Monday, September 27, 2010

let the tapings begin!

Like Davy's new look? For the pass couple of weeks we have been taping Davy's skin to stretch it. This will give the surgeon a little more to work with when it comes time for her lip and nose repair. This is definitely a two man job. One to hold her down, while the other tapes up her face. Ahhhh.... there is nothing like holding your screaming baby down, so much fun. I have to chant to myself, this is necessary, this is necessary. It's the only way I get through it. Once the tape is on she mellows out, so I don't think it's too uncomfortable. Although, her skin is all red and chapped when we ever so gently pull the tape off. 
Of course Scott is the master tape artist. We have tried many different ways. This darn tape is expensive and combine her throw up with her mega watt smile and the tape lasts an hour max. But Scott has came up with his patented double cross technique and it is lasting most of the day. Now she is an undercover clefty

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Davy has another cold. She(we) had a really rough night. With Scott gone, it made things a little harder. But hey, don't feel too bad for us, Saint Elizabeth came and helped me get the kids off to school and then took Harper to D-land, so I could take Davy to the doctors. Can I just tell you my sister Beth has the energy of 10 women. I am a m a z e d with her multitasking skills. She took the kids to school, while somehow cleaning my house, on her phone the whole time doing real estate. Did I mention that she is relief Society president? It's pretty amazing. Which by the way, if your ever in need of a realtor........ you could never get better then a Saint.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Yes indeedy, Davy is 6 months. Davy and I have been watching the new season of Americas next Top model. I think she has been listening to Ms. Tyra, cuz I noticed a total difference in our photo shoot this month.

This is Davy smeyesing(smiling with her eyes)
Davy looking fierce
Here she is modeling H to T(head to toe)

She is definitely working the homemade onesie I made. And not to mention showing off her accessory(her block). I really can't wait for Americas next top model baby addition, I think Davy would win, hands down.
As for Davy's tricks this month.......
* She is weighing in at 14 pounds 10 ounces and is 26 inches long.
*She is starting to laugh a real laugh, snorts in all. It doesn't happen often. but when it does, there is nothing better.
* Davy has started doing the can can. Mainly with her right leg. The girl can kick. She is in love with her kick toy. Actually I think all my kids like her kick toy right now.
* she is starting to chew on her fingers. I think she might be teething for a real tooth right now, (one that might actually stay in)
*She has taking throw up to the next level. I definitely think she is getting worse. I have to change her clothes as well as my clothes a couple times a day. She is still on 2 meds(xantac & Regalan) for this and we have been thickening her milk with rice cereal, but It's really not helping. Any suggestion?
* Davy's favorite thing in the whole world is being wrapped up like a like a piggie in a blanket. The tighter the better. Even though she'll bust out of it, she falls right to sleep when she has a straight jacket blankie on. With the warm weather and larger baby, I have been just cutting pieces of jersey knit and swaddling her up. Works like charm. Doesn't she look comfy?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

C Jane on my couch

I have to admit I was a little nervous about Courtney coming to my house. I definitely don't have the house for entertaining. Try fitting 6 people, a dog and hospital equipment in a 900 square foot home. Your house quickly becomes a house of convenience. The only thing I could think to do was burn my Aveda candle I've been hoarding, maybe it would work magical powers on my yellow shack. I have to say I feel silly for even thinking that now. Courtney was the nicest person ever. It felt like we were old friends just catching up on life. In fact after reading her post about our lady date, maybe she is the nicest person ever.
What Courtney didn't tell you...........................
1. that I talk WAY too much. I'm like a hyper 12 year old at a slumber party. When the poor thing was trying to leave, my mouth would not let her. I just kept jibber jabbering.
2. My, they were , kids. Harper was dressed as Buzz lightyear trying to go to infinity and beyond. Ollie was saying uncalled for comments like how he wished Harper didn't exist. And Max, Max walked right on by them, no hello, no nothing. Just straight to the computer. Add the comedy of my nephew in law, Ryan and you got yourself as sitcom.

But what Ms. C Jane didn't tell me was........
1. She has a TON of readers. And they are just as kind as she is. I have had the most amazing words of encouragement, advice, and inspiration. I have also been amazed by how many Mom's are in similar situations to mine. I am indeed not alone. So thank you everyone.

And Dad if you are wondering what the heck I'm talking about. Click here to read some kind words about your youngest child (and to mothers everywhere).

