Saturday, May 31, 2008

Look who we ran into at The Fair

 Unfortunately The fair was this weekend. Why I say "unfortunately"is because it is right across the street from our house. So I can't lie to my boys and say it's closed or all the rides are broken.There are only two things that scare me, 1 is nuclear war and 2 is carnies. Yes Fairs bring out the worst in me. I guess I am pretty spoiled with my Disney passes. I hate the fact that these rides cost $$$ to ride. And that they are operated by drunk toothless people(carnies). I mean come on I'm trusting this guy to operate this Large machinery that my children are riding on?! Usually Scott turns into Daddy Warbucks and drops the serious cash on the scary carnie rides. He then buys a smorgasbord of food that is guaranteed to make you gain 1,000 pounds. In my head I keep thinking what I could have bought. Like instead of the funnel cake, $5 coke and cotton candy .........a shirt from anthropologie. Right? Oh well, i guess we spent time as a family. blah blah.

Memorial Day

We went to The Hills house for a BBQ on Memorial Day. It was pretty cold. So swimming was kind of  bummer. That did not stop the kids though. Below is a picture of Franco, Harper and Clyde. Every time we are together I have to take a BFF picture. They WILL be best friends whether they like it or not.
This is Clara. IF I were to have a girl I would just clone her. She is so sweet. She calls Harper "Hoppy".
This picture is blurry but It captures The moment and Scotts scary beard.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I have a problem

My Name is Ruth and I am an addict. 
To alcohol?....No. Cigarettes?.....No. My addiction is way more subtle but an addiction none the less. My drug of choice is Coke 0. She is ruining my life! It started out innocent enough. Maybe one at the movies or whenever I'm at the Schultz house. My in laws are practically my dealers they always have plenty to go around and everyone in that house is doing it. At a very young age I vividly remember my Dad coming home from work and he would always pop open a cold one(diet coke back then). We were never allowed to touch his precious diet coke. I never thought I would ever bring IT into the house where the kids could see me. But it has made it's way into my fridge. You know it's bad when you guzzle it down and you use it to take your vitamins. Pathetic. I swear I was a water drinker who occasionally took a sip off of others coke. Now look at me.I actually have an empty can in front of me right now. Please help. I need a program. This is a disease. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

                Announcing the arrival of BOO
    We did it! We are now Dog owners. You might think I'm crazy for getting a Dog right as Harper is crawling, but the opportunity presented itself and I took it. She is a yorkie so she won't shed. She is 2 1/2 pounds.Therefor small poops and pees. So far she doesn't really bark too much. Not to mention the boys LOVE her. We took a vote for her name I wanted Babe. Ollie wanted Boo. Max wanted Trike? Boo won. The name is a character from Mario bros(of course), Monsters Inc And any rappers significant other. I'm trying to potty train her so if any of yous have advice please share. I've been doing the pads which is 40% successful so far. So there you have it your good friend Ruth lost her mind and got a dog.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Xoe & Xanthe

For the next couple of weeks I get to watch my nieces Xoe and Xanthe. Max and Ollie are so excited. I think X & X might just about be their favorite people. So we did all sorts of fun activities all in the first day. I tried to capture it all on my semi-new point and shoot camera(Nikon coolpix) so their mom could see how awesome I am.(sarcasm)

We started the morning out with a craft. I know X&X like to get their craft on and i have an excess of scrapbooking crap I would like to get rid of. 2 birds 1 stone.
At 12:30 we picked Max from school. Which coincided with the thunder showers.Then we went to Ygg, Max's back to school night and Ice cream. Phew! I would have been more elaborate with stories and pictures but for some reason I'm having Technical difficulties with my blog. I am trying to correct this. We'll see.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New closet

My problem is this, I live in a small old house with small old closets. I kinda like to shop, So I'm always trying to squeeze items into the small old closets. Scott bought an organizing system from Lowes a while back and that helped some. Now cut to my other problem.....Infomercials. I have problems sleeping and pass a certain hour the only thing on is infomercials. And I don't know about you
but I don't make the best decisions at 3:00 am. Well I think I finally made one. It's called Huggable hangers. What sold me was what they did for Ryan Seacrests closets.  I really think it gave him like a third more room. And if it was good enough for Ryan it's good enough for me . So I did purchase. Of course they were cutting the price in half and they kept throwing things in if you bought it in the next 30 minutes. ( which I did) But there you have it Hugabble hangers.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sitting on the porch

