Sunday, February 26, 2012

we got a walker!!

It's official, at the age of 23 months, Miss Davy is a walkin!! We are very proud. It's taken a lot of hard work on her part, many hours of therapy with Miss Julie and many hours of home work. But she did it, she made her goal, walking by 2. This is such a huge deal, we really are so very thankful for all her therapists and what they do for her. Now we are working on her stamina and narrowing her wide base of support( she walks with her legs really far apart.)

Now that Davy is walking, it has opened up a whole new world of mischief. She pretty much can get into everything and she does. So we got to put a lock on everything. The worst offender?? Cups of water left on the table. Very dangerous for a tubie gal. I have had to really drill it into the the boys head that we need to put our dishes in the sink. So far they are not doing so hot. But we are working on it. This new mobile Davy takes some getting used too.

Boom take that low muscle tone!!
Ok this picture totally reminds me of the end shot of the Breakfast club, when Judd nelson punches the air. Am I right?

And yes, I do have every John Hughes film memorized.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bake Sale

Oliver's school is having a bake sale for CHOC hospital next week. It's put on by the second graders(Ollie's class.) Oliver was so excited about it. His homework tonight was to make a poster for it.

Ollie: Mom, I really want to put a picture of Davy on my poster because I think we can make more money if people can see who they're helping. I want one with her clefty smile.

Me: Are you sure? You don't think kids will make fun of her, do you?

Ollie: looked at me and said, NO, that's when she looked the cutest!!
I have missed her big smile. (Cue mom tears.)

SO if you are in my neck of the woods next Tuesday thru Thursday,
before and after school, come and buy some yummy treats.
Last year they raised $700. I think we can top it

P.S. He also insisted Davy's name be written in gold. You know Ollie loves him some bling bling.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Yesterday morning started off with a mini torture sesh for Lil Davy.
We went in for her third VCUG. Just to tell us the same thing....her bladder refluxes.
I was hoping to skip this and just have the surgery to correct it. Why put her through unnecessary torture, right?
Well the Doc disagreed. So Me and 2 nurses spent 45 minutes holding down my screaming child. The nurses were pretty impressed when she broke through their makeshift tape and pillowcase restraints.
I can honestly say I was actually sore afterwards, so I am assuming Davy was.
The rest of the day we were both tired. I put her down for a nap expecting a sleep Marathon, but the boys decided to have a lego war, which involved yelling, which woke up the sleeping babe.
I know you can all agree with me, when i say that waking a sleeping baby is THE WORST thing you can do to a mom. Like I turn into phsycocrazy lady when that happens.
SO no nap, such a bummer
Evening time rolls around and it took a lot of tears and practically a full body massage to get Davy to sleep.
I get the boys to bed and I am BEAT.
Scott is in NY again So I have to do Davy's late night shift, but I know I won't last until 12am.
I NEVER do this, but I thought to myself, I should go in and just do them right now. Better too early then me sleeping through it, right?
SO, I go in her room and.......
I have no idea how long it was out but I could tell her stoma was closing. I said a prayer cuz I did not want to go to the ER. I lubed up her site and wiggled and barely pushed that bad boy back in. If I would have waited until 12 to do her meds, it would have been a surgery for Davy, no doubt. I feel so lucky, that could have been a major disaster.

Hey funny enough, that little turkey pulled it out again the next morning.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

a choc filled day

Today was one of those crazy days.
I had to leave the house by 8:30 to get to Davy's first therapy(OT) at 9. had to secure a sitter(thank you Heather) and a ride to and from preschool for Harper. Went to Davy's second therapy(pt) at 10. Then had to jam over to CHOC by 11:15 for her feeding therapy. Then had a speech Evaluation right after that.
Ran home to pick up Harper, hoping Davy would fall asleep on the way, so she
could get some sort of nap today(20 minutes). Fed Davy Lunch and meds then left back to Choc for a GI appointment. Had to find a ride home from school for Ollie, a ride for Max an hour later(science club), then a ride to and from scouts. Oh and also a sitter from 2-4;30 (thanks Nathan, I owe you $$).
I hit MAJOR traffic on the way down and I am 15 minutes late.
The nurse tells me, DR.G can't see us, we're too late.
Hmmmmm that's weird cuz I just saw him walk into his office.
Well, we can reschedule you at the end of March.
Uhhh totally unacceptable, Davy has a lot going on right now, I need to get in, TODAY.
I was told if I wait another hour a different GI Doc will see us.
Fine, that will do.

I am so glad I waited. You know how we've been having issues with her ripping out her mic-key button? Well, it was too small. So it was majorly uncomfortable for her. Poor thing, it was driving her crazy this whole time. So we placed a new larger button in and then saw how red and irrated her skin was.
So I then have to jet to Target to pick up some new meds for Davy's infected tube site and make it home by 6.

Luckily Alissa, the sitter from 4:30 to 6, fed them, cuz i would let them eat cereal and popcorn, I am that tired.

Did i mention Scott is working late again?

So I told the kids they can watch TV tonight until bedtime. Hooray!!
But at the end of the was totally worth it, to have the mic-key problem solved.

This is Davy in physical therapy. She always starts off on this swing.
Today they had her pushing it back and forth. It's pretty dang hard to walk backwards.
It was a good thing Ms.J had her hands out, cuz Davy ate it right after this shot.
She all good though.

Alright, I'm gonna go lay on the couch and watch Parks and Rec.