Tuesday, December 4, 2012

High Fives

On November 5th, Harper turned five. Of course we did are usually traditions, streamers, crown and your pick of breakfast. (Breakfast was Doughnuts and pancakes) 
Harper has been waiting all summer for his special day. Like, he asked me 
every single day.  We had a simple day planned of Wreck it Ralph with his Homies and then off to Farrell's with the family. It was a lot of fun. It doesn't take much to make this guy happy. Harper is definitely are wild child, but underneath he is a real big sweetheart.  He is so loving to me and to Davy. He is very sensitive. But he is also a jokester.  He loves to make people laugh, which can get him in a little bit of trouble sometimes.

Our Birthday hat has taken a beating, birth   y?
The creepy clown sings Happy Birthday 
Harper wanted me to bring Chocolate chip cookies for his class.
 Harper now

Favorite color- Green
Favorite show- Fairly odd parents
Favorite movie- Batman
Favorite food- Spaghetti and meatballs
Favorite thing to play- My old batman that broke
Who are your homies- Finn, Franco, Ruby, Clyde, Sloan and Barrett
What do you want to be when you grow up- I want to have a job working on a computer
Favorite dessert- Ice cream
School subject- P.E
What is the meaning of life- I don't even know what meaning means!

Love you Harper!

Friday, November 30, 2012

You know that one friend that you don't see for years and then when you do see them, it's like they never left. Can we just be like that? I know it seems like years since I last wrote but life has been a little hard. I hope you are still there.
 I will now try to play catch up. We are still with the in laws and cross you're fingers, I think it might change soon.
I had the most low key Thanksgiving day of my life. It was My family, My brother in laws family and a cousins family. 6 adults and 10 kids. That is crazy small for us(remember were both from large Mormon families). It was really nice, I didn't do a thing except make cranberry sauce. My dear sister in law and best friend did it all. 
You see, we had a bit of a crisis two days earlier. Like our craziest yet. Monday morning I woke up to Davy tapping on my face. Which means she climbed out of her crib and opened her door, that is not easy for her to do. I pulled her into my bed to cuddle and she fell asleep. That should have been my first warning that something was wrong but you know i was thinking, Score I get to sleep in! 
20 minutes later, Davy bolts up, stares into space and then starts screaming. My first thought was nightmare. But then she did it again. I run to Scott and she does it again and we can tell she not seeing us. So I think, did she go blind?!! She does it yet again, we go downstairs to get her shot and I run to get my phone so I can video it for the Doctors. As I start to leave Scott he yells my name and I turn to see the most Horrific thing in my life. Davy is out, she's grey and her whole body starts to shake.
I run to call 911, throw my cell at Ollie and say call Beth. I then yell for Max to get her shot and I tell myself to remain calm, I don't scare the boys. 
Now we wait for the ambulance......We can't tell if she's breathing..........We all kneel and say a prayer,
The 911 team and Beth come at the same time. They give her oxygen, ask some questions and then I'm on a gurney and my lifeless daughter is put in my arms. Worst moment ever.
On the way to the hospital they test her blood sugar and it's a 38( crazy low). They need to put an IV in her asap. I'm thinking, no way in this moving car and with her hidden veins. But that beautiful Medic miraculously gets it in first try, truly a miracle. We get to St Jude's and I'm told she had a seizure. Which would be her first.
 I right now want to tell any Mom who has a child that has seizures, that I am truly truly sorry for what you have to go through. You are amazing in my eyes. Seizures are so unnatural and scary, you are so helpless. It would be so hard to deal with that.
SO with this news we are on another ambulance being sent to our second home, CHOC. The nurses all know us and joke that they should reserve a room for us. That would be nice if it was a single room, with no roommate, like that ever happens.
Let the tests begin!! As awful as this was, we really did end up with the best outcome. Davy is not epileptic, nothing going on neurologically. She is hypoglycemic and it was a perfect storm of things that made it so deadly. She had a cough(remember she doesn't handle sickness well), she ate early and we did her growth hormone shot earlier that night. And that shot regulates her whole body and that includes her blood sugar. 
Now we have to be on top of her eating and check her blood when things don't seem right. We can do this, not so bad, right?
Davy bounced back to her old self pretty quickly and we ended up being home in time for Thanksgiving. 
I can say I have never been more thankful on any previous Thanksgivings. It was so good to be home and have our Davygirl with us. This was such a wake up call to how fragile my Davy is. I think I have kinda slacked and have loosened up when it comes to her and this experience has reminded me how careful I need to be.
When she first woke up

Davy's ride to CHOC

SOmeone is ready to go

Happy to be home

When I got home, I talked with Max and Ollie and told them how amazing they were. They were so quick and helpful in such a huge crisis. I asked them if they were scared because it would be OK to be scared.
Max said the scariest part was, that I was acting so normal when it seemed like Davy wasn't breathing.
Hah, so my trying to remain calm backfired, go figure.
Just so you know, we are all doing well now, Davy has been extra naughty since she's been home. So it's business as usual.
Hope all is well with you. I'll try not to be a stranger.

