Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crap, I got Tagged

Colt tagged me!! And I am happy to oblige. The topic is "Quirks".
 I am to tell 6 quirks about me,
Then I tag 6 people and leave them a comment that they have been tagged. So here we go
1. When I'm at a restaurant i squeeze/hold my napkin(paper only) in my hand. The quirky part about it is hours later i am still squeezing it and I don't even realize that it is there. By that point it is shredded to bits.
2. I love to squeeze the skin right above peoples elbows. It is really squishy. This is also something I do and don't realize I'm doing it, I have gotten myself into some embarrassing situations with this one.
3. I shake my legs....ALOT. Especially when I'm at the movies.
4. Ok this one is kinda weird, but I love watching dogs drink water. It's oddly hypnotic. 
5. I hate it when foods are drowned in sauce or salad dressings etc. I prefer to do it myself. It also makes the food get soggy.
6. I love infomercials!! This year i have bought huggable hangers, miracle blades and Kinoki detox foot pads. I can't help it. I'm a sucker.
 I am going to tag Amber, Christy, Georgia, Michelle, Crystal, Aaron and Racheal!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Rainy days and mondays always get me down

Okay Not really. Rainy days are actually quite amazing when they follow 100 degree weather. Today was Ollie day! Ollie and I did things that made us happy! The fact that it rained made it even more perfect. He was so excited to get his boots and sunbrella out. We went out into the rain and Ollie yelled -I love it when it rains in my world!!! he then had to call both of his G-mas to discuss the weather.
Since Ollie's hair got nice and wet we decided to give him his much needed haircut(my idea). He complained the whole time until I showed him the mirror, he smiled and said, wow I'm a handsome man.
Afterwards it was cookie time! Ollie always loves to help me cook, partly just to wear his robot apron. We made a delish batch of chocolate chippers for family night. Which ironically enough we're going swimming at Aunt Beth's.( it's stopped raining) Today was one of those 
This picture is purely to document Ollie's first black eye. He got attacked by a teeter totter.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Deep thoughts by Max Schultz

This actually happened over the summer but I forgot to write about it. Max had just gotten back from playing at a friends house and he was acting really weird. I asked him what was going on and he said.....
Max- Me and Adam have a secret That I can't tell you about
Me-(oh hell no) Max you should never keep secrets from mommy. I'm the one person you should tell everything to............ I promise you won't get into trouble.
Max- Well(he says well alot)Well, we played video games all day and i know I'm not supposed to. So we made it a secret.
Me-(phew, i felt like I just dodged a bullet)Your right  you're not supposed to do that. But your not in trouble. Thank you for telling me. Max promise me that you will always tell me your secrets. Even when your an old teenager like Uncle Harrison, OK?
Max- Mom you know I might not live tell I'm a teenager. We never know how long we live.
 (creeeeeeepy)I quickly hugged(crushed) him to me and honestly I can't remember what I even said after that cuz he really freaked me out.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Meet our new puppy!

Ollie has been so sad since Boo has left. He is obsessed with dogs now. He loves watching the dog whisperer. And his favorite thing to play is "pups" with his cousin, Eliza. I felt really guilty so I caved in and we went to pick out a new pup. He went straight for a small black puppy and declared his name would be Boo. Before you call me up on the phone and say I've gone mad, we bought our pup from build a bear. We went for Junes birthday. He was so excited. I kinda feel a little bad cuz he really thought his pup was gonna come to life. When they sewed the heart in it, he ran out of the store dragging the lifeless boo on it's leash asking uhh, when is he gonna be alive? When he made his wish on the dog(it's a build a bear ritual) he wished that this Boo would be a good pup and not bite Harper so we could keep him forever and ever(oh the guilt). Ollie has been working on potty training Boo. So far so good. He is a very well behaved puppy.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another birthday(sorry)

