Monday, June 30, 2008

Tag Team back again

  • Will the teething EVER stop? In my world teething will be painless. C'mon whats the purpose of this little baby suffering.(and me too.) Last night was extra special cuz Ollie joined in with a "stummy ache' He was up all night. Then he woke up at 7 am like nothing even happened last night. Does he not remember the crying for 6 hours? So far he is in a really good mood, while I'm super grouchy. On a good note Max has been sleeping in til 9! He woke up and said.....
Max- I'll tell you my dream if you tell me yours.
Me- i never slept long enough to dream. 
Max-I had a multi player dream cuz Ollie and I had the same one. I'll send you a dream tonight!
                   Max dreams are always video game style

Saturday, June 28, 2008

It has begun!

Summer that is. I never feel like it is officially summer until I go to the beach. This week my sister Terri and her family were down. Actually 3 of her 5 boys and 1 daughter in law.
( Shane,Christine,Mason and Chad)Terri's boys give me hope of being an all boy family. They are such good boys. They are always helpful, they like to shop with there mom and their house isn't loud and crazy. Anyways we all went to Seal Beach together. It was Harper's first trip to the beach so I was thankful for the help. Especially when Harper threw up all over me. I hope this is the first of many trips. If anyone wants to join me let me know.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


My sister Terri has a close friend who's son has a disease called Eb(This is the shortened name)
Not many people Know much about it. It's such a terrible terrible thing. Terri is actually his school aid. Anyways A photographer came in and took these pics of him and this story was written about him here. They are really close to a cure. I just really couldn't imagine what this little boy has to endure. Please watch it.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The sisterhood of traveling pants

My sister Jennie is here for the weekend!!! We got to discussing dieting, which we normally do and we figured out either we are dieting or we are gaining weight. There is no maintaining. My sister Beth has lost a bunch a weight and since I'm still trying to lose the Harper (and a little bit of Ollie) weight she gave me some of her hand me downs. In particular some gap jeans that were starting to fit her loose. I remember thinking  No way are these going to fit me. She made me try and guess what they did. Jump 3 months later Jennie is here getting ready and she needed warm pants. And I say Hey try these on. She muttered something like No, If they don't fit I'll just be depressed. Guess what.....They totally fit her perfect.  We're on to something!! Now what would make this story even more amazing is if they were size 8. Who wants the jeans next?... Terri, Cathy?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The sweetest boy ever

Max really is so sweet. At school he earns what is called Duffy dollars by doing good things, homework etc. Then at the end of the semester you can use the money to buy things at the Duffy store. (Mrs. Duffy is Max's teacher) Well he used his money to buy us all presents. When he got home from school he asked for wrapping paper and tape and went to the kitchen and
 wrapped them himself. He was so excited. I liked to think he got this from me but i wont even share my sprinkles cupcake.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ollism 2 & 3

Monday we had a fun fun fun family night. We went bowling!!!! We were getting out of the car and Ollie , who totally suffers from little man syndrome, sees this and says WOOOOOW LOOK HOW TALL I AM!!!! We had to force him to move again.
Scott had his best game ever 194!!!( He made me put that in)

When we got home we made Vanilla bean ice cream. . The boys had fun  helping us make it. Ollie grabbed the bean, sniffed it and said Hmm this smells like a dog penis. Uhhhh what?! Scott did he just say Dog penis
Ryan have you been hanging out with Ollie?

Monday, June 16, 2008

and the Emmy goes to........

Not Us! But hey we are still the "Emmy nominated" Yo G G, right? Someone asked my sister if we were bummed about going all the way out to NY and not win and the answer is HECK NO. C'mon free trip to New York ?! Seriously folks!! I felt out of place the whole trip. A Lincoln Town car picked me up at my 900 square foot home to take us to the airport!! Then one picked us up and took us to are Hotel(the Essex house)which over looked central Park. And I went to the Emmy's. Did I mention are food was paid for? Can you say Room Service!!(OO-OOOOO)A girl could get used to this.
Us on the way to the Emmys. Our cab driver Henry was CRAAAAZY! Scott made the mistake of knowing who Lou Reed was which turned into a drug history lesson. There is something alarming about your cab driver telling you about all the drugs he likes to take.
My very Handsome Husband.
Scott was most excited to me this guy, Carol Spinney. The voice and puppeteer of Oscar and big bird. He was pretty funny.
This is Bob from sesame street, It was as if Scott was meeting Brad Pitt. He totally stalked the guy.
We Celebrated our UNvictory with some soft serves. The trip was pretty near perfect -Minus- not winning and the crazy Thunder storm that happened the next day. But............ I would like to thank the people that made this possible......... Wildbrain for footing the bill.....Beth and Nancy for watching my kids.......Brooke sister Ashley for watching Harper........Charles for not killing boo.......and the academy,What an honor, thank you.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dad 2

picture taken by Ollie
We got back from New York today. (will post later about that) It was cool because we got to spend fathers day with the kids. Max wrote Scott a poem and this card...
 dad you are the 
best friend ever to me.
you are the best dad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(there were this many!)
I cried when I read it. Max and Scott really ARE best friends. They are currently watching some random 80s movie together in the other room. I really think Scott may be the best father a kid could have. He really looks forward to hanging out with them. He loves taking them to try new things. He is WAY patient. Way more than me. He never raises his voice. He never looks at spending time with the boys as a chore. His dream is for them to go to work and hang out with him. Which coincidentally is my dream too.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

