Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ollism 10

Thursday night Scott and I went on a date(thanks to Harrison)! The next morning Ollie jumped in our bed(really early).......
Ollie-(he almost was singing it)Soooooooo, How was your date?
Us- It was alot of fun.
Ollie- What did you dooooooo?
ME- Well, we went to the movies, got popcorn and came home and kissed.
Ollie- BOOOORRIIIIIING! Dad should have taken you on a pirate date, Arrrrgh!
             Ollie's wife is gonna be one lucky lady!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ollism 9

Ollie came running in the house screaming this morning........
Ollie- MOM I SAW JESUS AND HEAVENLY FATHER!!!!!!( said twice really fast)
Me- (now I'm thinking he saw a bright cloud in the sky) Oh? Where?
Ollie- In a red car,  going that way!
Me- Wow, what did they look like?
Ollie- They had short beards and swirly hats on there heads( he uses his hands to describe a turban)
ME- where were they going?
Ollie- They were going really fast. I think They were delivering a prayer!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Glad you are here!

For those of you who don't know my adorable nephew, let me introduce you.....This is Porter, he is 2 years old. He has a way of greeting you that makes your heart melt. "HI ROOSEY!!" He is all boy. He can throw a ball better then Max. Anyways last Friday we had a scary incident where we almost lost this little guy. Please read his moms blog about it here. I just want to thank My Heavenly Father for this sweet little boy. 

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Jill!!!!

Do you have a Friend that just gets you? You know the kind, you can totally be yourself with no judgements being passed. Well that's how I feel about Jill. I know I will always have fun when I hang out with her. Jill is my go-to-person in times of joy, sorrow and if i need to air out my complaints. I know I can count on her. Thank you Steve for marrying my Best Friend. 8 months ago Jill gave out the warning that she wanted to go dancing for her Birthday. I have to say I was a little nervous to go. I had this vision of me on the dance floor wearing mom jeans, doing the step touch and snapping my fingers. I held my own though. I felt a little momish but I got my dance on. kinda......OK i think i got made fun of  by some people dancing next to us.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

just a theory

But I think someone has it out for me. I know in times of war they use sleep deprivation as a torture tactic, right? Did you know lack of sleep kills more brain cells than alcohol?!! I think someone is REALLY trying to kill me.......... slowly.  My lack of sleep is catching up to me. During the day I feel like a slug. I can't finish my sentences nor have a conversation with anyone over the age of 7. Today I thought to myself I am totally going to take a nap today! I put Harper down for his morning snooze, turned on the Wii for the other guys and jumped into bed. RING RING went my phone...Beth. RING RING.......Jenny, Sheri, Brooke, Jill, Tele marketers. Fine I'll turn off my phone. TAP TAP(on my face) Can I have marshmallows? I'm hungry.............WHAAAAAA, Harper wakes up. FOR GET IT! NO nap. I am going to die today, I know it. I was just about to really lose it when my fairy-godsister, Beth came and Dropped off Nathan and took Harper. I slept for 3 hours!!!! Thank you Beth!! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Did you miss me? I have Plenty of reasons as to why Ive been absent. The first one is this. Yes i have been in the Twilight zone. I read, read, read and then got depressed cuz it's all over. Now what? I guess there is the movie coming out in November. Oh and I know alot of people didn't like the last book. But I Really liked it, so there.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ollism 8

What does your child wish for? A puppy.......maybe a Unicorn? Not mine. My child wishes for world domination........
Ollie- throws a penny in the fountain with a serious look on his face.
Me- What did you wish for?
Ollie- I wished that everyone does what I say, whenever I say it.
  Heaven help me, I have given birth to Napoleon.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Lego Land