Tonight Ollie had some difficulty playing with Max. Call it a difference of opinion. So I sent Max over to Sarah's to pick up dinner(Delish by the way)while Ollie and I sat on the porch. Of course Ollie was mad that he didn't get to go. And I reminded him that he didn't want to play with Max.
Ollie- I hate everybody! (dramatic I know)
Me- really?
Ollie- Everyone but Rocky!
ME- What about Eliza?
Ollie- I like her too!
Me- What about Baxter and Andy?
Ollie- Oh dang it Mom I like them too. I Just hate Max!!
Me- Alright
By this time Max is home and Ollie is blocking his way in.
Ollie- Whats the secret pass word?
Now when I was a kid there really wasn't a secret pass word or it changed as soon as the excluded person said it.
Max- (In a very dead pan voice).... Super Mario Brothers.
Ollie- Ohhh Dang it. And then he grumbles as he let's Max Pass.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dinner time

Dinner time at the Schultz house goes something like this..................  ( don't  judge )
Max- what is this on my pizza?
Me- It's barbecue sauce
Max- WHAT? Barbecue sauce?!! Yuck! Why couldn't you use ketchup?
Ollie- For crying out loud!!
Ollie -Mom I got something for you. (He then puts his bum on me and he toots) I tooted. HAHAHA, is that funny?
Family- All laughing
Me- Now boys that is funny in our house but maybe not at someone elses house OK? So we can only do that in our house. Not at church or school.
Ollie- Can we do it at Rockys, cuz he would thinks it's hilarious.
Max- Mom you know whats weird? You are skinny but your toots travel far. Like from there all the way to here. And Dad is fat but his toots are loud and stay right here. And my toots just walk around the house whistling.
Family- Laughter
Scott- Wow thats really quite true. 
This is what life is like when you have all boys.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Church is true!

I know this for certain now! How do you ask? Any church that tells the men to take their sons camping for the weekend has got to be the true church. Thats right this weekend was" Father and Sons". Please does anyone know the prophet or leader that came up with this one? I have to thank them.  The one major upside of having all boys is because of this very weekend. Scott took the boys(-minus Harper) While I went to the Mall, Pinkberry(can't get enough) and movies(IronMan). IT was Grand. Harper either slept good or I didn't hear him cry. Then Scott and the boys didn't come home til 1:00. It was crazy how quiet the house was. Ahhhhh, so nice. 
                                   These pictures are actually from last years cuz Scott forgot the camera. 

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Adventures of little Mario

Ollie and Max have been OBSESSED with the Mario Brothers for sometime now. We bought them a collection of little action figures. They are all long gone now. All but one, Lil Mario. He is less than an inch tall and his paint is starting to wear off. It is kind of creepy how he keeps getting lost and then reappearing. Ollie insists on bringing him places and i always say" you're gonna lose him". When he does lose him we always find him in the most randomest spots. Like in the middle of the street or in the grass at baseball practice a week after practice. Stuck beneath couches and carseats. You name it. When we find him Ollie giggles and says "see mom, told ya". Right now he is lost again. Ollie has faith he will come home. So if you happen to see Lil Mario send him are way.

This is completely unrelated but funny. Today at Target Harper was starting to fuss and Ollie said" Harper is buggin me out Mom". What? Buggin you out? No more gangsta rap for him.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Holy smokes he's 6 months!

Where did the time go! Wasn't he just born? Harper is officially no longer a blob. He is rolling and scooting everywhere. He has got some fast hands that can swipe anything. He loves to stand but oddly enough he still isn't sitting up on his own(oh well). He is a very smiley boy. I think he is constantly waiting for someone to just look his way so he can throw you a smile. He has been eating solids. He likes pears and sweet potatoes. He dislikes avocado(i can't blame him). He is my first child that i haven't had to work at all. There for he is pretty spoiled. He does not like bottles, he is usually being held by me and he has horrible sleeping habits. I take full responsibility for this. I know I need to crack down and start doing baby wise. Despite the no sleeping thing he is a good baby. I think I will keep him.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My 1st cruise