7 month itch

kinda crawling
kinda sitting up
hates little dogs
ham in front of a camera
seriously the kid giggles and laughs
any time I point a camera at him
love LOVE LoVe this boy

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

An Ode to Dave

In honor of Fathers day this Sunday I wanted to pay tribute to my dear old Dad. It's early I know, but Scott and I are leaving for the weekend. I have always felt like I was a Daddy's girl. And my Dad has always made sure to tell me I was his favorite.(he tells everyone that) But I actually believed him. Here are other reasons why I love my Dad...
1. My Dad is funnier then your Dad. I Loved my Dads jokes growing up. (still do, don't worry Dad)My favorite was his peach pie joke. If you have a 1/2 an hour I'll tell it to you.
2. My Dad is smarter then your Dad. When I was 5 I loved watching Jeopardy with him. I swear he could answer EVERY question.
3.  He does not mess around on road trips. If you have to pee you'd better wait til your bladder is going to explode. Cuz He does NOT like to stop.
4. He will travel 13 hours to see his grandkids play football. And he does it frequently.
5. He may seem like a tough guy but he's the first to give you a hug and the first to cry at a wedding.
6. He is a worrier. He still doesn't like me driving up to visit by myself. And when you get there he usually yells at you" I can't believe you drove up on these tires! It's a miracle you made it! We got to get you new tires."
7. He always is singing. For instance when I would walk into the room he would sing " there she is Mrs. Americaaaaa". Or to the grandkids" My boy Max he lives in a shoe. There's his brother Ollie look for him in there too."
8.. What I admire most about him is his ability to rise above. I know my Dads life wasn't easy growing up but he didn't use that as an excuse. He has worked very hard and has been very successful at his job, marriage and family.
 Thanks Dad for everything...fixing my car, rubbing my legs when I had growing pains, coaching my softball team, taking us on fun family vacation and always giving me good advice.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ollisms verse 1

Ollie has been saying the funniest things lately. I'm trying to write them down as soon as I hear them. 
Ollie- Hey mom is it OK if I pick my nose? I promise not to eat it. See. I will not eat this, I promise..... Mom here I don't want this.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Mother of 5.2

My nieces are staying with us again. Its crazy having 5 kids and 1 dog in a 980 square foot house. The kids are lovin it. Saturday we staried filming a home movie that Max wrote. It's called "Link and the lucky star". Featuring Max as Link, the girls as the fairies and twin Zelda, Harper as the star and Ollie as the narrator. We filmed all morning. Max was a great director. He would tell them if they said the lines good or not. But it was tiring. So we went to go on a waterslide at The Berretts house. The kids had a blast cuz they also have tons of orange trees. So they picked some (a ton actually) in hopes of having an OJ stand. Instead we brought them home and made fresh orange juice and popcorn and watched some cheesy 80s movie(cloak and dagger?). If you are wondering about the girls crazy eye makeup it's left over from them being fairies.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

It's a Beautiful Day in the neighborhood

Last week Scott got an Award from the Fred Rogers Foundation(as in Mr. Rogers) for Innovation in childrens programming. The whole family went to a ceremony for Him . It was so awesome. Elmo hosted and Mrs. Rogers handed out the award. They showed some footage of Mr. Rogers and I have to say I got choked up. I was a huge Mr. Rogers fan. It was so cool to se how he devoted his life to the children of the world. Then they showed a clip of YGG and all the kids in the audience went crazy. But not as crazy as when Lance and Brob.... came on and danced. Max ran up on the stage and got the party started with his breakdancing. I was so proud of Scott. He totally deserves this.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our Love Our Love, Our Endless Love

Yesterday Scott and I celebrated 14 years of LOVE. That's right 14 years. I usually remind Scott of all major present giving holidays. I know him and he forgets pretty much everything so why even go there. This year I decided not to remind him, just for fun. He was sick and he is filming but I was just curious. Anyways Scott is sick so he said he was going to sleep in. So 10:30 rolls around and I thought I would go get him a Jamba(his favorite). I sit on the bed and say.......
Good morning. I got you something to make you feel better

You Love me.

Me- with a goofy smile I slowly say, I do love you.
Happy anniversary

Laughing hysterically, You remembered. I REALLY didn't think you would.

Scott- Of course. 14 years
So Scott ended up giving me the best present he could ever give me. Time. Time with HIM. Time with HIM without 3 boys and a dog!!! He took me shopping in LA. We figured we used to go there all the time but now it's practically impossible. It was so much fun. We hit all the vintage stores that we used to shop at. Then we hit Crumbs for some cupcakes. It was a Very good anniversary indeed.