Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The day started out so good. Scott got a call saying that YGG got a Day time Emmy nomination!!!!
And I half to say it is just an honor to be nominated! I'm so proud of Scott. They also won an award called the Fred Rogers award(as in Mister). So I had my own little celebration with Harper. We went to Fashion Island where I made a couple of purchases.(We will see if I keep them)Then I went to Sarah's house to sew. While sewing we heard a loud noise and a scream. A little boy on his bike got hit by a car. It was horrible. We knew him and his mom. It really shook me up. I just kept thinking of my boys and what would I do if it were them. It's easy to take for granted your kids health.  So give your kids a big hug and kiss today and then talk to them about bike safety.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bye Colt

Colt came down for a visit. We didn't hang out to much. But he came over for a haircut and afterwards he played with Ollie. Ollie fell in love.Colt showed him how to ollie and other skateboard tricks.Days afterwards Ollie went in the backyard yelling Coooooooollllltttt where are you? He was so sad when I told him that Colt doesn't live in our backyard. Next time you come down Colt, Ollie wants to hang out.

Monday, April 28, 2008

one of those days

You know what I'm talking about, right? I feel like I had the best intentions, I even worked out in the morning. And then it all went down hill.  I just couldn't get it together on what I had to do today. I mean I knew I was supposed to do something? Lets see what  did I do today....
1. Worked out (i felt like you needed to be reminded about that)
2. Went to Target to get TP, Ipod shuffle(for working out), and black ink for printer
3. went to Heathers house to help her with some baby stuff
4. Picked up Ollie and Max from school
5. Homework with Max
6. Totally forgot about Andy's fun birthday party (I RSVP 'd for the whole family. yikes)
7. Flaked on dinner with the Bishops family
8. Made a crappy dinner for my family.It included chicken nuggets. (Don't judge)
9. Put kids to bed
10. Went back to Target. I had to exchange the ink I bought
11. Did 2 loads of laundry while watching Dexter
12. Bloggity blogged
Wow seeing my itemized list makes me think I did accomplish some, but I still feel off my game. Sarah thinks maybe I'm getting sick. I think I need one night of uninterrupted sleep. Anyone want come breastfeed Harper tonight?

Sunday, April 27, 2008


If you have been to my house lately you've might have notice that my kitchen chairs are dieing off one by one. They were nothing fancy just an Ikea set that I got 3 years ago. I realize that now is not a good time in my life to invest in quality furniture. 3 boys + nice furniture = Mommy Meltdowns. I was going to go back to Ikea and just buy some more cheapy cheapies. But next door to Julia's house was an estate sale and there were these 5 gold metal folding chairs for $20. So I bought them and spent $10 on spray paint and VOILA!(that's french) I have to say I'm pretty happy with the results. We will see if they hold up. But for $30 who cares right? I guess I should have taken a before picture, oh well next time.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday with Ollie

Scott and Max left for Idaho today to get their teeth fixed by Dr. Matt. So that means Max got to ride on an airplane with Daddy (WOO-HOO). And Ollie got to stay at home with  Mommy (BORING)! So I told Ollie we were going to do whatever he wanted to and I would try not to say no. The key word was try.We started off going to Target, yes Target. We bought 2 new toys,  a pokeman ball and Ash a pokeman trainer dude. We ate rice krispie treats and coke. Then we went swimming at the Demkes. Where he had a Hotdog, coke and cake. Then we went to Beths and went swimming.....again. There he ate tons of various snacks from "the snack drawer". He got to play with Grandma and Grandpa Vegas and their dog Duchess. I believe he also battled Uncle Charles Super Mario style. Now he is currently in bed with his two new toys and some chocolate milk. After the day we had i think he will be needing a trip to Dr. Matt too. 

Friday, April 25, 2008

take flight

Thanks to my friend Lance I was able to see Flight of the Conchords perform at Amoeba yesterday. It was a really good and funny show. I have a wee crush on Jemaine so I was giddy like a school girl. And I haven't been to LA in ....forever. So just being in LA in the daytime made me happy. Originally Heather and Ryan were going to come with us, but Heathers water broke and she had a baby instead. They named her Wendy Louise(after me!). She is 8pounds 2 ounces and REALLY cute. If you want to see more about her check out my sister Beth's blog.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


      Now It's Time to say A Happy Birthday to my BFF Heather!
Heather is my new Best Friend now that James Is Gone. It's been really hard for her, but great for me. I'm totally benefiting from her loneliness. Even though there are no pictures in her room of me I know I'm her best friend. Here are some great things about Heather.
1. She has always been a great Weight Watcher buddy
2. If you haven't seen her dance to dream lover your missing out(Shes really talented)
3. She always orders the larger diet coke cuz she knows I'm going to drink some
4. She let's me read her emails. It's replaced my Twilight addiction
5. I trip out that she is only 21. I never feel like I'm 11 years older than her.
6. I love that she never seems to have enough bathing suits. Seriously how many do you think you have?
7. She really is the Best Aunt, My boys Love her. Max has Rated her number 3 on his list. (She takes him to get Slurpee's)
I feel very lucky to have a Heather. I hate sharing her. So please don't ask her to visit you anymore.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Christy!

