Monday, April 27, 2009


Last Saturday I woke up with the worst sore throat! I was at Nanette's house for the weekend and I did not want to get sick. Luckily for me Nan has a small pharmacy of drugs. She started me off with emergenC, echanasha and Tylenol cold. I have to say her cocktail worked great. I was able to shop with minimal complaints. We got home and by 2pm I needed a new fix, so I helped myself into her cupboard O' drugs. Right after Nan came in and said" Hey we should get you some more Meds". I already took some Tylenol cold. She screamed and said THAT WAS NIGHTTIME!!!! I guess she was giving me the allergy one. I swear I didn't remember seeing that it was nighttime. Sure enough, right in the bottom left hand corner was the word nighttime. Seriously Tylenol people, you need to write the nighttime right underneath the Tylenol cold in LARGE WRITING!! Do you agree with me people? Or don't get a.d.d when your reading drug labels. needless to say I struggled for about 6 hours.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Birthday shout out to Heather!!!

My on going joke with Heather is how we are BFF's and yet there isn't one picture of her and I in her room. I always try to take BFF pictures with her and one day I will blow it up into a poster and frame it for her. One day, one day. But seriously I really struggled to find pictures of us!! Anyways reason why I love Heather.......

1. I love that she collects bathing suits. The girl has more bathing suits then Pac sun!! She always manages to find the CUTEST ones too at Ross for like $5!!! Really i want you to count how many you have.

2. She is the best Auntie. My boys love her. I think it's because she buys them Slurpee's. But she is so much fun and will always call to babysit. How great is that.

3. She is the practical joker of the family. It usually involves scaring the crap out if you. Like the fake rat or the real(dead) lizard. She keeps you on your toes that's for sure.

4. She is the crafty sister. We defiantly have this in common. She has always been this way. We still have the baby blanket she made max. And she always make cute gifts for everyone. She is always so thoughtful.
5. She may not be the best at sports but home girl can DANCE. I always told her to never stop her dancing. She was really good at tap. She also makes up great dances with Ryan for our family talent shows. The best was when she was little her and Lindsey would make up dances to Mariah Carey's dream lover. Those were the days.
6. I really do feel close to Heather. We have alot in, music, doing hair, crafting, a love for Zac Efron, TV shows(Felecity, Greys etc) She has always been a good listener. But she also is a good talker too(which I LOVE!!)She has always taken pity on the bored House wife by telling us about her love life.
7. Speaking of she really has the most amazing boyfriend. I love him and can't wait for the day he is a part of the family. She is such a great girlfriend too. She does so many cute things for him(he's on a mission). He is one lucky guy.

7. She has great style. Any time she borrows something I almost want to just give it to her cuz she makes it look so cute. Like the below Halloween costume. I looked like a beefy German girl and she looked hot(brat).

Once again I could go on and on. Anyone who knows Heather, knows how great she is. I feel very blessed to call her my sister. I have had A LOT of good times with her. Too many to remember or give justice to. I hope you had a great Birthday Heather,  you rule!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our first garden

I would like to say that we planted this for earth day, but it is purely coincidental. But we have gone green none the less. I have always wanted a garden, but i thought it would be too overwhelming. So far It has been pretty easy. It was so much fun for the whole family. The boys got to use power tools, play in dirt and plant their own seeds. Max chose broccoli and Ollie chose lettuce. So far we've all enjoyed watering it and our seeds have already sprouted! 

Husband has never looked manlier. I guess that's what power tools do to a guy.

Harper was in heaven. He loves being outdoors. We cleaned out our sandbox and put some new sand in.
I wonder how long it will takes til we have fresh organic vegetables?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to Christy!


You all remember this lovely lady from last year. Well she is a year older now(cue scary music)I'm gonna keep this simple, partly because I took my sleeping pill and I'm feeling a little loopy.  But This is my list of gratitude for you, my dear........
1. Thanks for birthing these two BEAUTIFUL girls! You have taught them well.They are so kind hearted, I appreciate everything they do for my kids(max). They will never know how important they are to him. Thank you girls for always thunking about him.

2. Thanks for marrying this guy and finding happiness. It is great to see it on you, you wear it well. And also thanks for birthing out the man-baby...

Cuz he had a cousin waiting for him!! I am determined that they will be BFF's. Are you ready for some more BFF"S to come?

What a great time in your life, enjoy it. YOU deserve this AND MORE!!
Hope you had a Happy Birthday girrrl.


I don't even know when I took these. I think it was the week of Max's baptism. The cousins came over and were playing who knows what, but I loved the costumes they came up with. Eliza looks like a back up dancer for MC Hammer. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A piece of advice

If you are married with kids , I highly recommend befriending a cool single gal who travels a lot. That way you can live vicariously through her. If you don't have one of these, read my friends blog here. Your welcome.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy birthday Drew!!!!