This weekend my whole family went on a cruise together for my parents 50th Wedding anniversary. It was 3 day trip to Ensenada. We brought Harper with us(still breastfeeding) but left Max and Ollie at home. It was alot of fun. We ate a ton, watched shows, karaoked and the last night went dancing at a nightclub. I still got my dance moves. I guess if someone announces "I still got my dance moves" they probably don't. But whatever I had fun. The best part was the actual party for my parents. My Dad told how he met my Mom. And we all told memories of them. I had a moment of clarity listening to everyone and looking back over my parents life together. 
1. You really shouldn't sweat the small stuff. Even some of the big stuff. It all seemed obsolete. Most of the crappy stuff was either forgotten or funny.
2. Family IS the most important thing. 
3. Life is short, enjoy the phase your in.
4. I really don't like buffets. Alot of food does not mean better food. Stick with restaurants.
 All in all it was a fun weekend. But I never quite got used to the rocking of the boat.

Friday, May 9, 2008

2:00 am

That's right 2:00 am. Lately all 3 of my boys have been getting up at night. Harper does every 3 hours. Max has nightmares about spiders. Ollie has leg aches. This picture they both got up and then needed drinks. I had to take a picture. So I have been a walking zombie. But thankfully Scott has been getting Max ready for school. He even makes banana pancakes.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Early mothers day

Ollie gave me his Mothers day present he made at school today. I love the handmade school gifts. My boys are always so excited to give it to me. We never make it to the actual day. The gift was a black paper silhouette of himself, a drawing of me and  the teacher had him write some things about me. Here were the questions.
1. How old is your mom......100 years old(i like pretty good huh?)
2. My mom is the prettiest when..... she has a heart on her shirt.
3. My mom likes to make ..........cupcakes(true that)
4. My mom always says........don't bring toys to school(see post below)
5. My mom is funny when she... kisses me soooooo sooo fast(I love doing that)
I fell really grateful for my boys. I'm so lucky they were sent to me. I think God knows i have a sense of humor and love a good comedy. If I could type faster I could write you a novel. But 17 words a minute gets you this.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

1234 I declare a thumb war

Every day before school Ollie and I have a battle. He insists on bringing toys to school. Obviously That's not allowed, but he usually sneaks one in his pocket. So once again he is trying to bring an armful to school and I say "Ollie no toys to school." Oh mom! ........How about I thumb wrestle for them. If I win I get to bring them. If you win I'll leave them at home. "Yes! That sounds great". Let me tell you I showed him no mercy. 1234 your out! Oh man! How about another one. Sorry dude you lost, no toys. He really thought he was going to win. But he got in the car no problems. I realize I have stumbled on to a good thing here. So tonight when he asked for a snack before bed I said I'll thumb wrestle you for it. He won . For now his faith in his thumb wrestling abilities is restored.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Yeah for Saturdays!

Saturdays truly are a special day. The boys and I wait all week for them because we know daddy (Scott) doesn't have to work.(usually) The boys have dubbed it "playday", which means bike rides, 7-11 runs, chocolate milk and sleep in daddy's bed. I have dubbed it "let's fix up the house day" which means hang pictures, help with random computer questions and take this to storage. This past Saturday we did so much. We woke up to a Heart attack on our front lawn. Courtesy of The Williams. The Boys LOVED it. Scott then took off to Max's baseball game. He actually got someone out at third base.Yeah for progress! When he got home he cleaned out are water barrels for are emergency preparedness. The boys went on a bike ride to 7-11 and we met up at the park. I brought the camera along to practice what I learned in class and Scott gave me a few pointers. We had a race to home(I won) and Scott hung up some frames in the boys play room, while I ran to buy some organizing stuff for the kitchen. Which I need to thank Nanette for. She came over Friday and reorganized my kitchen and it has never looked better. So thanks Nan. Anyways I thought the day could not get any better...BUT then Julia and Erika called and invited me to Irvine Spectrum. Scott said he wanted to work so I got to go!! We shopped, we ate Pinkberry frozen yogurt(delish!) and then saw Baby Momma(hilarious). Days like these are hard to come by.  I felt very accomplished. But I have to wonder if Scott hates Saturdays.