Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memorial Day

We went to The Hills house for a BBQ on Memorial Day. It was pretty cold. So swimming was kind of  bummer. That did not stop the kids though. Below is a picture of Franco, Harper and Clyde. Every time we are together I have to take a BFF picture. They WILL be best friends whether they like it or not.
This is Clara. IF I were to have a girl I would just clone her. She is so sweet. She calls Harper "Hoppy".
This picture is blurry but It captures The moment and Scotts scary beard.


stacy said...

oh my gosh!!!! are these jills babies. they are huge and so CUTE!

i love best friends no matter what. totally forced into it weather they like it or not. :)

incase i haven't mentioned already. "hoppy" is SO cute. such a sweet little face

The McFersons (Jayd/Tauni) said...

Ruth - Jayd McFerson here. Tell your husband that (no thanks to him) my kid is utterly obsessed (perhaps not a strong enough word) with Brobee. Brobee is first up in the morning (Yo Gabba Gabba is my son's morning coffee) and last thing mentioned at night (dad has worked the entire cast of YGG into the lyrics of every lullaby that is sung at night). It's insane. Anyway, linked here from Mrs. Heller and it looks like I need to get caught up on some peoples' lives (oh to pause time and get things done). Congrats on the three kids and thanks for humoring the random post/comment. Adios. - Jayd (deep in the heart of Texas).