Monday, September 10, 2012

I saw this video via Design Mom and i wanted to share it, just in case you don't follow her. It's a bunch of parents of special needs kiddos sharing messages to themselves basically. It's what they would of said to themselves on the day they found out there child's diagnosis. I loved it and agreed with all of the messages. I especially liked the one that said, God will give you more then you can handle, it's ok to be mad about it. That's just nice to hear, ya know? I mean you can't spend the rest of your life mad, but your allowed some time to be ticked off. Anyways i hope you watch it. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

some time in June

In early June we went to the Emmy's again and it did not disappoint. Actually it did, that dang Sesame street won everything. While the actual show was suuuuuper boring, It was pretty fun to get dressed up and see some Gabba friends. 

Another day in June, Davy had deflux surgery on her bladder, so she won't get those awful UTI's anymore. It was a one day deal, she was grouchy for about 2 days and then back to her usual self. I really wanted this surgery to happen cuz she's been on a daily antibiotic, has had to get those awful tests done(VCUG) and she's been hospitalized 3 times for UTI's. So now we can say good riddance to all of those.  Yeah!!!
Davy had to wear her TuTu for surgery day. She had the nurses in the palm of her hand.

This is the before and after picture of her Ureter. Isn't it pretty? Only a special needs Mom be proud of this shot.

Anyways, all is going well here Grandpads house. We still are on the house hunt. I am getting pretty discouraged. There seems to be no houses for sale. Hopefully we will find something soon cuz I miss my Juicer and it's packed away in storage.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Oliver got baptized

Oliver Ben got baptized On Saturday June 2. This is a very big deal in the Mormon religion. Oliver has been looking forward to it ever since Max was dunked. I mean he has talked about it A LOT. You usually get baptized right when you turn 8, but Ollie waited a couple of months cuz we knew the whole family would be down and Ollie could celebrate with his cousins. What we didn't know was that we'd be moving the next week. Oh well, that stressful chapter is over and this post is about my beautiful boy.

At first Ollie didn't think he could wait until June. I asked him, why?(cuz i really wanted him to wait)
He told , Mom, you know that special feeling you get at a baptism? Well, I want that too.
He knows just the right thing to say sometimes. The only reason why he ended up waiting was for his cousins.  He really wanted them to be there.

 I believe from here on out, I will never get a good picture of my family. It's litereally impossible.
                                Bow tie courtesy of Colt and Abi. He felt very grown up in it.

                                                     Oliver's best cousins, Rocky and Eliza.

 This was during my hurt back and Scott had the flu. He was throwing up all weekend. I think we pulled it off pretty well. Special thanks to Harry and Nancy catering it for us, it was nice to not have to worry about food.

Oliver, I couldn't be prouder of the choice you have made to be baptized. You are a very good example to me.  I love being your Mom. I hope you never forget the way you felt on this day.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Yo it's been like a month since we've talked.
 Can I just say, this has been the CRAZIEST month of my life.
Let me just itemize it out for you.
1. Ollie breaks his hand and has multiple unrelated allergy tests
2. find out Davy needs an emergent surgery on her bladder, which is to happen on June 4th
3. June 5th our house closes escrow, but we rent our house for 2 weeks
4. we bag up our stuff in our house to have it tented for termites.
5. It's our 18 year anniversary, we actually leave Davy for the weekend for the first time and go to a nice hotel in Hollywood.
6. But i throw my back out the day we leave and i can barely walk
7.The day after our splendid weekend, my Bro in law, Harrison, comes off his mission.  So the whole family is in town
8. The next day Davy has surgery
9. We have a Schultz family reunion(a staycation) that starts Friday. So does Scott's 3 day crazy stomach flu 
10. Saturday Oliver gets baptized. Oh yeah, my back is still not better.
11. Nephews baby blessing on Sunday. I also get the flu.
12. Scott leaves for new York. 
13. My sister comes to town to help me to start my move. As till now I have been in denial and haven't done a thing. My other sister , Beth, is having panic attacks for me. Oh yeah and my back is still not healed.
14. We think Max breaks his arm. After a specialist looks at it he says it's a sprain
15. start to pack up my house
16. Harper gets sick
17. Miss Max's award assembly at school, 
18. still packing....have a nervous breakdown
19. Scott returns on the middle of our moving day.

