thus introducing me to Snuggease,
It's pretty funny. You gotta watch it.

So yes or no, have you heard of doggie diapers? And more importantly have you ever used doggie diapers? I am very curious.

This is just a reminder of how cute Davy is looking. And i felt her facial expression was appropriate for the video.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I have given up

It's over. I am done.
The dream of pig tails and cute clips have come to an end. You win again Davy girl.
But I win too. One of my all time favorite haircuts for little girls is the bob. I think it instantly makes a girl adorable. Especially when chubby cheeks are involved.

So the mullet is no longer.

And her bangs no longer hang in her eyes like Chris Farley.
Ever since the Hospital, Miss Davy is really scared of everything and she gets pretty mad, really easy.
So I knew cutting her hair was going to be a challenge. That's why I geared up with all sorts of treats that she is not supposed to have. Yes I bribe my kids and proud of it.

More importantly how adorable does Davy Look?!!! I didn't think it was possible to up her cuteness. But she is officially one of the cutest girls in the world. Yes, I said the world.

And I finally have my camera back!! It was a long, expensive break, but we are back together again. I probably would have cut her hair sooner but I knew I had to have my camera to document the occasion. I know it's silly but that's how I roll.

Monday, December 5, 2011

We are home....finally

SIX days, six loooong days we were in the hospital. Davy ended up having the flu as well as the UTI, so she was pretty sick. By day six, I asked for Davy to be released. She hadn't thrown up in a day and half and she didn't have a fever. It was getting to the point where Davy would freak out if anyone in scrubs would walk into the room. She was getting no sleep because of constantly getting checked and we would get a new roommate every night. I guess I should say middle of the night as they always seemed to arrive at 3 in the morning.
So I made a mother executive decision and took her out of that place.
Which people usually say, mother knows best, well sometimes we don't. Cuz Davy started throwing up right after we got home. I was so bummed out. I really thought I made the right decision, then I thought maybe I was just ready to come home.
Long story short we didn't go back. She so far she hasn't thrown up today. So I think she is on her way up. She is still really lethargic and just wants to be held. But that I don't mind, i mean who wouldn't want to cuddle up with this chunk?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

There has been some excitement in the Schultz crib

Tuesday, I was all prepared to tell you about how Scott was gonna be on NIGHT LINE! But then Davy girl decided to puke all over me. and you know what this means, GO TIME!! Scott broke out the rather large needle and plunged into our littlest of Little's thigh. We then packed her up whilst puking all over me. No time to stop and clean, just got to get her to the ER.
It happened to be a busy night at the ER, There was even some entertainment in the parking lot. Two dudes were fighting, karate kid style, very entertaining actually. Like I thought it was staged. We got to our room and had to subject Davy to some mild torture. She was very
graceful about it. If you count 2 nurses, her dad and me holding her little body down, graceful. But we got an IV in her!!

I was so excited that Scott was going to be on night line
during the same time the Doctors would be working on Davy. Ohhh the awkwardness would have been delightful. But alas we were preempted by occupied LA, so awkward crisis adverted, Scott. I guess i can google it now. But that would have been a treat to watch.
Davy's test showed a UTI, so that means a hospital VACAY. We have been there since Tuesday and do not have a discharge date yet because she can't keep food down.

Can I tell you the joys of sleeping on a fold out chair, It's like sleeping on folded concrete. But with a sick baby, who has bells and whistles going off and people wanting to wake her every 10 minutes to check her temperature! Ladies can we all agree she needs her rest?!! No more 4 in the morning blood pressures. My daughter is a light sleeper so please, PLEASE let her sleep.

All kidding aside. This little girl is sick. She doesn't even want to eat!! And you know how she loves food. So If you could pray for our little one, I will return the favor, promise.Thanks Scott for taking the night shift. I am very excited to sleep in our bed!
You are a good father/husband.