I know, I know enough with the Legos, right? WRONG! He is still playing with them. Max even brought them to Beth's house and Nathan played with them too! Last weekend, we took the boys to Lego land. It was fun(kinda). Let me rephrase that. My boys had fun, therefor I had fun. When you become a Mom the word fun changes. I mean c'mon sitting in a bath tub, reading People magazine is fun to me. Waitin on a bench, holding a baby,In the hot sun, while my Boys(Scott included) go on rides......ehh, it's alright? But at the same time It really does make you happy to see them happy. This motherhood thing is so weird.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9

Nine Months have flown by so fast! Where is my blobby little baby?! I long for the days when I would pick him up and he would just mold to me. Now he quickly turns his body to see what he can grab. Oh well, are you ready for his stats?
- Harper is weighing in at 18 pounds, and 28 inches. Apparently he hasn't grown much in the last 3 months.
- He has 2 teeth and is currently working hard on 2 more.
- still is crawling as if he has no legs. He just drags his lower half around.
- But he pulls himself up to a standing position and has the bruises to prove it. It really is this vicious cycle of him pulling himself up, falling, then crying. ( he just did it now)
- He is on a strict night time schedule. Goes to bed at 8 wakes up at 12, 3 and 6.(somebody shoot me)
-Is the happiest baby(when I'm holding him)
- I got him take A bottle, and he hasn't done it since.
- Says mama and dada(but said mama first)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Swimming lessons

Swimming Lessons have begun!!!!!! All 3 boys are signed up. Ollie is in a class with his cousins, Rocky and Eliza. Harper is in a Mommy and me class with a bunch of friends and cousins(too many to name). Max was bummed cuz he is still in level 2. So hopefully he will move up in the next session. Apparently my boys are Infamous at the plunge. My niece Vanessa told me she met a lifeguard from the plunge and when she told him she used to take her cousins there, he said "Max and Ollie! Ohhhhh Everyone knows them!" Now is that good or bad thing? I know Max has pooped in the pool causing them to evacuate it. He also has walked out of the bathroom Totally Nude. When everyone yelled for him to get his pants he acted Like "What? Whats up? Why is everyone yelling?" Ollie goes the other route and flirts with his teachers. Aside from this they both LOVE the water. As for Harper.... we shall see.

Quick Lego update

Unfortunately there was a little accident this morning involving Max's Lego ship. But he handled it like a champ. So we might try and start again with Dad. But for now Ollie and he are playing with Lego guys. Let's see how long this lasts.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Guess what has kept this 7 year old boy entertained ALL DAY?!! Wii? No. Nintendo DS? No. TV? No. LEGOS!!!!!!!!!! He bought(with his own money) A Starwars Lego set. I'm not talking about a cheesy rebel scout cruiser, I'm talking about An AT-TE Walker!! 799 parts in all. The kid has maybe said 2 words today. Max is so determined to get it done before Daddy gets home. I will post the finished product tomorrow.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Remember when I got a dog?!!! What was I thinking? What possessed me to think that I could train a dog and a baby at the same time. Obviously Boo is no longer with us. We had some issues. 
All the normal puppy issues I could handle...Poo, pee, barking, chewing etc. Seriously not a big deal. It was the jealousy thing. Boo would Bark whenever I held/fed Harper. And forget putting him on the floor(see above pictures) or any type of chair/bouncy thing. Boo would attack. It started out innocent, then she started to nip. Which eventually turned into a bite. It was when she bit Harper in the face that I said "Buh-bye." My nephew, Shane and wife Christine now have her. They have no kids and another dog, Keela to play with her. Ollie and I REALLY miss her. Not a day has gone buy when Ollie doesn't ask about her. That was actually one of the reasons why we went to Newman, so we could see her. I thought maybe it would help Ollie to see her in her new home. Nope. when it was time to leave I told Ollie to say bye to Boo .....
Ollie- Uhhhh, no I just want to take her home now.
Me- Well this is her home. She is going to be your "cousin dog" now.
Ollie- No, I just want her to be my pet. (this was said very nonchalantly)
Talk about making me feel worse. Ugh! Learn from this everyone. Learn from my mistakes. Baby + Puppy= not a good idea.