Friday, January 27, 2012

long week.

It was a long week. This guy up and went to Buffalo, New York. Can I just say I would like to individually hug all the single parents out there? That's a tough job you got, It's very exhausting being a lone parent. My hat goes off to you furreal.

So this was the beautiful view where Scott was at.

and this was my beautiful view.

While I spent my days busy with these two ya-hoos.
Scott spent his days with these two.
Yes, I was jealous.
He spent the week recording a song with "the Biz" and the flaming lips.
The song was recorded for a Volcom- Yo gabba collaboration. Very exciting stuff.

In his words, it was epic, SOOO much fun.
Actually those are the words I wanted to hear because that means my time alone was worth it, right? No sense in both of us being miserable.

I am very very happy to have him back, especially because he let me sleep in this morning.
What a luxury sleeping in is, I totally took that for granted.
How was your week? Anything exciting?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

harper harper harper

Do you ever wonder what your child will be like when they grow up? Will the personality they have as a child be the same as when they are an adult?
I know my husband was a really outgoing child who like to preform for a crowd and now as an adult, he is pretty shy and does not like to be in the spotlight at all. I am pretty sure my personality has not changed at all from when I was a kid.
I think I have Harper figured out though. You know that guy in high school that would pretty much do anything if you chanted his name three times. You know who I'm talking about, that guy that would do anything to make you laugh. Even if it meant setting himself on fire. That is my son, Harper. He could be totally afraid and if his brothers start chanting, Harper Harper Harper, he would jump off a cliff.
Part of me is a little worried at how easy it is for him to cave under peer pressure.
Like in the below video. This was from our family reunion.
He was so afraid to jump off the diving rock at the pool, then the chanting began. And this is what happened.

Notice how he waited a while. Was that from fear or was he basking in the glory of the chant. Or was he really just peeing? I think he was lovin every second if it.
So do you think you have your child figured out? Or did you think you had a child figured out only to have them be a completely different adult? I am very curious, do tell.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ah poop

First of all, thank you for all the feedback on the onesies. I am happy to report I did buy some and she hasn't pulled her button out all week.
But I have another question. It is pertaining to poop, so if you get grossed out when mom's talk about their baby's poop, you have been warned.
There is a reason why Davy is nakey in all these pictures and it's not to show off how cute and chubby she is. She has been having major blowouts(newborn style) for the past month.They were usually just in the morning, like at 5am. But now it's morning and afternoon! I am changing sheets and outfits all day. Total bummer.
Just a few facts.......I have moved her up to bigger size of diapers and haven't really added anything new to the diet. Except a new probiotic, could that be it? What else am i missing? Any one else have an almost 2 year old who is doing this? Any advice?
On another note, if you are fortunate enough to hang with Davy, you have probably been thrown a peace sign from her. I have NO idea where she got this from , but she greets people with a huge grin and a deuce. This has been a hit in the Choc lobby.
She has all different ways of doing it. This is your standard peace, love and happiness, peace sign. Then there is the peace sign point. But my favorite is when she giggles and throws a side ways gangsta peace sign. I hope this phase lasts a while, cuz I get a good chuckle from it.
Davy and Harper have been really getting along lately. Here is Harper giving her a scalp massage.
And below he is either hugging her or reenacting a scene from the movie Ghost, not sure.
Either way Harper has been a really good Big brother to Davy. It's a Mom's finest moment when her kids are so loving to each other. Don't you agree?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

davy update 2012

As you know, Davy spent the first part of the month sick and in the hospital. Then she recovered only to get a nasty cold from me. We have kept her away from crowds pretty well but I can't keep her away from me when I get the sickies. major bummer.
Then, to top things off this sassy child has been pulling out her mic-key button and then popping it!! We have gone through 3 in 2 weeks!! Do you know what that means? We have had no back ups buttons. The second time she did it, I randomly lifted her shirt to see a gaping
hole in her tummy. I shrieked and went on a massive manhunt for that thing. How long had it been out even? That stinker throughit behind my bed, after she popped it. Luckily we got her to Choc quickly, so crisis adverted.
SO, being that she was sick and had no back up button, we decided not to take her to my family Christmas party in Pahrump, NV. Scott stayed behind while I took my 3 hoodlums to party with cousins. And then on New Years day, Miss Davy decided to prove our intuition right by pulling out a third button. She really likes keeping us on our toes. As soon as she can get to it she starts tugging. We are trying to figure out why, like maybe she needs a bigger button, or placed in a different area? For the time being, I am looking for some 2t onesies, do they even sale them that large?

On another note, Davy received a Christmas package today from her cousin, Mila. How cute is this hat?!! She also got a cute bow clip. best. present. ever. I am trying to convince my niece, Melanie, to sale these bad boys, What do you think, would you want one?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On christmas morn

Now that all of the hullabaloo of the holidays are over, I feel like I can finally blog about it. This year was an "On" year for my inlaws, so all of the cousins were here. It was so much fun to all be together. This was them waiting on the steps, very patiently to see what Santa brought.
Davy was genuinely happy about her new bike. She kept giggling, it was very cute.
She was not however giggling about her helmet. This is gonna be tough to keep on lil Davy.
Max was very happy to get a spy tracker. It is a remote control car with a video camera on it, so he can spy on people. And by people, I mean me.
Ollie got my very old Iphone. His look says it all. He wants so bad to be able to call people, but I told him he'll have to wait a lot longer for that to happen.
But The most excited was Scott and Davy with their Ipad. I am pretty excited to see all the apps they have for Davy. Ipads are pretty popular in the special needs world.
Harper is the easiest to impress. He squeals over army guys from the 99 cent store.
Do you have a standard gift that you give to your kids? My kids always get a movie, a book and a new toothbrush in their stocking. Davy really loved her toothbrush, she has come a long way with her oral aversion, huh?
The gratuitous grubby, no sleep Christmas shot. How was your Christmas morning? Do you have any fun traditions? Did you get something fun this year?