Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Terri!!!

I bet you thought I forgot about you, huh? Well I didn't. I have been planning this blog for a while now and wouldn't you know, my Internet is down. So I went to Beth's house for pictures and computer use. This for you Terri(my favorite sister)
- Terri is the BEST audience. She will laugh at anything and she laughs loud. So you feel pretty good about yourself.
- Terri was the first person I called when I found out I was having a girl. I knew she would get how happy I was. That's because Terri's has 5 boys and none of them were under 10.4 pounds when they were born. Her last was 11.8 pounds!!! They all were the cutest babies with the biggest eyes, and thickest eyelashes. So even though she never had a girl, she had beautiful boys.
- I've said this before, but I always love visiting Terri and her boys. One- they are so helpful and will play with my boys. Two- her boys laugh at my jokes too. Three- even though she lives in a small town, she always plans a lot of fun stuff to do.
- Because Terri lives in a small town there is no where to shop. So anytime she visits, she has to make a Target run. You could wake her up in the middle of the night and say "you wanna go to Target?" And she would jump out of bed, no problem. And her boys love to go just as much as she does.... I m not kidding, they take family trips. That would be my dream come true, my boys wanting to shop with me.
- For some reason Terri randomly talks with an English accent. Kind of like Madonna does. I love to tease her about it. And in true Terri form, she will laugh with you.
- Terri is a TOTAL scaredy cat. She is afraid of the dark, she doesn't like to be alone and she is he best person to watch a scary movie with. She is the lady that talks to the screen," No!! Don't go in there!" She also screams loud and grabs onto you. I actually hate scary movies too, but I would go with Terri any day.

- Terri has the BEST feet. They are as wide as they are long. They kinda look like hobbit feet, minus the hair. They always make me giggle.
- She is the sister that everyone wants to be around. She loves to play games, have fun and hardly ever gets in a bad mood. But even when she is in a bad mood, she still make me laugh. You will always have fun when your with Terri.
- But my most favorite thing about Terri is she loves to drive. And being that I HATE driving, it really works out nicely for both of us.
Writing this blog actually makes me sad that only one of my sisters live next to me. I hope you have a happy birthday Terri!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The home stretch

This is what 35 weeks looks like. sad huh? This picture was not posed, this is how I look(pathetic.) I am not that girl who loves being pregnant, I hate it. I can say with out a doubt this pregnancy has been extra hard. If you are wondering about my cool gloves, I have carpal tunnel. I guess it's common for pregnant ladies. It totally sucks. It makes it really hard to sleep at night, so I lay on the couch and watch Grey's anatomy reruns.
All I can say is thank heavens for St. Elizabeth who takes my kids once a week, so I can sleep.