Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Davy is three...whaaaaa?!!

Time flies when I don't blog, huh?  On March 20th Davygirl turned three. Can I just say how much has changed in a year? She has grown in so many areas. She has all of her Doctors baffled and excited. It's like she's a special needs genius.......OK, I realize i may be taking this a little too far. But she has so many new tricks, and it's pretty cool.
 This was the first year we did the streamers with her. It took her a few second and then she realized...booya, I'm gonna tear this place up!
 My favorite part is that Daddy put her to bed in her clothes from the day before with her pigtails and clips in.....only daddy.
 Look how proud she is. She got to see Max and Ollie do this recently, so she was ready to rock. She felt like such a big girl. 

The party can't start til the hat is on. But hers needed a little help. I think i need to make a new one.
 Davy's birthday breakfast was bananas and some pancakes....that's right,  she ate pancakes.
 I got her dressed in one of my favorite outfits(American Apparel and took the girl to go shopping. I thought it would be fun to see if she would pick out a toy.
Her choice.....Minnie Mouse. She saw her and moaned uhhhhhhhhh. She was in love. she was so excited, she kept giving her loves.

Then we went with cousins to the Children's museum. Davy just loves to be out with people. I think because of all the times she has been couped up indoors, she does not take people for granted. If she is out and about, she's gonna party. In spite of all that she has to go through, she really loves life. 
All I can think is"Tommy want wingy"
If you don't know this quote....it's Chris Farley. Yes my daughter does a spot on Farley impression.

 Davy can't help herself. If there is music, she will dance. Even if it's an out of tune rendition of Happy Birthday. She can't be stopped, she must get down.
  We celebrated with family the Sunday before, with all of her cousins and I made the rainbow cake that is all over Pinterest. it turned out pretty good. It just  s l o w l y started sinking. I guess I should still post a picture of it.....OK, you talked me into it.

Davy enjoying the finer things in life. Homegirl still likes to chow down. I think she can out eat Oliver easily.

What Davy is up to now**********
* she has about 20 signs she can do
* along with signing, she points and grunts and pulls to get what she wants. She is pretty effective.
* BUT.....within the last couple of months her Vocab has doubled. She has been saying about 20 words. Most are just the first syllable of the word. But she has a couple of two syllable ones like, Mommy, daddy, howayou(how are you), hepme(help me) and she has just said Hopper(Harper). In all fairness he is the one who plays with her, so he deserves the love.
* she loves Yo Gabba. Girl can get down. She actually dances like Elaine in Seinfeld, almost exactly. It's a riot, I love it when she dances.
* she is very polite. she signs, please and thank you. But YOU had better sign you're welcome back or she gets maaad. Her politeness only goes so far and she won't stand for your rudeness.
* she weighs 37 pounds......yep my back is killing me. She is 3 feet, so she is nice and chunky.
*She loves babies to death.......really you might want to keep them away from her. I can't promise you anything.
* She will play with baby dolls and loves to dress up. Nothing holds her interest for to long though. After about 2 minutes, she just throws whatever is in her hands at whomever is closest. She is just a tornado. People still are her favorite toys. Oh and your cell phone. She has called Biz, Jason Bateman and Wayne Coyne all by accident. I need to get Scott's contacts off of my phone.
* She loves any and all attention. If I try to have a conversation with anyone and it doesn't involve her....watch out. She will hit and bite her self and whimper, owww. She yells, MOOOOOOOOOM. She has grabbed her poop and thrown it (my personal Fav) and she has pulled out her Mic Key button and handed it to me with a wicked grin. I really have to keep on eye on her, she is always on the brink of death, I swear. Such a stinker. But I lover her to death. She makes me so happy, with all the love she has to give. i wish you all could meet her cuz she really is a special spirit. So now that she is 3, she is starting school. I will be telling you all about it soon....promise.

               The sloppy jaloppy rainbow cake. But where it lacked in looks, it made up in taste.

                                  Not bad, huh. I mean it's pretty amateur Pinterest, but everyone loved it.
                My mother in law thought I was some kind of cake genius. Nope just a cake copycat.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This post is a rant....sorry

2012.....what a year. It was one of my hardest years, hands down. I hate to be vague on the ole blog, cuz boring, right?  But you'll just have to trust me when I say, it sucked. Hence the  minimal postings on the blog. I just couldn't get it together.  Too much was going on.
At the end of every year we have to deal with flu season, ER trips and the holidays. It makes for a stressful time. I think my family was more sick this year then we have ever been. Mainly me. I have been terribly sick for too long. I am just now coming out of it.
 Then comes the first of the year, I hold my breath, wondering what is going to change on our health insurance. Every year it goes up and changes are made. This year, we had a DRASTIC leap in the cost of Davy's nightly shot. Like I gulped and put it on my credit card, drastic. It's so sad to me. I know there are so many people in the same boat as us. I mean, If a person can die with out a certain medication, shouldn't that be the one medication that's free? Not to mention the overall premium went up another $200. Health care is our largest monthly bill by far and that is not right.
Could someone please explain the whole Obama care to me? Is it even in effect? Who is it helping? I think if the President could just meet Davy, he would maybe put her on his insurance plan so she could be fully covered. I bet his health insurance is awesome.
I realize i never talk politics to you, that's because I hate politics. So I am not up for a political debate here, I'm just angry. OK....enough of this crap, I'm gonna turn this around......

You know the "when life hands you lemons" saying, well I was handed a a whole grove it seems. So it's now time to mass produce this lemonade stuff. Maybe i can sell it and pay for my Insurance?

 Not to sound like a total brat, I must acknowledge the blessings that were giving to me this year as well. I know there were many.
First, my Davy is alive and well. We had a close call this year that will permanently be ingrained in my mind. I know that each day with Davy is a blessing, even when I am exhausted and she's being naughty. After having our little scare, I called up our dear cousin, Amelia, and said, we need family pictures asap. It's been too long and i don't want to regret not having pictures of my beautiful girl. So here are a couple(more like a ton) of her beautiful images she took. 

Oh Max....

I am so glad i got this picture with my davygirl

 Second, we bought a house!!! I didn't think it was going to happen. The market completely changed after we sold our house. We found a perfect home that was meant to be ours. The previous owners had a special needs son, so we made an instant connection and they chose us to buy their beautiful home. It is so nice to not live in a small box. we have plenty of room. I even have a closet that is empty......for now anyway. Once we get things all fixed up. I'll show you some before and after shots. but for now i leave you with these.
                                           If you love Amelia's pictures as much as I do, go to her( blog )right now. She may be giving away a photo shoot for donations to help out a family you might know. Plus you can spend hours looking at her blog. It's candy for the eyes. 
 I'll try not to be a stranger this time.