This Blog Is dedicated to my sis in law Christy!!!! Right now she's 8 months prego, puffy feet, husbandless and 33!! I'm going to list some things I love about her.
1. She never judges my messy house.
2. She was my go to person for baby advice. She taught me how to wrap up my babes like a burrito and how to deal with them if they were constipated.
3. She is one of the people I can count on to read AND leave messages on my blog.
4. She took me to my first Janet, it's Jackson (if your nasty) concert.
5. She gave birth to Max's two favorite people(Xoe & Xanthe). Whom are the best girls in the whole world, they are always so kind to him. And soon she will birth Harper's best buddy. (Go Spencer)
6. She can fart out a Beautiful Wedding in 2 hours.
I have had many good times with this woman. Too many to list. I hope you had a Great Birthday Christy! I was so tempted to post our body for life picture. HA HA! But I actually think we look good in them now. (Is that Sad?) But this was the only picture I had on my computer. 

Friday, April 18, 2008


Are you the type of person that when someone gives you a gift card you hold on to it forever waiting for that perfect thing to buy? I am. The funny thing about it is i will spend cash at that same store because I feel that the gift card needs to be saved. I have had gift cards for years. It's a problem I know. I am openly admitting i have issues with shopping. I can say this to you my blog friend. And besides I don't think Scott reads this.... regularly. Scott likes to make fun of me and my random bags. I buy things and keep them in the bags for awhile and ponder my purchases. Some make it into the closet and some go back. The problem with this is I HATE returning things. I always feel like the salesperson is judging me. Or that I did something wrong. Luckily Nan or Heather will sometimes do it for me. If it's something I'm really embarrassed about I have Beth do it. I guess this is kind of a random blog but I just think you should know this about me. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baseball (oh boy)

Yesterday Max had yet another baseball game. If you were wondering he has not gotten any better. Anyways right before he was supposed to go on the field he slowly walks to me with both hands on his peeps saying he has to go to the bathroom now. Of course it's all the way across the field. So me, Max, Ollie and Harper start walking over to it. Max is walking REALLY weird and REALLY slow. I said dude do you really have to go that bad? Why did you wait this long? I was getting bummed. He was being so weird. Then he said" Mom don't come in the bathroom with me, OK."  I thought maybe a little pee came out. We finally get to the bathroom and Max tells me and Ollie we are not to come in. Whatever. 10 minutes later Max is still in the bathroom. I know peeing does not take this long. Max I'm coming in."NO, mom don't come in!!"Max come out. Whats going on in there? "You promise I won't get in trouble?!" Yes. Max comes out and he uncovers his peeps and there is a big piece of gum smashed all over it. I start laughing. He starts laughing. Max why didn't you just tell me!"I thought I would get in trouble." Well I thought for sure this was reason enough to go home. So I show the couch and he says" Uhh, just throw some dirt on it" Hmm really you don't think we should just go home? I mean we don't want this stickiness to spread. Needless to say Max ended up finishing the game gummy peeps and all. Hey does anyone know how to get gum out of polyester?

Monday, April 14, 2008


Be forewarned the image you are about to see is rated PG13. Sunday Beth invited us over for dinner(terriyaki chicken, what what) and then Beth always makes cookies with the boys. Well when we started to eat them I guess the cookies were still too hot cuz Ollie started screaming he hurt his finger......... Yes I am a 12 year old boy trapped in a 32 year old womens body

Friday, April 11, 2008

desperate times call for desperate measures

Define Desperation. In my house it is Giant Jellies. What is Giant jellies you ask? Well they are naturally AND artificially flavored candies. Julia bought them a month ago so I could decorate Max's' birthday cake and they have been kicken it my kitchen ever since. As some of you know I am on weight watchers and today I was struggling. So I went on a sugar hunt. I was trying to find maybe some old Easter candy or leftover pinata loot but all I came up with were Giant Jellies . So I quickly tear open the bag and eat three. Yummy. Not really they're yuck. Then I thought how many points did I just waste?! 3 pieces , 130 calories, 0 fat. 3 POINTS!!!!!! You got to be kidding me! For those of you not on W.W. I could have eaten a cookie! And I wasted my time on Jellies! Never will I be tempted by Giant Jellies. They are going in the trash. And yet for some reason I could see Nanette liking these. Should I save them for you Nan?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Oh Scotty

If you want to know what inspires my husband to create It's videos like this. He sits on the couch giggling and taking notes. I would not be surprised if lipps inc are on YGG.

