Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Inner bi*&%

Sometimes I surprise myself. Last night I went to the movies with some lady friends. I went in early to save the seats, it was really crowded. I needed 4 seats and a place for a baby.(or so i thought)I found 2 above the 1 empty handicap seat (perfect for baby plus 1) I then noticed that the 2 people next to me had a empty seat next to them, so I thought i would just sit there. I wasn't even going to ask them to move over or anything. So I asked the lady"Is that seat taken?" She said" Oh I have my purse on that seat" Now I have no idea where this came from," Oh, did your purse pay $10 for that seat?"(wow did that just come from my mouth) She looked at me and said really Bit&*% like, "you don't have to be rude about it." But she was still not gonna move her purse. So I said " really cuz I think your purse is being rude about it."(ooooooohhhhh)
Even though I was proud of my sassy comments she still didn't move her purse in the REALLY crowded theater. But I had met my sassy quota for the day, so my ladies and I had to find separate seats. The whole time I kept thinking, i would have loved to have gotten a manager to make her move her precious purse. Or dang, I wish Amber or Beth were here, they would really tell her off. But when it comes down to it I'm just too lazy to take it to the next level. What would you have done?

I'm kinda pathetic, huh?

Friday, June 26, 2009

The big bang theory

Heather might be right. I am starting to like the bangs more. I have been wearing them straight across more. Which do you think is better? To the side(see previous post) or straight across? Oh yeah I went shopping with My BFF last night, marched into Urban and not one stinkeye from an employee. I don't think it was the bangs so much as I actually got ready this time.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

she ain't what she used to be

I have been feeling old lately. Is it the 3 kids, Harrison graduating, turning 34(in August), this list could go on and on. I went shopping at Urban Outfitters and right when I walked in I feel the workers eye on my saying "lady, Chico's is 2 stores down." I guess I should have gotten ready for the day. So I went to try some things on and when I looked in the mirror I felt Old and uncool. I needed a change. My facebook needs an update. So I went home, got my shears and chop chopped some bangs. And guess what? I still felt old and uncool. Whatever. I have only had them for 3 days. My SIL, Heather says she always hates her bangs for the first week. Hmm, I dunno.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My little Harrison is growing up

I have been apart of Harrison's life since he was like 2. I feel I have a strong bond with him, we are both the youngest of 8, we love the same music, movies, TV and style. He is the little brother that I never had, but always wanted. Last week he graduated High school!! Which is happy/sad.
1. It means I'm old (sad)
2. He gets to leave home and go to college(happy)
3. He is leaving (sad)
4. He is growing up(happy)
5. no more graduation ceremonies for a long time(happy)
Anyways I'm way proud of you, Harrison. Now go make momma proud!

Friday, June 19, 2009

food, glorious food!

** warning long post about to happen**
Like i said before, food is really important to my husband (myself included) when we are on vacation. When we talk about our past trips, it's always....remember that vegetarian meal in Florence? No mention of how glorious the David statue was, go figure. This trip I decided to document our meals. I got a little sloppy towards the end but there were a lot of great food memories created in Australia.

1. our first meal was at an organic bakery. I got a turkey, cranberry, brie, carrots, lettuce and sprouts on fresh baked bread. I was very happy. Some times I need lunch to be light and easy, and this was.
Scott was walking around the city saying how he would love to move here, until we bought a drink. NO ICE!!!! That my friends is a deal breaker for any Schultz. The best drink we ever found in Australia was at (drum roll please)...Hungry Jacks, which looked an awful lot like Burger king. Don't worry though, we only got drinks at fast food places.

2. I was really excited when I found out that Sydney had a Wagamamas. This was my favorite place to eat in England. It's a Japanese restaurant that has The cutest staff i have ever seen. They serve yummy fresh fruit juice concoctions like, apple mint lime(my fav.)
This is there chicken salad, it's dressing alone made me buy their Wagamama cookbook.
Scott got a spicy chicken stir fry.

But the winner of the night was my spicy ramen. It was so yummy!!

Scott ended up finishing it off for me.
This was from a famous fish place on their wharf. It was a Salmon on mash with a garden salad. Scott liked it, but it was a little too fishy for me.

3.Oh man one of my favorite meals was our first night in Melbourne. it was at a vegetarian place called Soul Mama's. It was cafeteria style, so you walked down the line with your tray and picked your chow. It may not look like it from the picture, but IT WAS AMAZING. I will dream of those potatoes and pumpkin and lentils. Yummy yum yum.
4. I know this is looks like only a muffin, it actually was the WORLDS best muffin. Pear and white chocolate chips. We came back the next day for one. Not pictured is the fluffy banana pancakes I scarfed down. I had those the next day too. They must have been really good cuz I never even thought of taking the picture, only eating them.
5. Banana nutella crepe from a french dude who did not speak English, enough said.
6. Luke took us to this sports bar Restaurant that had pretty much every type of food. I got pumpkin ravioli with spinach and pine nuts. So good, Scott finished this one too.
7. This was the last meal in OZ. Our friend Libby took us to this quaint hippie type restaurant that had a line out the building.(always a good sign) It was GOO-OOD. I had a veggie burger with olive tampanade, red bell peppers, spinach and Swiss. it was a great way to end our trip, A light lunch with fun conversation. We actually almost missed our flight cuz we were having so much fun.
I will remember this trip fondly, thanks to all these meals. I thought for sure I was gonna come back 10 pounds heavier. But thanks to all the walking, I only gained a well deserved pound. not bad, huh?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meet Charlie

*side note. Ollie told me I had to take these pictures of him, so I wouldn't miss him when I went to Australia.