Today is my brother Drew's birthday! I know what your thinking, dang Ruth your family is huge! All I can say is......Mormon.  Here's to Drew......

- Drew is 6 years older then me. So I thought he was the coolest person on the planet earth growing up. I guess I really didn't remember his awkward years(see below pictures)I always remember him with his tony hawk haircut(really long skater bangs).

                                                                                        ( I swear he ended up cool)
_ for a long time I was the bratty younger sister that Drew would give forehead slaps and pink belly to. He hated taking me places, but thank heavens his girlfriend(now wife) loved to. It wasn't until he got home from his mission that we became friends. He would take me and my BFF in his raised convertible Bronco to wherever we wanted. Which usually was Del Taco for MUY MUY MACHO BURRITOS and to the beach. We would play the Violent Femmes and the cult full blast.  Actually I made him drive around Scott's house(back when I had a crush on him) To see if anyone was outside. But then if I saw anybody I would yell "duck" and make him drive off.
- Drew is the gassiest person I know. To the point where it is actually a skill. Every morning he would trap me in my Vanity area and hot box me in. I am happy to say I survived and I have built up an immunity to farts.
- Drew is a big kid,  in the good way. He is the fun Uncle that takes you snowboarding, surfing, ATV riding and gun shooting. He is every little boys dream guy. He is always so much fun to be around. One of my favorite thing is how positive he is. I never here him complain or talk bad about people( unless he is being funny) I always have fun when I visit Him.

-Things I need to thank Drew for....1. For always fixing my cars. New tires, breaks you name it. He always hooks a sista up. 2. This is a big one, Spongebob. Years ago he told me, Ruth You have to watch this show it is funnier then snot. And he was right it is funnier then snot. It got me through my pregnancy with Harper.  3. all my childhood nicknames....Poof, poofy or poofhead. I had a really bad perm growing up, OK?!!

-He took me to my second concert, Depeche mode at dodger stadium. I'll never forget it.
- Drew is friends with everybody! He lives in a small town where literally everyone knows him. Maybe you should run for Mayor Drew. Just an idea.
 Well Hope you had a Happy Birthday Drew and that the surgery was a success! ;)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Birthdays at Disneyland

As many of you already know, Disneyland has their birthday thing going on this year. Basically you get Disney money or a free ticket in if you go on your birthday. And you know how I am with free things(luuuuuuuv them). So both boys got to go to Disneyland on their Birthdays. We let them pick a friend and a special treat. It was funny how different the two Disney experiences were. Max asked for a couple of treats, but for the most part he was really concerned with trying to hit all of the "big kid" rides. Xoe and Xanthe were very respectful to Max's wishes and let him call the shots. Ollie wanted anything that crossed his path. The statement of the night was" it's my birthday!" He also finagled a build a bear as his special treat. It was a lot more crowded on his day, so it was a little harder of a trip. But I think everyone had a fun time.

Ollie's one ride he had to go on was the rapids ride. When we started the line it was warm out, an hour later, when we were on the ride, it was freezing. Ollie's and Rocky's goal was to get the wettest. Ollie won.
before after

We kept the kids hopped up on sugar. Rocky was downing his like it was his last meal.
This is Ollie making his wish on the build a bear heart. And yes he wished for the same wish he always wishes for..... everyone to listen to him and give him gum. He picked out another dog and named him Harry Potter.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Dentist

This is what it's like when I think, I can bring all the kids to the dentist office, how bad could they be? Why do I torture myself like this. Actually it was Ollie that was being tortured. Harper really wants to make Ollie's life miserable. Luckily no one was in the office with us to give me disapproving looks. I just had the receptionist giving us the stink eye.  Oh and if you couldn't hear Ollie's secret, it was"I hate my baby."

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ollie's day with Rocky

On Ollie's birthday he invited Rocky to spend the day (and night) with him. Max slept in our room so Rocky and Ollie could stay up a little later(9:30). They had a blast. Ollie couldn't wait to jump into year 5! It was one of his favorite part of the days. Rocky and Max helped him with some of the higher streamers.

Ollie was pretty specific with his birthday breakfast.
1. Blue animal shaped pancakes, with whip cream
2. 3 types of sugary cereal mixed. Which is so wrong to me. My mom would always mix cereals when one was getting low, and now my boys request it. It totally goes against my cereal beliefs.
Ollie really wanted to go bowling for his special day. It was so much fun. It was really great for me cuz I finally had the high score. I wonder if there is a place you can by bowling shoes for your kids. How cute are these!
 Ollie has quite a nice spin to his ball.He actually is getting pretty good. 
 After bowling we hit up McDonald's for some Happy meals. And we did all this by noon. For more pictures click here.