When I moved to southern CA in 7Th grade, one of my first friends was Kristyn.  Let me  tell you I wish I had pictures of us in JR high cuz they would have been priceless!! But i don't think I owned a camera.(thank heavens)
reasons why i love Kristyn....
1. We share a love for reality TV. And I mean the really crappy shows that no one watches
2. she loves to play cards as much as I do. I know we will be the old ladies playing bridge together.
3. She cooks one of my most FAVORITE meals( dominican food). And i 'm always trying to find an excuse for her to make it.
4. She is a pickier eater then me. Well maybe not pickier, but she doesn't like BREAD! Now C'mon that is just weird Kristyn. It really freaks me out because I think I could survive on bread alone. Maybe that's why you're skinnier then me.
5. We  share a love for Mexican cokes, desserts, and cookies for breakfast.
Who would have guessed 20 years later that we would still be friends. Are we really that old?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

fire, fire

Do you ever wonder how you would react in a crisis? Apparently I just stand there and stare at you while you go up in flames. On Sunday while celebrating B-days, Amber turned into America's next top model and posed next to the well lit cake(see below pic)
 Instantly her hair went up in FLAMES. Thank heavens for Nancy's fast reflexes. She beat Amber down. While I stood frozen, mouth open. But I still managed to capture this picture.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Harry!

                                      *cake made by june berrett*
My man is 37! The best part about it is, he thought he was 37 all year until last week when he asked me how old he was going to be. Thirty seven i said. What!? Well i'd better live up my last days of 36. He then said "on the positive note I get to redo my 37th year, right?"

You ready to get to know Scott a little?..................
1. He is best friends with a 7 and 4 year old. They wait all week til saturday, which is dubbed as"playday". And they jam as much fun in a day as they can...bowling, arcades, camping. chocolate milks.
We got him this #3 dad shirt as a joke, cuz c'mon he clearly is #1. He would definately beat out any other Dad. He wakes up early every morning  to make pancakes for Max. Which also makes him the #1 husband too.
2. Scott loves his "drinkies" particularly coke with plenty of ice. 2nd runner up is jamba juice. Please note his drinks must have ice. ( and no I did not let Harper drink the coke)
3. He is very picky when it comes to movies. He either has to go see the cheesiest sci-fi Vin Diesel movie or the crazy art house flick. Nothing in between. Ok maybe a Will Ferrell movie. He would rather be shot in the eye than see a romantic comedy.
4. He loves to try new things. Like new foods and new ways to move the furniture in our house. He likes to change it up. While I don't like to change. So I resist . But in the end he wins and I usually admit he was right. I really wished i would have listen sooner about moving our bedroom.
5. I LOVE love love it when Scott gets chatty. It usually is about something really random. And when I'm really tired. 
6. He loves to make list and notes and drawings in little note books. He has a ton of them. 
7. He is a scaredy cat. My favorite thing to do is hide in the bathroom and jump out at him. I  think i'm going to give him a heart attack one day.
8. People tend to think Scott is shy. He is not. He just chooses not to talk.
I KNOW i am the lucky one in this duo. Scott is the kindest, most patient person I have met. (he deals with me right ) I often joke that he's gonna have to sneak me into Heaven or visit me down below.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Nancy and Nanette!

Today is my Motherinlaw and sisterinlaws day of birth. This blogs to you ladies!
Let me tell you about Nan(ette)....
1. she has the funniest sense of humor. she loves to laugh and play jokes on people(like touching you with an iron that is not plugged in. you jump every time)
2. THE BEST COOK. she enjoys cooking gourmet style. and i have been fortunate enough to reap the benefits.
3. she is so kind to everyone. she never speaks unkindly of others.
4. her home is like a b&b. she has a basket in her guestroom with anything you could need. she cooks her tasty meals and plans a fun filled day for you and your kids.
5. I chose that picture of her with her son cuz it totally reminds me of her. she is an amazing mother. she is so loving, patient and seeks perfection when it comes to her family/kids. they are lucky to have such a great mom
6. i know you don't think so, but you are the most organized person i know. in the best way. it is an inspiration for me.
Nan you have been a good friend to me. i am blessed to have you in my family. thanks for all you do. now onto Nancy.....