Before you say" Ruth your crazy!" See the look on Ollie 's (and Charlie's)face. What could i do, the boy actually needed a dog. We got the dog from our good friends, Mossi and Sharla. They just had a baby and were living in a 1 bedroom apartment. I know the decision wasn't easy for them, but I think it's hard to deny the love affair between Ollie and Charlie. Ollie has given him a new middle name of Sparkles. So Charlie Sparkles Schultz is our newest member of the family. I even caught husband talking baby talk" Ohhh Charlie, what a good dog you are". I knew we had a keeper then. I can attest he is the BEST dog in the world!!! He is completely trained, sleeps 70% of the day, doesn't shed and is the only thing in my house that actually listens to me. I swear he is part cat cuz he loves to snuggle on your lap. Mossi told us that he would only give us him on one condition, if we ever fall out of love with him, we will give him back. Ollie told me, Mom, even if we fall out of love with Charlie, let's not give him back ever. Sorry Mossi I just don't ever see it happening. No take backs.

Is it me or has Ollie and Charlie been making the same face expressions?

Ollie 5 reasons why he loves Charlie.....
1. Charlie lets me scratch his belly.
2. He listens to me.
3. He likes to sleep in my bed with me.
4. He is my BEST freind!!!
5. He watches Tom & Jerry with me. ( not like Auntie Heather)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


This was the very beginning of the live show. They had a band called Pookynoos, that played all the super music friends songs. They took some of the pressure off lance. They did a great job. I of course started crying again. I am sure the moms thought Scott and I were some real weirdies, with no kids, crying like babies.

This was Scott's facial expression, right when Lance jumped on the stage. The crowd went nuts. I love the Moms expression in the background. Why are you taking pictures of a grown man at a kids show, freak.
Can I tell you what a remarkable job Lance did. Seriously this was not an easy thing to do. He was Awsooooooome! He really was all about the kids. The last night he jumped into the crowd and gave everyone high fives.

One of the cool thing about the show was how many Dads were there. I guess they never go to  live kid shows(can you blame them) But there were just as many Dads as Moms. They were into it too, singing all the songs, doing the hand movements, it was very cool.
I can't believe we almost didn't go to Australia. It was really amazing. I hope there will be a live show in the U.S, so my kids can see it(and you too). It really made me miss them. Maybe that's why I was crying so hard.

Melbourne, Australia

After a couple of days we left Sydney and flew to Melbourne. I loooooved Mebun!(how they pronounce it) It was more quaint and family friendly, yet very hip. Right off the plane we got a lovely tour of the city by Luke.(he worked on the show) Best tour guide ever. I swear he was making things up. Either way, way better then a bus tour.

This is Luke. Easily one of my favorite people in Australia.
These Luna parks are all over Australia. Scott thinks this was what Luna's(the group) first album was named after. They looked way fun. Think Conney Island, but cleaner. 

This was the day before the first show. we came down to the venue to meet everybody. The place was an old Ballet theater. Isn't beautiful. We we so honored to be playing in the same venue as Billy Ocean.( I guess that's only funny if you grew up in the 80s.) All the people that worked on the show were so nice. I feel like I made some great friends here.

This is the next day. The first YGG show in Melbourne. This was what we saw when we first walked up. All these families with kids that were sooooooo excited to be there. This was the point that I started crying. I've seen a kid here or there who love the show, but not this many all in one place.  I couldn't take it.

                   Tomorrow I'll tell ya all about the show. Ooooooo, are you so excited?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sydney, Australia

What, you went to Australia?!!! I know I can't believe it either. We basically planned going on Monday and left the following Sunday. Apparently YGG is the # 1 kids show down under(1 of the many reasons why it rules) and they decided to do the very first Ygg live show. So we realized we couldn't miss out on seeing in it. Actually are friends convinced us we were crazy for not going. So there you have it. The next few post will all be detailing the trip down to the food I ate. Cuz who knew that Australia had such AMAZING food?!!!

This was right when we got into Sidney. I should have been jet lagged but I was ready to go, yo.
This is a view of Sidney Harbor, Opera house, the bridge. Probably the only 2 sights I had actually heard of before going to Sidney.
We actually went to the Sidney zoo. It was really cool. It over looked the harbor. They had all the cute Koala bears n' stuff. But is this the coolest zoo entrance ever?

Two things you need to know about Scott and i when we are traveling....

1. Scott loves any type of boat cruises or boat tours. So I have been on many a boat, in many a country. He also does not like to chince on meals. He will not skip a meal or eat fast food. I defiantly benefit from this.
2. I love double decker red bus tours. We have done these a lot. It gives me a feel for the city. I know where I want to go or where i need to spend more time at. I also have to be given time to shop guilt free. Sorry, it's just the way I roll. It's just as important as going to a museum.
This was Bondi Beach. Even though it was winter there, people were still hanging out. It was really pretty. It reminded me of Laguna Beach, but with way better surfing.
The first night we were in Sydney the were having a festival call Vivid. Basically the re lighting of the Opera house. But the were projecting art form Brian Eno(music producer of coldplay, u2, talking heads) This was cool, we actually met up with Julia and Lance here.

                                                                                                                                                                                     I will be posting other pics here.