Wednesday, June 11, 2008

An Ode to Dave

In honor of Fathers day this Sunday I wanted to pay tribute to my dear old Dad. It's early I know, but Scott and I are leaving for the weekend. I have always felt like I was a Daddy's girl. And my Dad has always made sure to tell me I was his favorite.(he tells everyone that) But I actually believed him. Here are other reasons why I love my Dad...
1. My Dad is funnier then your Dad. I Loved my Dads jokes growing up. (still do, don't worry Dad)My favorite was his peach pie joke. If you have a 1/2 an hour I'll tell it to you.
2. My Dad is smarter then your Dad. When I was 5 I loved watching Jeopardy with him. I swear he could answer EVERY question.
3.  He does not mess around on road trips. If you have to pee you'd better wait til your bladder is going to explode. Cuz He does NOT like to stop.
4. He will travel 13 hours to see his grandkids play football. And he does it frequently.
5. He may seem like a tough guy but he's the first to give you a hug and the first to cry at a wedding.
6. He is a worrier. He still doesn't like me driving up to visit by myself. And when you get there he usually yells at you" I can't believe you drove up on these tires! It's a miracle you made it! We got to get you new tires."
7. He always is singing. For instance when I would walk into the room he would sing " there she is Mrs. Americaaaaa". Or to the grandkids" My boy Max he lives in a shoe. There's his brother Ollie look for him in there too."
8.. What I admire most about him is his ability to rise above. I know my Dads life wasn't easy growing up but he didn't use that as an excuse. He has worked very hard and has been very successful at his job, marriage and family.
 Thanks Dad for everything...fixing my car, rubbing my legs when I had growing pains, coaching my softball team, taking us on fun family vacation and always giving me good advice.


Beth said...

wow!! really captured our dad with your words! Amazing, you are so good at this whole blogging thing! And that picture is my favorite, I have so many memories of dad on the floor playing with us kids!

Aaron said...

True story. He's a great man.

Katie Schultz said...

Sounds like your dad is better than my dad... *crying* j/k very nice tribute, I love the Dog pile pic.

Georgia said...

Such a great tribute to your dad! He sounds like a wonderful guy!