Friday, November 30, 2012

You know that one friend that you don't see for years and then when you do see them, it's like they never left. Can we just be like that? I know it seems like years since I last wrote but life has been a little hard. I hope you are still there.
 I will now try to play catch up. We are still with the in laws and cross you're fingers, I think it might change soon.
I had the most low key Thanksgiving day of my life. It was My family, My brother in laws family and a cousins family. 6 adults and 10 kids. That is crazy small for us(remember were both from large Mormon families). It was really nice, I didn't do a thing except make cranberry sauce. My dear sister in law and best friend did it all. 
You see, we had a bit of a crisis two days earlier. Like our craziest yet. Monday morning I woke up to Davy tapping on my face. Which means she climbed out of her crib and opened her door, that is not easy for her to do. I pulled her into my bed to cuddle and she fell asleep. That should have been my first warning that something was wrong but you know i was thinking, Score I get to sleep in! 
20 minutes later, Davy bolts up, stares into space and then starts screaming. My first thought was nightmare. But then she did it again. I run to Scott and she does it again and we can tell she not seeing us. So I think, did she go blind?!! She does it yet again, we go downstairs to get her shot and I run to get my phone so I can video it for the Doctors. As I start to leave Scott he yells my name and I turn to see the most Horrific thing in my life. Davy is out, she's grey and her whole body starts to shake.
I run to call 911, throw my cell at Ollie and say call Beth. I then yell for Max to get her shot and I tell myself to remain calm, I don't scare the boys. 
Now we wait for the ambulance......We can't tell if she's breathing..........We all kneel and say a prayer,
The 911 team and Beth come at the same time. They give her oxygen, ask some questions and then I'm on a gurney and my lifeless daughter is put in my arms. Worst moment ever.
On the way to the hospital they test her blood sugar and it's a 38( crazy low). They need to put an IV in her asap. I'm thinking, no way in this moving car and with her hidden veins. But that beautiful Medic miraculously gets it in first try, truly a miracle. We get to St Jude's and I'm told she had a seizure. Which would be her first.
 I right now want to tell any Mom who has a child that has seizures, that I am truly truly sorry for what you have to go through. You are amazing in my eyes. Seizures are so unnatural and scary, you are so helpless. It would be so hard to deal with that.
SO with this news we are on another ambulance being sent to our second home, CHOC. The nurses all know us and joke that they should reserve a room for us. That would be nice if it was a single room, with no roommate, like that ever happens.
Let the tests begin!! As awful as this was, we really did end up with the best outcome. Davy is not epileptic, nothing going on neurologically. She is hypoglycemic and it was a perfect storm of things that made it so deadly. She had a cough(remember she doesn't handle sickness well), she ate early and we did her growth hormone shot earlier that night. And that shot regulates her whole body and that includes her blood sugar. 
Now we have to be on top of her eating and check her blood when things don't seem right. We can do this, not so bad, right?
Davy bounced back to her old self pretty quickly and we ended up being home in time for Thanksgiving. 
I can say I have never been more thankful on any previous Thanksgivings. It was so good to be home and have our Davygirl with us. This was such a wake up call to how fragile my Davy is. I think I have kinda slacked and have loosened up when it comes to her and this experience has reminded me how careful I need to be.
When she first woke up

Davy's ride to CHOC

SOmeone is ready to go

Happy to be home

When I got home, I talked with Max and Ollie and told them how amazing they were. They were so quick and helpful in such a huge crisis. I asked them if they were scared because it would be OK to be scared.
Max said the scariest part was, that I was acting so normal when it seemed like Davy wasn't breathing.
Hah, so my trying to remain calm backfired, go figure.
Just so you know, we are all doing well now, Davy has been extra naughty since she's been home. So it's business as usual.
Hope all is well with you. I'll try not to be a stranger.