20. Move into the in laws.
21. Spend the last night in our house camped out on the floor. I cry like a baby.
                                       the end

I really want to write about things individually in detail with pictures. But the way my life has been, I don't know if that will happen. I will try.
Please be patient with my blog and me. I will really try to keep it going regularly as soon as life settles down.
I am to happy to say we have been in the Grandpads(what we call our new house) for a couple of weeks and it's been really great. grandpa spoils us rotten and grandma is always there to help with Davy

Monday, May 21, 2012

the IPhone curse

*****Long wordy story alert*****
So we all know what happened to my last phone.....urine bath courtesy of Davy and my boys never flushing the toilet. I was able to borrow a hand me down cracked phone, thanks to My Mom in law. Thank you Nancy, it was better then no phone.
 Well for Mother's day Scott surprised me and got me a new phone. He called around and traveled far to buy me one that wasn't $$. He even got me a waterproof and shuck proof case, cuz we couldn't get insurance cuz it wasn't a new phone. Oh, it was the best gift ever. I was SOO happy.
I am completely dependent on my phone.....I  learned this the hard way. It reminded me of Davy's appointments, I never get lost(thanks Google maps), it's my camera and video camera, a babysitter for Harper and much much more.
Well my new phone lasted all of 6 days. S I X D A Y S!!
Last Friday I met Scott in LA after his meetings, to go to a friends Art show. Well i got there a little early, so I thought I would hit up the 50% off sale at Urban Outfitters(cuz I'm a sucker for a sale). I do regret this now.
So as I was in line, a Lady next to me, reached in her purse for her wallet and noticed her phone was gone. I knew this cuz she said, MY PHONE IS GONE.
I had a notsogood feeling. I looked in my purse and my phone was gone too!! It was a total theft ring going down at Urban. I called Scott(from someone elses phone) and told him to use find my IPhone, but these guys were pros and the turned my phone off immediately.
Believe it or not Scott got his phone stolen a month ago and we got it back using find my IPhone.
But my precious was not coming back to me.
So I sat in front of the store and cried and waited for Scott to come and meet me. The night was ruined, I just wanted to go home.
 The moral of the story is....... always get the insurance on your phone and teach your kids to flush and close the lid on the toilet.
   The End

P.S I do have a phone again, with insurance.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My life lately

 Life has been busy, really busy. So I thought I'd catch you up.
*Currently Davy is sick. She has been fighting something since Thursday. But we are not in the Hospital, so that is the good part. But man is she miserable. The poor thing got a staph infection. She had blisters all over her body and a fever. So painful. But she is on her way back to healthy.
* We have not found a house yet. So in June we will for sure be moving in with the in-laws. I know the day that I leave my Lil house I will be a wreck, so have patience with me. I really need to start packing up, but i am in moving denial.
* Max is now a boy scout, which means overnight camp outs, which means anxiety attack for Mom. I was so worried. But he did great and he had a blast.
* Oliver broke his arm in P.E. Before you start feeling sorry for him, know that it was the best day of his life. He loves the attention. He also failed his hearing test at school. Which makes sense cuz I feel like he never hears a word I'm saying. So we will be seeing an audiologist in the near future.
* Scott has been really busy working on a bunch of new projects. I will fill you in on that later.
* Harper has been playing baseball, or more like laying on the grass and picking weeds. I don't think he has the attention span for it. I think he is more suited for soccer.
                                                    and now for the pictures....

Les miserable

The Boy  Scout

cast on
cast off

I literally can't even go to the bathroom with out a child in my face.(was that TMI?)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Transmission LA

 Over the weekend Scott and I went to this radical art show at the MOCA called Transmission LA.  It was curated by Mike D(beastie boys).  It was so very fantastic, especially cuz Scott was asked to create an installation for it.
 So the deal was, there were the actual contributing artists and then for one night they asked a bunch of different people to create installations and show them on an empty space of wall around the museum. It was very very cool. They also had  Diplo DJ and the koji truck outside for food.
Scott looped a video of random kid show characters(what else), with randomness in between. I was so very proud of him. It turned out really good. Thanks to Colt and Craig for helping him get it done in time. It was worth the sleepless night.