What can i say about this lady....
1. she is an inspiration as a mom. just look at how awesome her son is. actually all of her kids. they are so close to her. 
2. she always becomes the life of the party, especially at family functions(see above picture) she loves to make others laugh.
3. we share a love of people magazine. 
4. i love when she tells me a story about anything, she tells you every little detail. down to what they are wearing.
5. she is such a great grandma. she unselfishly watched max for me, once a week, when i had to go back to work, i will never forget that.
6. she has given me great advice. like how to bake a potato, what to do with sick kids and how to make a bud vase for a wedding.
thank you for all that you have done for us. (especially when i'm sick and pregnant.) i really lucked out in the inlaw department.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ok, Now he's 10 months

            Harper is 10! 
- he now has 4 teeth. I believe he might be working on another one
- still pretty lame at crawling
- says dada more then mama
- smiles when he sees a coke 0 can
- wakes up only one time during the night(well for the past week any way)
- daddy fed him his first brownie( i saw the evidence all over his face) still a little bummed on that one
- stood on his own(ok it was for like half a second, but still)
- will drink out of a bottle if there is yogurt in it
- likes to watch YGG
- laughs the hardest at his brother max
- when in public people tell me how cute she is

Sunday, September 7, 2008

absolute torture

Harper Has been sick this week. The first half he had HIGH fevers.(104.5!!) The second half he had irritable bowel syndrome(extremely irritable). I decided I liked the fever half better. He turned 10 months on the 5th, so i tried taking his 10 month picture. Bad Idea. He was P.O'd. I figure I would still post a couple for some laughs. But I'm gonna redo them this week.  The only time he would stop crying is when Scott fed him some frozen yogurt(homemade I might add). I think this is the first time he hasn't smiled for the camera.

Friday, September 5, 2008

A while back I posted what my idea of fun was, do you remember? A hot bath and People magazine(cha-ching). Well last night while I was having fun I came across this(in Us magazine). Can you make out the blurry figures on Mr. Blacks shirt?
(which can be purchased at KidRobot) Pretty cool huh?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ollism 11

            As soon as my boys get into my car they automatically say
"canwewatchamovie , canwewatchamovie". It drives me NUTS! Today on the way to school
(4 minute drive) Ollie asks if he can watch a movie, I say no...........
Ollie- Mom, Heavenly Father put us on this earth so we can watch movies EVERY....
 SINGLE...... DAY!
Mom- Oh.... I did not know this
Ollie- And Heavenly Father is the boss of EVERYONE! So..... turn... on .... the... MOVIE!
Mom- No Ollie
Ollie- (fist shaking in the air)Mom, your gonna pay for this!

First day of School

Tuesday was the first Day of school for Max and Ollie. Max is now a second grader. So far he likes his teacher. He is still trying to find a buddy on the playground that will play pokeman diamond pearl. I don't know if this is a real game or one he made up. Ollie is in the senior class at Tiny tots. There are only 4 boys in his class. The rest is all girls. Which is fine by him. He says he likes having is girlfriends as long as they do whatever he wants. Should that statement alarm me? Really, should I be scared?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rent it!

I actually rented a movie the other day. For some reason I have gotten lazy with my renting(i know i know netflix, duh). Scott was working late and rather then spending the evening alone i spent it with The son of Rambow. I LOVED this movie!!! Growing up, my brother and I always played Rambo. He always was Rambo and I was Ranbow's crazy sister. We would grab moms steak knives and plow are way through the creek bed.(Sorry Mom) Do yourself a favor and RENT THIS NOW! (then call me up so we can chat about)

Monday, September 1, 2008


This an old friend of mine, Jon. We've been friends since I was in 8th grade. He is pretty much like family. He and is wife Fran came over this weekend so I could meet there new little dude, Damon. He is the cutest, chubby baby. The kind that you wish you could just bite cuz they look so soft and squishy. Jon is really old school in the fact that he JUST got a cell phone (for baby purposes), he has the home phone that connects to the wall and I think he uses a computer for school papers only. I know for a fact he will never see this blog. He was my favorite friend to go clothes shopping with. If i had something bad on he was BRUTALLY honest. But when I had something good on he would give a standing ovation. He introduced me to great literature and good music. I have had many a good laughs with this guy.