Monday, May 5, 2008

Yeah for Saturdays!

Saturdays truly are a special day. The boys and I wait all week for them because we know daddy (Scott) doesn't have to work.(usually) The boys have dubbed it "playday", which means bike rides, 7-11 runs, chocolate milk and sleep in daddy's bed. I have dubbed it "let's fix up the house day" which means hang pictures, help with random computer questions and take this to storage. This past Saturday we did so much. We woke up to a Heart attack on our front lawn. Courtesy of The Williams. The Boys LOVED it. Scott then took off to Max's baseball game. He actually got someone out at third base.Yeah for progress! When he got home he cleaned out are water barrels for are emergency preparedness. The boys went on a bike ride to 7-11 and we met up at the park. I brought the camera along to practice what I learned in class and Scott gave me a few pointers. We had a race to home(I won) and Scott hung up some frames in the boys play room, while I ran to buy some organizing stuff for the kitchen. Which I need to thank Nanette for. She came over Friday and reorganized my kitchen and it has never looked better. So thanks Nan. Anyways I thought the day could not get any better...BUT then Julia and Erika called and invited me to Irvine Spectrum. Scott said he wanted to work so I got to go!! We shopped, we ate Pinkberry frozen yogurt(delish!) and then saw Baby Momma(hilarious). Days like these are hard to come by.  I felt very accomplished. But I have to wonder if Scott hates Saturdays.


Brian & Christy Pethel said...

Sounds absolutely perfect.

Georgia said...

Ruth it sounds like a perfect day. Time with the hubby and kids, and time with friends. I wish you many more happy days like that. Happy Mothers are truly a working mom : )