                                    We thought we'd pose cheesily in front of it.

 Seriously, who is this guy? If you ever want to know what goes n in Scott's mind, watch his installation. Some wacky stuff.
This was one of my favorites, it was by artists, Ara Petersen and Jim Drain. It was a hallway of fan driven spinning wheels, I could have stared at it for hours. I wanted to somehow take it home with me. I think I could have hypnotized my kids with them for sure.
I would tell you to go down to the MOCA right now and see this exhibit but it was the closing weekend, soooorrryy. But you can go here and read about it.

After the art show we headed to an arcade and then to a Karaoke bar. Which I haven't done in a loooong time. It was so much fun, but we did have good company. I sang a little Justin Timberlake, while Scott chose something on the soft sides......air supply. It's actually  a little no fair cuz Scott can really sing. while I sound tone deaf . But I had a good time regardless.
So do you have a favorite song to sing  when you Karaoke? Come on give it up........

Friday, April 27, 2012

Oliver turned 8

Oliver turned 8(like a month ago). 8 is a pretty big deal in the Mormon culture. It's the year you get baptized and the year you start cub scouts. Ollie has been pretty much dreaming of this day and it's finally here. Oliver is my cuddly one. And I know he uses it to his advantage and I don't care. He loves all movies with animals, real or fake. He tells me all his secrets and wishes, how awesome if that never stopped. He is very funny, sassy and dramatic. He keeps us very entertained.
We gave Ollie the choice of a birthday party or a big present. He chose present....Itouch.(he's spoiled, I know)
For Ollie's birthday breakfast he wanted a pancake sampler plate, made by Dad. Is it me or do dads always make the best pancakes? Scott makes random flavored pancakes and the boys try and guess what they are.
                             This was the night of the great candle blow out debacle.
Oliver right now
*favorite book- A to Z mystery
*favorite movie- Spaceballs
* favorite food- ice cream
* fast food- McDons
*sport- soccer
* favorite color- blue
*likes to- ride his bike and play video games
*Favorite band- Big Time rush
*Favorite subject- math
* he is 50 pounds and 50 inches
* best friend- Brad and Gabe
*when He grows up- he wants to be famous(oh boy)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Old Yeller

Sorry folks, I have been awfully quiet on the ole blog. But I have a very good reason though. We put our home on the market....as in we are selling it. Wow, what a stress ball selling your home is. Trying to keep 900 square feet clean with 4 kids is dang tough. I have learned through this process that I am a total slob and keeping my house spotless 24-7 makes me crabby. Like
really crabby. I have basically shown my house everyday for 2 weeks straight. But last Monday we accepted an offer. So we signed papers and it's a done deal. The only problem now is we have to find another house. We thought we had a house, but it was a short sale and we have been dealing with banks which is like dealing with robots.....long story short they didn't accept our offer. So if we can't find a place by June 8th, we will be moving in with my in laws, god bless em! Believe when I say I am more scared for them then I am for us.
I actually really love my little home, I am really sad to leave it. I am sure I will weep like a babe on June 8. But this family of 6 has outgrown you Old Yeller. Please pray for us. I am finding it very difficult to find the right place for my large family.

P.S Excuse number 2 for not blogging was, I started watching Downton Abby(I know i am WAY late on this one)That did not help matters. I knew when I started it would ruin my life. or should I say my children's life. Dang good show. Do your self the favor and watch immediately!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Girlie room

OH, How I have waited for this day. The day when I got to decorate a girls room.
Ahhhhhhhh, so sweet. I was not messing around when thinking about a how to decorate, straight up rainbows and unicorns. You can't get more over the top girly girl then this. Most everything in here was either upcycled or thrifted. There were a couple of esty purchases sprinkled in there too.
Dresser and mirror are from salvation army. Unicorns and wooden rainbow are from etsy.
I found that deluxe rainbow afghan at a garage sale for $20!!! I had tears in my eyes when I found that gem. The Unicorn head was from Urban Outfitters. The book shelf is an old china hutch that was used on Yo gabba, I couldn't let that beauty go to waste. The curtains were from my boys room and My mom and I sewed the rainbow strips on top of them.
I found this wood carved Unicorn plaque at a garage sale....score!
The Rainbow Unicorn head bookends are from Etsy. I would have killed for these when i was a kid.
I loved this print, I believe in magic. Cuz the Schultz house definitely believes in Magic.
I got this on Etsy too.

Let me know if you see any more Rainbows or Unicorns too add to my collection!
I mean you can never have too many, right?