Friday, September 17, 2010

wish me luck

Last night Scott left for a "boys" weekend. This will be my first time with all 4 kids by myself. Nervous? YES. Tired? YES. Teensy bit overwhelmed? yes. No majors disaster so far....unless you count the toilet overflowing and Charlie puking everywhere. One day down, two more to go.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Do your hear that? It's a choir of angels singing in the heavens. For on this day Harper hath peed in the potty...twice!!!! Hallelujah!!! If you happen to come over today expect to see a naked 2 year old running around. You've been warned.
I think this was the best gift that Scott could ever get on his birthday. That's right it is Scott's 39th birthday too!!
All I can say is Happy Birthday Sir Scott, there is no one I'd rather have by my side. You are the best dad, husband, friend and cooker of pancakes in the world. I la la love you.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

If I could have one wish for Davy it would be.... That she could have one body builder sized, plump, blood filled vein in her arm. You have no idea how nice that would be. It has taken 5 days, three different labs and 7 different Phlebotomists(nice vocab huh?) too draw blood from this little birds arm. I had to constrain Davy while the techs were stabbing her over and over again. The best was their conversation, " Hmmm...... is this a vein? Maybe. I guess we could try it." Uhhh, excuse me?!!! Maybe you want to make sure that's a vein before you stick that bad boy in my baby's flesh! After many attempts, I was sent to Choc to have it done. As soon as they put the rubber band around Davy's arm she turned into the incredible hulk baby. I have never seen this little lumpy be so strong. She started thrashing and screaming as loud as her little clefty would let her. I held my tears in and calmly whispered to her "good girl Davy, good girl." Which I think just pissed her off even more. Serious Mom? Good girl?!! This dude is trying to kill me and that's all you got for me?!! It was the only thing I could think to do for her. Aside from getting the H out of that room. But these are important labs. They will tell us if all the meds she is taking for Hypopituitarism are doing their job. So I stayed and held her tight like a good mom should.
I am happy to report that Jaime the king of Phlebotomists was able(after 10 + stabs) to draw the blood necessary. I can now check torturing my daughter off my to do list.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The well is dry

It's official, I'm done in pumping. Or should I say my boobs(did I just say boobs?!) are done pumping. I had a goal to make it to at least 6 months, and at 5 and 1/2 months I was basically pumping air from my body. I have tried E V E R Y T H I N G. My last resort was a drug called domperidone, it worked for a while and then suddenly stopped working. This saddens me deeply. I would pump until Davy was 20 if I could. It's been a week now since I last pumped and I keep asking Scott," should I try again? Maybe I can get to work now." Scott thinks I'm crazy. I know this cuz I asked him, "do you think I'm crazy?" And he answered a quick yes. Not even a courtesy pause, like he at least had to think about it. Just yes. Which, duh Scott, every husband knows you are suppose to say NO!! Even if you wife is crazy. SO now I am on the streets trying to hustle for breast milk. I have 3 amazing women who have been helping me out here and there. They are my la leche league. Thanks my lovely milk producing ladies! You know I love you.

P.s. I also have a friend who is the courier of the gold, Thanks to you Suzy. You are more then awesome.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Harper may or may not have a fat lip. Was it a knee to the face?
Don't know. But in the meantime he's looking pretty hot with his Angelina lips.
P.S. I just asked Harper who was Mommy's favorite and he yelled, MEEEE!!!!
Bwaaahahaha my evil plan is working.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

ollism #21

Some one recently asked if Davy was my favorite child. I have to admit, I LOVE babies. Then add a big clefty grin on a baby girl and I'm a goner. But as soon as I think this my mothers guilt says, nooo, you love them all equal! No favorites, equality for all! Then I got to thinking...what if my kids feel like I have a favorite? I wonder if they think I love Davy more cuz I'm constantly taking care of her? So on the way to soccer practice I asked Ollie...........
Me- Olls, do you think mommy has a favorite kid that she loves more?

Ollie- (with a smile) Yes.
Me- (Crap, he knows, he knows) Really, who?

Ollie- He leans in and whispers........
Me- It is you!!! I do love you the most!(phew)
YOU, OLIVER, ARE MY FAVORITE CHILD!! But don't tell anybody, it's our secret.

Ollie sticks his hand out and says, Mom, give me your words. Then he scooped up my words and shoves them into his brain.
Ollie definitely went up a few notches with that stunt. Want to know something funny? Growing up my Dad always told each child that they were his favorite, I totally believed it to.