Blessed wednesdays

Wednesdays are now my new favorite days. Is it sad that the 
reason behind this is I don't have my kids for most of it? Be prepared to be jealous. Max and Ollie both are in school, then my WONDERFUL sister Beth picks them up from school and does fun activities with them. Today I believe it is McDonalds and swimming in her spa. So I'm left with Harper(Easy). She keeps them until 6:00!  Today I went to the mall, Borders and Rite aid(for Meds). Then I went home and read The other Boleyn girl on my Hammock. Twas wonderful. I cooked dinner with no interruptions. And when Scott got home I went to my Photography class with my Homeys(Jill and Kristyn).
I love My kidless wednesdays!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

wishes do come true

Every day when I pick Max up for school i ask him Goods and bads of the day. Today it went like this...
Me- so what was the good that happened today?
Max- well, i found a dandelion.
Me- what was your wish?
Max- I can't tell you or it won't come true
Me- that rule doesn't apply to mommies, you can always tell me your wishes
Max- I wished that I could play wii today

Now I don't know if he was just conning me into letting him play video games. But I like to believe it was purely innocent. Needless to say his wish came true. (I'm a total sucker)

Monday, April 7, 2008

An ode to Meljean

I should have saved this post for mothers day, but I happened upon this picture of my momma and it got me thinking of her. First off growing up I didn't realize how fashion forward she was.
This picture looks like she shops at urban outfitters. My mom always shopped at thrift stores(still does) long before it was cool. Here are some cool things i can remember about mom.
1. She loved to do crafts with us. Now she loves to do them with the Grandkids
2. She is a dare devil who would hike up a volcano or swim with large sting rays
3 .She always chose the homeopathic route when we were sick( some how garlic cured everything)
4. i now can never eat store bought Jam. Only homemade for me.
5. She has a strong faith in the lord. I have seen her fast for 3 days ( no joke when she was relief soceity president.)
6. She is VERY unjudgemental. She likes to help the underdog
7. I grew up Looking at and appreciating art.
8. Because of her I always bargain shop. I have said the line "Why should I buy that when I can just make it."
9. And like her, I've been caught crocheting in line at the DMV
Thanks Mom for all that you've done and do.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Good Eats

At the ripe age of 5 months and 3 days Harper had his first bite of (KIND OF)Solid food. It's funny with Max I think I fed him solids at like 4 months. I couldn't wait. Now with Harper, Scott said "maybe we should start feeding him real food". I was in no rush. I like stalling all milestones. I want to keep them in the baby phase for as long as possible. The upside of solids is he is not completely dependent on me for eats. The downside is stinky poops. I guess there is no turning back now.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thanks Heather

Last night Heather called and offered to babysit(bless her heart) so Scott and I could go out on a much needed date. Seriously who calls on a Friday Night and just offers to watch 3 crazy boys no strings attached. Just to be nice. I owe you one. When she came over I think 2 out of 3 boys were crying, and i couldn't run out of there fast enough. I didn't realize how long it had been since just Scott and I went out. I really  enjoy hanging out with Scott and drilling him with my annoying questions about whats going on. Just to confirm Nancy we are still in love
                                                 It was destiny

Thursday, April 3, 2008

            I found this quiz on Jill Brady's Blog(I stalk your blog to jill, sorry) and she had this link to a quiz to find out which Jane Austen character your most like. I was like Emma, go figure. Does that mean I look like Gwyneth  Paltrow?    
                 Emma Woodhouse!

5 months

Today Harper is 5 months. He has a long list of
accomplishments in these past months like.....
sleeping longer stretches
holding his head up
rolling over
throwing up in mommys' mouth
Over all he has been such a good baby.
I think we are going to keep him.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

San Felipe

A couple of weeks ago me and the boys went to Mexico. It was not an easy trip for me. But I wanted the boys to have the experience  of going to a place I grew up going to. So instead of airing my complaints, i will tell you my favorite parts. There are going to be a lot of pictures on this one, sorry

1. Mexican coke. If you are a coke connoisseur you understand what I'm talking about. It is is like drinking a fine wine. (Or so I imagine)

2. Collecting sea shells. The tide would go out so far and we found all sorts of fun creatures. Nothing like what you would find at Huntington.

3. The cheap shopping. Ollie wanted a guitar so he could blast laser beams out of it like Eagle bones from the aquabats.

4. I read Twilight and New moon(Yes I'm obsessed too) while the boys played on the beach.

5.  Max got to ride on a quad for the first time. He loved it. So thanks Grandpa and Uncle Drew.

6. The beach was pretty. I really want to go back. But next time I'm definitely bringing Scott. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My little cockroach

I think Ollie might have insomnia. Bed time goes some thing like this....
We do the night time routine teeth, prayers, story etc. Scott and I then come back to the living room to hear....
Ollie- I 'm thirsty i NEED chocolate milk
US- go to bed Ollie
Ollie- Can I go to the bathroom
Us- Yes Ollie
Ollie- I'm sick. My tummy hurts. I need medicine
Us- go to bed
Ollie- But I'm scared, followed by fake tears
then silence......................................
1 hour later while we're talking we hear feet scurry like a cockroach across the hall
Us- Seriously Ollie go to bed.
even later then that when we are going to bed he will still be quietly playing in his bed.
What can you do? How do you force a child to sleep? This would be Nanette's worst nightmare.
Any advice.