On side note, Ollie did indeed have a black eye. I'm not gonna mention any names, BUT a certain 2 year old may or may not have hit him in the face with a broom.
There is never a dull moment in the Schultz house.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Max's first day of school

I really should tell you about the night before the first day of school. I was all set to do a fun back to school dinner and all that, but instead It was spent in the emergency room with Max. For a couple of days Max had been complaining about his tummy hurting and how it hurt to breathe. On day 3 I took him to the Doctors and he said, "If he were my child I would take him to the ER." Really you would? Even if your life is spent at hospitals and you have a really high copay?
I will say Max is not dramatic child. If this were Ollie, I would totally question this.
So off we went. Back to school dinner ended up being pizza in the car which Max didn't even eat.
Long story short....he's OK. The Doctors are thinking a couples things happened, nothing life threatening, so we were discharged at 11.

I was thinking he was going to miss the first day of school. I tried to wake him and he didn't even flinch. But when I got back from taking Ollie, he was up and wanting to go. So he made a very stylish entrance 45 minutes later.
I am really excited for Max this year. Last year was a hard year for him. I didn't realize the effect our situation with Davy was having on him(cue intense mom guilt). SO this year clean slate, positive energy etc etc. here is to a great 4th grade Max!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ollie's first day of school

This was Ollie's first day of Kindergarten picture. I know what a loser, I didn't blog about his first day of school.
I am the mom that tears up on the first day of kindergarten. It makes me sad to lose my little buddy to the system. I'm no longer the cool all knowing mom. Teacher always trumps mom. It's crazy to see the difference one year makes. In kindergarten Ollie was really excited to learn how to read. That way he could play Zelda all by himself.
This year I asked Ollie what he was most excited to learn and he said.....Potion making. Poor boy, I think he has confused Arovista with Hogwarts. He is really hoping to be a potion making spy who does art when he grows up.
We were so lucky to have his cousins, Eliza and June in his class last year. They had the best class with the best teacher.

This year they were all split into different classes. I don't know who was more sad.... the moms or the kids.

I have to admit this year there were no tears on the first day of school.
We were all ready for it.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

There are certain events in my life that i will never forget.
1- the day I got married.
2- the birth of my children.
3- the day my husband was in People magazine.
Yes folks you read right, MY Scott made it into my favorite magazine. Call me shallow but I love me some People.

in stores now!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Making Carol Joy Smile

Guys...I'm struggling. I have something i want to share with you, but I can't find the right words. When you have a child with special needs you instantly become a member of this club. You have an instant bond with moms you've never met. You see a child with their "extras"and you have instant love for them. My first experience with someone with special needs was my cousin, Carol Joy . At 8 years old she was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. The first surgery to remove the tumor left her in a comatose state for 2 months. When she woke up she was a different Carol Joy, she had become a member of "the club".

Have you ever wondered what its like to feel the Saviors love? Be in a room with Carol. Having the many disabilities including partial facial and vocal chord paralysis and the inability to walk on her own, she was a constant inspiration to others. Using her story to teach and inspire, she was a poster child for the Ronald McDonald Charities and many other organizations. No matter where she was, if there was a baby in the room it was in her arms. I'll never forget the day she came to visit Davy in the NICU.
Their spirits connected. I had never seen Davy lock eyes with someone and not break away. Davy didn't stop smiling. I'll never forget the spirit in that room.

What is the first thing you notice in a person? Is it their eyes? You know me, I've always been a
sucker for a big clefty smile. ...........

2 weeks ago Carol Joy had a surgery to help her smile again. It was just one of the many surgeries she had to endure. She came home from the hospital on her way to recovery. Unexpectedly, 4 days ago she was rushed to the hospital fighting for her life. While this surgery may not have fixed her smile here on earth I know she's smiling again in heaven!

Over the past year I've been on the receiving end of incredible amounts of service waiting for the opportunity to pay it forward. This is where you come in my blogging friends. Carol's passing was completely unexpected and came at a difficult time financially for the family. With a humble heart I'm asking for your help in their behalf. There's been a ProPay account opened in her behalf. A nickel, a dime, a dollar, a thousand :) anything you could give. Please click HERE!!!!!!!!

Carol Joy I love you. And you are officially hired as Davy's guardian angel!